Sunday, 3 April 2011

Jerusalem UFO paranoia !

Several months on the Jerusalem UFO saga continues, was it a real event ? why so many captured videos ? how come video footage is still coming forth and why not issued in the first place at the time of the big event ?
     We have videos from distant hillside settings and different angles, now a close up and I mean close up view of an Alien craft moving slowly near to the sacred site in Jerusalem. video here....

A second or should I say the preceding video to the one above, a short close up view. was this first video something hurriedly made and thrust upon the Worlds audience just to get a huge quantity of visitors. Then a longer version made a few days later to increase the attention gained by the first..

Is someone cranking up the attention to a World event that still may not be for real ? one thing for sure and I have said it before this thing isn't going to go away in a hurry...

Further video evidence with Jaimie Mausson having a look at the video and different views of the UFO...

Remember the initial footage first released from Temple Mount Jerusalem, here is a refresher were you see the UFO flash as if powering up and driving up at a phenomenal speed sky wards..

Have a nice Sunday !!