Sunday, 29 May 2011

Indigos,Crystal and Rainbow children, Alien hybridisation or natural selection.


An increase in acknowledgement of intelligence of new and recently born children,adept at many things and born of an exceptional level of consciousness, indigo,rainbow,cusp and crystal children. Are these an apparent change in the development of the human species or just something that has always happened though not necessarily been noticed until now.
Given by all accounts and there seems to be a number of child psychologist and developmental researchers who would give the impression that we live in a new dawn, that of the child that is more aware,adept and intelligent than former children from past ages. Traits such as more tolerant and understanding as well as those that are susceptible to toxins and then telepathic abilities of some though not all of these recent born.
Is it really that we are witnessing a change in the human genetics brought about by natural selection, maybe we have reached the pinnacle at which point man takes a considerable jump forward in his development. Perhaps it has always been so, could we have not been so aware of what was actually happening on a developmental scale ?
By what I have read it leaves an impression that the start of this phase goes back to the nineteen forties, Rainbow developing scouts were the parents of the parents of these children now being born or growing now, were upon the initial stages of this progress are now known as rainbows,indigos and crystal children. Hasn't it always been this way ? A large number of children and adults on the fringe of intelligence with only the average IQ of 100 and the more convincing of our species being much more advanced in IQ levels, 140 being gifted and above average, then genius and beyond.

Let's not forget the reason you came here in the first place, providing you didn't just happen along to this site then you come here for the paranormal, UFOs and Alien sightings, We are all quite aware of the talk of Alien intervention by means of abduction to interfere with genetics, the hybridisation program. Since we aren't privy to the Alien program and those who are in high ranking places but won't talk, we have to debate what is actually going on here.
Are rainbow indigos and crystal children a result of Alien interference, hybridisation to make us more peaceable ? When people who claim to have been abducted have spoken of their experiences, they tell of the way that these abductors communicate, telepathy is always given not speech. However scientist frown upon the idea of telepathy actually happening, it isn't factual so they don't believe it exists.
Talking of new age children many don't appear to be able to tolerate modern day living, allergies are becoming more common in these indigos and rainbows, substances such as food preservatives and additives just don't agree with these children. Doctors now prescribe medicines to these children claiming they have symptoms such as ADHD, many children do display hyperactivity and won't sleep apparently for days if at all. Is this an advancement of the species or a retrograde step back in time, as with before the advancement of medicinal care we seem to be losing the battle with nature itself.

Do you believe these children are the new conscious World we strive for with psychic, telepathic and intelligent decision making abilities or are they just a few more intelligent children that get born everyday around the World. Perhaps this is an attempt by some religious movement to revive attention to their failings in a modern World. Then again are they the result of genetic manipulation by an Alien race ?

Here is further reading on the subject ..

Saturday, 28 May 2011

UFOs and video shows.

Some what interesting video here, for the purpose of entertainment it's worth the watch however it is difficult to say what is true and which isn't here ! Similarities are made to fictional films and recent events portrayed around the World usually via You Tube.I know a lot of what is on You Tube is bull ! thanks to certain individuals who have an over active imagination and no brain.
    Some of the events are debatable and for this reason I am showing them today, that and the lack of decent and real UFO sightings over the last month.Yes, there have been number of events shown on other Blogs and I have not shown them, probably because I don't think they are worth displaying, it's basically down to whether you want to be honest with yourself and your audience or just get lot's of visitors to your site.I prefer to be honest to my visitors.Here is the video link..


Monday, 23 May 2011

Nazi UFOs and South American bases.

      Around twenty five years ago a friend gave me a paper back that was altogether intriguing, a story about Nazi Germany and UFOs and the technology used.It was an inspirational book and opened your mind to what may have happened to all that interesting technology and hard work that was involved in building alternative craft.
      Then Russians and Americans after the war, couldn't get hold of the scientists involved quick enough.Both countries were desperate not to have the other get hold of what was considered to be advanced propulsion.
    I have just found another revealing story and this is written by a German, who no doubt was around at the time of the war and the transfer of some of the technologies.What of the technological oddities that Russia and America didn't manage to get their hands on ?
    Is there some truth in the rumours of South American UFO bases and if so,is this where much of the sightings of recent have come from ? Is much of the now seen UFOs in the skies all down to the inventions made in the second World war.. Guaranteed to get your senses going and the mind doing over time..
Read the story here to find out...

