Monday, 2 May 2011

Alien Humanoid found in the Andes.

Is this the proof we have been waiting for ? an Alien Humanoid body found in the Andes after a UFO crash back in 1974. Video shows what appears to be an Humanoid corpse lying in a casket and hidden in a wooden shed apparently having been there for years unbeknown to the authorities who thought they had swept the area after the crash.

Things like this are difficult to make out, is this for real. Consider a body has been kept for up to thirty odd years in a make shift casket, yet not totally perished. Occasionally corpses do become mummified under certain conditions, were these conditions in the Andes suitable for such a thing to happen ?
    Certainly after all these years of being locked away a corpse would diminish to the extent that we see here given mummification and it could also be made of clay and this also would give the look of the Alien we see portrayed before us. Only DNA samples could give us the absolute proof here.
What do you think ?....