Wednesday, 20 April 2011

HAARP weather machine or ultimate UFO weapon.

HAARP is it everything we think it is ? A man made and controlled weather altering machine that sends a huge electrical charge into the upper atmosphere.
    Much speculation surrounds the use of HAARP and why it is being controlled by various countries ie;Russia and America to cause unnatural disasters. So is this true ? I have speculated before about the use of HAARP and am no nearer to telling you why it is being used.There are plenty of sites that make rash claims and even a number of scientific reasons given for it's use.
     A while ago at the time Australia had that tremendous period of rain that flooded huge swathes of the southern towns and cities, HAARP was seen on radar moving as a large and distinctive white mark in the sky shortly before the floods.
    Recently similar sightings on radar have shown what also appears to be HAARP creating a weather front over America and actually splitting and driving itself into two different directions.View this link..

Are the stories true? is HAARP being used against us and why?

     Earthquakes also have been recorded and thought to be as a result of HAARP being used, if this was true then many of the Worlds recent catastrophic events that have made people homeless and killed many would be man made.Who or why are these events being triggered ?
   Illuminati, are they responsible the secret societies of then World.If so then the predicaments are astounding as this directly points to the deliberate reduction of the population by way of a conspiracy against your fellow man.
    As much of the Worlds resources are finite and definitely in more demand than the planet can provide, then it is without saying that behind closed doors a decision has been made to radically reduce the World population dramatically.But who makes the decisions ?

There Have been suggestions that HAARP is being used for the recent  earthquakes in Japan and the tsunami that followed.I find it hard to understand that sending a large electrical burst of energy into the atmosphere can result in all of these events.
There is every reason to believe that a number of conspiracy theorist just jump on anything and use it for a story line or video to fulfil their wildest dreams about conspiracy.What we need is positive proof of the ultimate use of HAARP, what is it for ?
I sincerely believe that if anything HAARP is being used as a weapon not against us but as a  barrier or tool to visiting UFOs from entering our atmosphere.Think on it, with enough electrical energy surging into the upper atmosphere, any incoming UFO could be knocked down the moment it entered our airspace.
Whilst there may be some Alien activity going on down on the planet,any further Alien craft and extraterrestrials could not enter our world.
Earthquakes and floods are natural disasters and we do not need man made machines to create such events, rather the other way around.However as a weapon in space, yes this could be the real reason behind HAARP.
If it turns out that HAARP is being used against us, then there is nowwhere to hide..