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Reticulan greys and UFOs over Canada.

Further evidence perhaps of reticulan greys visiting the US government, this tape follows on from one released recently showing a single reticulan grey known as skinny Bob. The film only last a short while and is of poor quality.
here is the video..


Video once again showing a supposed Armada of UFOs travelling across the night sky in Canada.It almost looks like a display of star constellations in the night..
video here..


Don't forget,yesterday was supposed to be the end of the World according to some crack pot, however I am still here and I consider you are too unless we are all a figment of some ones imagination.
     Today also is the 22 May 2011 and the Anonymous group is putting out all manner of strange and curios videos via You Tube and other stories into Blogs and internet sites making false claims about UFO sightings.The reason they say is to make people aware of the UFOs and Alien presence, so beware anything posted today and that includes these videos here..

Saturday, 21 May 2011

MJ-12, Global control and UFOs..

Dark and mysterious powers that strive to take away the rights of the individual, continue to control our Planet.War is a tool of those who have money, yours and my life count for nothing ! Power ultimately is what they strive for, absolute control of everything .
    Every UFO site and Blog worth it's salt has been trying to tell this story for years, especially since the introduction of the internet. Governments are now bearing down on the likes of YOU Tube and are telling them to stop the publication of the truth,Conspiracy theorist will not be allowed to give you and me an alternative reality, one that tells the real truth about was has happened and is to come.
This video put's it plainly into the public domain and tells the truth about UFOs and those who conspire to control the World..
view the video here..

This Monday an interesting story about the third reich, Nazi Germany and UFOs in south America...

Iran nuclear and USA false statements.

Iran and Hezbollah described as supporting Al-Queda terrorists and paying for travel before and after 9/11 attacks.
     This story must have dropped out of fairy land or the sky,America has had Iran in it's sights for many years now, the US has fabricated evidence to try and substantiate that Iran has nuclear weapons.
      When the USA and the UK with some of Europe decided to invade Iraq they came up with this cock and bull story about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction,it turned out to be untrue.For some years now the USA has been engaged in a debate as to whether Iran has the capability for nuclear defence, just because they have been building nuclear power stations.
    Why shouldn't they build power stations that are nuclear, America has them and the UK as well as many other countries; it doesn't mean they want nuclear power so they can build nuclear bombs.The truth here is that whilst some of the West and far eastern countries enjoy nuclear power, they just don't want others to benefit.
    America the UK and some other European factions don't want Iran to have nuclear for when they propose to invade Iran, it's been on the cards since the invasion of Iraq.There is a global plan for take over of much of the World by the USA and when most larger countries especially in the Arab states have been brought to their knees the hope is that other smaller countries will not retaliate against western policies for the instating of the New World Order.
       To infer now that Iran is responsible either for helping Al-Queda terrorists or giving them a place of refuge is incomprehensible, unless of course you were looking for an excuse to invade that country.
    There has been much debate about the 9/11 attacks and the finger points toward certain individuals within the USA,many groups have been formed and a lot of evidence has been gathered to prove it was an inside job,yet here we have the US government once again trying to fool all of us.
Here is the Story link..


Thursday, 19 May 2011

UFO Brazil..

UFO spotted in Brazil recently and shown on TV, best turn down the sound on this one so you can concentrate on the it is...

From the flashing lights and the configuration , I would say this is just another aeroplane that has been filmed from an acute angle.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

UFOs surface in the Gulf of Aden !

    Is this new evidence of a Stargate portal in the Gulf of Aden, what was news several months ago has now resurfaced and has captured the imagination of our friends at You Tube.
   Different pictures reveal what appears to be three unknown objects in the Gulf of Aden, with supposedly Military ships guarding the area.The objects are of an outlandish size for UFOs and one wonders why they are to be seen at or near the surface of the ocean.UFOs are usually seen moving at an alarming rate if at all, not as would appear in this video and pictures that is being promoted as of now.
    What attracts my attention more than anything is the person who is promoting this gaff ! an amuteur You Tube video maker who seems to have all manner of information regarding UFOs all over the World, he must have one hell of a social network !
danileofdorian don't forget the name when looking for bullshit on You is his video..


