Sunday, 29 May 2011

Indigos,Crystal and Rainbow children, Alien hybridisation or natural selection.


An increase in acknowledgement of intelligence of new and recently born children,adept at many things and born of an exceptional level of consciousness, indigo,rainbow,cusp and crystal children. Are these an apparent change in the development of the human species or just something that has always happened though not necessarily been noticed until now.
Given by all accounts and there seems to be a number of child psychologist and developmental researchers who would give the impression that we live in a new dawn, that of the child that is more aware,adept and intelligent than former children from past ages. Traits such as more tolerant and understanding as well as those that are susceptible to toxins and then telepathic abilities of some though not all of these recent born.
Is it really that we are witnessing a change in the human genetics brought about by natural selection, maybe we have reached the pinnacle at which point man takes a considerable jump forward in his development. Perhaps it has always been so, could we have not been so aware of what was actually happening on a developmental scale ?
By what I have read it leaves an impression that the start of this phase goes back to the nineteen forties, Rainbow developing scouts were the parents of the parents of these children now being born or growing now, were upon the initial stages of this progress are now known as rainbows,indigos and crystal children. Hasn't it always been this way ? A large number of children and adults on the fringe of intelligence with only the average IQ of 100 and the more convincing of our species being much more advanced in IQ levels, 140 being gifted and above average, then genius and beyond.

Let's not forget the reason you came here in the first place, providing you didn't just happen along to this site then you come here for the paranormal, UFOs and Alien sightings, We are all quite aware of the talk of Alien intervention by means of abduction to interfere with genetics, the hybridisation program. Since we aren't privy to the Alien program and those who are in high ranking places but won't talk, we have to debate what is actually going on here.
Are rainbow indigos and crystal children a result of Alien interference, hybridisation to make us more peaceable ? When people who claim to have been abducted have spoken of their experiences, they tell of the way that these abductors communicate, telepathy is always given not speech. However scientist frown upon the idea of telepathy actually happening, it isn't factual so they don't believe it exists.
Talking of new age children many don't appear to be able to tolerate modern day living, allergies are becoming more common in these indigos and rainbows, substances such as food preservatives and additives just don't agree with these children. Doctors now prescribe medicines to these children claiming they have symptoms such as ADHD, many children do display hyperactivity and won't sleep apparently for days if at all. Is this an advancement of the species or a retrograde step back in time, as with before the advancement of medicinal care we seem to be losing the battle with nature itself.

Do you believe these children are the new conscious World we strive for with psychic, telepathic and intelligent decision making abilities or are they just a few more intelligent children that get born everyday around the World. Perhaps this is an attempt by some religious movement to revive attention to their failings in a modern World. Then again are they the result of genetic manipulation by an Alien race ?

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