Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Antarctic Time Well Anomaly.

Could this be another rumour ?A time anomaly in the Antarctic! A blogger claims to have found information and evidence of such an anomaly in the southern hemisphere and that this time well has been known about since 2001.
   American scientists alongside the Military are supposedly trying to mine the earth to a depth of two miles, yes ! two miles deep in order to find out what is reckoned to be an artifact possibly of Alien origin. The unknown artifact is thought to be as old as twelve thousand years old and may be a space craft of Alien origin buried beneath the permafrost and ice to this depth of two miles.
    Apparently a California TV crew are reportedly missing since 2002 in the area. A large cloud of fog is to be seen above the Antarctic ice flow and scientists say it is a Time anomaly.

  I can't help thinking this sounds quite familiar to another story which I reported recently, that of a Vimana found in Afghanistan and how the disappearance of eight soldiers who tried to recover the Vimana craft.
   Consider the story line and the present position of the anomaly, then try and decide for yourself is this a true story or bullshit ! 
It would appear to be somewhat convenient to have this anomaly to appear in one of the Earths coldest and inaccessible areas, not to mention remotely out of reach for all of human kind, except for a few Military and scientific staff. Pretty much like the far side of the moon it is unlikely we will ever know the truth about this, unless of course some willing scientist or Military man comes forth with news of what they have found, bloody unlikely !!
      I will leave you to read the story and here the link ....

  Please remember to keep an open mind, but don't be swayed by the story as we will never know the truth, is this for real ?