Monday, 16 May 2011

Apollo missions and Apollo 13.

The Apollo moon missions in the sixties were the beginning of the space race,a trip to the stars.Initially all moon missions were for investigation of the planet nearest to our own, taking of soil samples and rocks and metallic elements as well as the search for extraterrestrial life.
         Neil Armstrong the first man to set foot on the moon would never in his wildest dreams have considered what was found whilst on the surface of the moon.Other astronauts on following missions too saw incredulous sightings whilst in trajectory around the moon and whilst making preparation for landing on it's surface.
    Each and every moon mission was closely observed by Alien craft, it was not unusual for each Apollo craft to be followed from the Earth to the moon.References of bogey or Santa Claus often meant that there was an Alien craft within close proximity to the Apollo craft.
 Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz"Aldrin both claimed to have seen UFOs on the moon in July 21 1969 on Apollo 11.The astronauts said they saw a light and craft sitting near the edge of a crater.
 As a child and staying up late, I too remember one of the astronauts stumbling near to the edge of a crater and another astronaut reaching out to help him before he fell, something had got his attention ! To fall within a crater could have been deadly, the astronauts only had so much time out of the landing craft and enough oxygen to go for short walkabout's on the surface of the moon.
    Apollo 13 was plagued with troubles but the worst one was a lack of oxygen due to a tank bursting and having a fire, the story goes that the pressure regulator didn't function above a certain temperature and since it had been damaged due to fire, the pressure caused and explosion.The craft landed on this mission  but spent very little time on the surface, then had to turn about the moon on one revolution and return to earth.
       Alternative stories abound as to what happened on Apollo 13, one is that a previous Apollo mission had gone to the moon carrying a small explosive device.The explosive device was placed on the moon and away from the landing craft and then detonated, the resounding explosion caused the moon to ring like a bell for two hours;the moon is hollow.
    So Apollo 13 on it's way to the moon had another but larger explosive device placed on it for detonation once again on the surface of the moon.Rumours are that once again Alien craft were in close proximity to the Apollo 13 and were aware of the device on board.It is this explosive device that was targeted by the UFO and exploded thus causing damage to the oxygen tanks.
    Theoretically the Apollo 13 mission should never have made it back to Earth and the crew should have died from oxygen starvation.It is supposed that the UFO helped the Apollo craft back into Earth orbit.
    The reason behind the second explosive probably was to cause untold damage to the surface of the moon and perhaps damage the Alien Civilisation that is stationed there and has been mining the surface for a long time.
    Despite there being several more missions to the moon, they were short and spent very little time on the actual moon surface basically because they had been pre-planned by NASA. Whilst there was no explanation as to why these missions were hurried the astronauts threw some light on the matter, "we were warned off and told not to come back".
     It had been planned to make a base on the moon and it should have happened long ago,the incident and the craft that had been seen on the far side of the moon probably ended any such plans. Mars also had been planned for a landing and possible base but never came about, the nearest we have got is to landing vehicles on Mars, we should have been there given the time that has passed since the moon landings.
     The militarisation of the space program and space itself has shelved any ideas of space stations revolving around other Planets and bases on their surface.Here is a short video..


Sunday, 8 May 2011

9/11 Bin Laden and Al-Queda involvement.

       An extremely revealing video has come about,interestingly proposing that Osama Bin Laden had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks.No proof has ever been brought forth that would suggest the involvement of Bin Laden and Al-Queda for the twin towers attack.
                It's quite surprising how a few slanderous statements made by certain statesmen in the USA can have such a strong effect so as to blame certain Arab revolutionary leaders. It's also somewhat revealing how politicians can remove the blame from themselves onto others who apparently were not involved in these events of 9/11.Even the FBI have no hard evidence that would suggest the involvement of Bin Laden or Al-Queda.
    Manipulation of the English language is rife amongst politicians and no doubt written by clever people who work in the back ground of politics, never believe a word that is spoken by these autocrats.  here is the video..


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

UFOs over Denver,Colorado

Here we have another interesting video showing a number of UFOs one large and several small vehicles travelling through the night sky. here is the link to the source..,_Colorado_using_night_vision,_April_28,_2011,_video..html


UFOs over Hawaii !

