Thursday, 14 April 2011

Grey Alien corpse found in Italy.

Grey Alien corpse found in Italy, a video of a supposed extraterrestrial entity has been portrayed on You tube. The video is rather jumpy breaking up and flickering somewhat deliberately I'd say, so as to hide the fact that it is a manikin/dummy.
   Alien greys come in various sizes and more often they are three feet tall, some are four foot and others nearer to five foot, I would say this is nearer to six feet tall and just doesn't fit the bill.
    The entire body of the creature is grey and one leg is missing, presumably fell off whilst they were placing it on the ground, tomato ketchup spattered about to give the impression of blood or maybe even animal blood thrown around.The entire left leg is way too muscular in comparison with the body and arms. I suppose this one fell out of it's space ship as they passed over Italy !!
     When are these people going to learn that we aren't all so gullible as to believe the crap that they show on You tube ! They say this was found after the Tsunami in Japan and the large fleet of UFOs seen over you believe ?
here's the video...