Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Spiral UFOs and strange Phenomena.

Spiral and slow moving UFOs have been made public via the internet over the last year, one such UFO was claimed to have been an out of control missile.Apparently the missile somehow got off it's trajectory and wandered about causing the strange track we see in the sky.

The official story line for this phenomena was that a failed Russian missile had gone off track and was spiralling uncontrollably across the sky line.

Here we have a strange UFO travelling straight across the sky slowly and controllably,once more a Russian sighting, this is a shorter version of the original.

 This was purportedly captured on a surveillance camera as you can see with trees surrounding the complex.

Australia another spiral UFO seen travelling over eastern part of the country slow and deliberate and leaving a swirling trail.

 Rumoured to be another missile possibly fired from the USA. Well that's curious since it appeared from the southern hemisphere in Australia!

Finally China and the strange UFO flying over the airport, airspace was closed down and this wasn't the first time this had happened!


 Now I know that most of you have seen all or most of these videos before,so why am I showing them again ? Because there is something unusual happening here.The Norwegian spiral fits in closely with the Australian UFO which also portrays itself as a spiral, no way is this Aussie spiral an out  of control US missile;it was flying in from the wrong direction unless they have a rocket base in the Antarctic.
    UFOs don't normally fly in the manner seen here in these videos, it's more a high speed then right or left turn without slowing down or they hover in one place.
    So the spiral seen over Norway if a Russian missile flies in similar fashion to the Australian supposed US missile !
     What of the Chinese UFO that closed down airspace and the similarities to the one captured on a security camera in Russia?
   Look at the Norway spiral, the ground from behind the hillside is illuminated and it appears as if the spiral emanates from behind that hill, is this a holographic image being sent upwards ?
Only for the fact that the Main stream media picked this up and reported it , I would be inclined to say this is a fake!and the same goes for the Australian spiral also.
     So what of the Chinese UFO and the Russian one found on security camera ?
Definitely something strange here, either this phenomena has been copied or we do have an unusual event that doesn't fit in with the normally associated UFO sightings.
     My personal view is that all of these sightings are fake ! you however may choose to think differently. If you do then challenge me on the subject !!