Amazingly clear footage of five UFOs over Hawaii, film lasts about eight minutes and is unusually clear compared with most other video that claims to  be of similar paranormal events. see here..

You can just make out a circular ring shape in some of the video and the image is one of the best seen to date.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Roswell flap, secret UFO documents not so secret .

     Roswell once again is gathering momentum, I mean the story has been around for years and speculated about by many. Now suddenly so called Files have been released by Governments and the UFO fraternity have jumped on the story and are making waves about it, oh ! yeah !
     Nothing in these so called secret UFO files has been released that wasn't already known about, MJ12 documents have been around for years, you only had to look for them and the information regarding Roswell, well that has been around for years as well. Don't believe me, well I published the story around Roswell and the craft that had been recovered recently and before all this commotion. Here is the link to my post on the subject..

Sakurajima UFOs and false flag reporting !

    It would seem the conspiracy surrounding the Sakurajima Volcano continues, now Jamie Maussan has made a televised edition of the so called UFOs seen around the volcano.On this video he lends credence to story of the UFOs and their positioning about this volcano.
    To start off with this film is bad and just like many UFO videos portrayed on You Tube is blurred so you really can't recognise exactly what is in the Sky at night time.There are objects that appear to be moving in toward the centre of the volcanic mass and clouds of dust. Other objects appear to be moving across the night sky in different directions and once again are not clearly observed.

       The obvious explanation for the lights moving across the night sky is that they are aeroplanes on routes and because of the time lapsed film they are blurred and consequently give some people the impression that they might be UFOs. The lights that are considered to be UFOs moving in closely to the centre of the volcano are just stars, yes, that's right they are stars in the night sky.
      Having a good imagination helps to give people the impression that what they first think or see is correct, rather than analysing the pictures or video and coming to another conclusion. 
    These shots,videos or film of so called UFOs were taken by web cameras and this means that you get a shot or picture of the night sky and the volcano every thirty seconds or so, anything that is moving within the time frame will become blurred. Did you ever see a time lapse shot of traffic at night in a city ? you don't see many cars however you do see lot's of intertwining red and white lines along the photograph.
     So what UFOs ? there were none, you heard me right and I know there are some candid shots of a triangle UFO from Iceland, but believe me this isn't convincing at all; blurred video is bad video and time lapse gives the impression of something happening when it isn't. If a star is videoed over a time lapse then it will appear in this case to be moving downward toward the volcano, not true ! it is just moving with the night sky as the Earth rotates..........Enough said !!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Alien Humanoid found in the Andes.

Is this the proof we have been waiting for ? an Alien Humanoid body found in the Andes after a UFO crash back in 1974. Video shows what appears to be an Humanoid corpse lying in a casket and hidden in a wooden shed apparently having been there for years unbeknown to the authorities who thought they had swept the area after the crash.

Things like this are difficult to make out, is this for real. Consider a body has been kept for up to thirty odd years in a make shift casket, yet not totally perished. Occasionally corpses do become mummified under certain conditions, were these conditions in the Andes suitable for such a thing to happen ?
    Certainly after all these years of being locked away a corpse would diminish to the extent that we see here given mummification and it could also be made of clay and this also would give the look of the Alien we see portrayed before us. Only DNA samples could give us the absolute proof here.
What do you think ?....

UFO seen over the Netherlands.

      Claims and a video of a UFO that was seen over the Netherlands in Europe, the film has been shot from a car whilst moving and appears as a long tube partially dark and moving slowly across the sky.
Video here...

Watch the film and later when you can see the lamp posts along the road the shape actually becomes smaller and appears to be leaving a trail of smoke behind it, since the video is blurred close up, I suggest it is either a crop sprayer or a helicopter with some engine trouble.
What do you think ?

Sunday, 1 May 2011

UFO Russia crashes into river !

Incredible footage of an UFO descending and submerging into a river. The UFO doesn't appear to bother slowing down as it crashes into the water and the searing heat from the craft boils the water on entry..see video here..

       Interestingly the film becomes blurred from the point that the Alien craft enters the river and stays submerged for some distance. Image from the film then focuses on the bridge and a stream of smoke hurtles upwards as if giving the impression of the craft ascending sky wards, however the UFO climbs at the side.  Fake perhaps, what do you think ?