Monday, 16 May 2011

Apollo missions and Apollo 13.

The Apollo moon missions in the sixties were the beginning of the space race,a trip to the stars.Initially all moon missions were for investigation of the planet nearest to our own, taking of soil samples and rocks and metallic elements as well as the search for extraterrestrial life.
         Neil Armstrong the first man to set foot on the moon would never in his wildest dreams have considered what was found whilst on the surface of the moon.Other astronauts on following missions too saw incredulous sightings whilst in trajectory around the moon and whilst making preparation for landing on it's surface.
    Each and every moon mission was closely observed by Alien craft, it was not unusual for each Apollo craft to be followed from the Earth to the moon.References of bogey or Santa Claus often meant that there was an Alien craft within close proximity to the Apollo craft.
 Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz"Aldrin both claimed to have seen UFOs on the moon in July 21 1969 on Apollo 11.The astronauts said they saw a light and craft sitting near the edge of a crater.
 As a child and staying up late, I too remember one of the astronauts stumbling near to the edge of a crater and another astronaut reaching out to help him before he fell, something had got his attention ! To fall within a crater could have been deadly, the astronauts only had so much time out of the landing craft and enough oxygen to go for short walkabout's on the surface of the moon.
    Apollo 13 was plagued with troubles but the worst one was a lack of oxygen due to a tank bursting and having a fire, the story goes that the pressure regulator didn't function above a certain temperature and since it had been damaged due to fire, the pressure caused and explosion.The craft landed on this mission  but spent very little time on the surface, then had to turn about the moon on one revolution and return to earth.
       Alternative stories abound as to what happened on Apollo 13, one is that a previous Apollo mission had gone to the moon carrying a small explosive device.The explosive device was placed on the moon and away from the landing craft and then detonated, the resounding explosion caused the moon to ring like a bell for two hours;the moon is hollow.
    So Apollo 13 on it's way to the moon had another but larger explosive device placed on it for detonation once again on the surface of the moon.Rumours are that once again Alien craft were in close proximity to the Apollo 13 and were aware of the device on board.It is this explosive device that was targeted by the UFO and exploded thus causing damage to the oxygen tanks.
    Theoretically the Apollo 13 mission should never have made it back to Earth and the crew should have died from oxygen starvation.It is supposed that the UFO helped the Apollo craft back into Earth orbit.
    The reason behind the second explosive probably was to cause untold damage to the surface of the moon and perhaps damage the Alien Civilisation that is stationed there and has been mining the surface for a long time.
    Despite there being several more missions to the moon, they were short and spent very little time on the actual moon surface basically because they had been pre-planned by NASA. Whilst there was no explanation as to why these missions were hurried the astronauts threw some light on the matter, "we were warned off and told not to come back".
     It had been planned to make a base on the moon and it should have happened long ago,the incident and the craft that had been seen on the far side of the moon probably ended any such plans. Mars also had been planned for a landing and possible base but never came about, the nearest we have got is to landing vehicles on Mars, we should have been there given the time that has passed since the moon landings.
     The militarisation of the space program and space itself has shelved any ideas of space stations revolving around other Planets and bases on their surface.Here is a short video..