Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Area 52 does it exist ?

Is this the new facility Area 52 ? There are many US military establishments and some are hidden and others are just plain to see. Some facilities are known to be underground as in New Mexico, near Dulce beneath the mountains, especially Alien and UFO bases.
   This film gives me the impression that it isn't all it's cracked up to be, if you need an audience to create a show then this is the way to go about it !Just because a base is off limits doesn't mean it has any connection to the Paranormal events that we witness around the World.
   One thing for sure even if what is suspected about Area 51 and Groom Lake, it doesn't mean they are going to up and move all their secrets to some where else, why should they ? Security has a it's role to play and with all their armaments do they need to hide ?View the video but don't read too much into it !!


Comet Elenin conspiracy or fact !

    The Comet Elenin has many contributors on the internet conspiring to frighten the ordinary layman into thinking that we are on a collision course with only one outcome.
    I've had my doubts about what has been published on Blogs and You Tube about this comet and it's trajectory. Not being an astronomer I have tended to shy away from making rash statements about this what can we call it, a pandemic ! it most certainly has been viral and no doubt there are those out there who will try to continue this debate about the will it, won't it, hit the Earth. Well if you would like the gods honest truth then read this story from a fellow Blogger and no doubt an Astronomer who can talk about the real deal..

Spiral UFOs and strange Phenomena.

Spiral and slow moving UFOs have been made public via the internet over the last year, one such UFO was claimed to have been an out of control missile.Apparently the missile somehow got off it's trajectory and wandered about causing the strange track we see in the sky.

The official story line for this phenomena was that a failed Russian missile had gone off track and was spiralling uncontrollably across the sky line.

Here we have a strange UFO travelling straight across the sky slowly and controllably,once more a Russian sighting, this is a shorter version of the original.

 This was purportedly captured on a surveillance camera as you can see with trees surrounding the complex.

Australia another spiral UFO seen travelling over eastern part of the country slow and deliberate and leaving a swirling trail.

 Rumoured to be another missile possibly fired from the USA. Well that's curious since it appeared from the southern hemisphere in Australia!

Finally China and the strange UFO flying over the airport, airspace was closed down and this wasn't the first time this had happened!


 Now I know that most of you have seen all or most of these videos before,so why am I showing them again ? Because there is something unusual happening here.The Norwegian spiral fits in closely with the Australian UFO which also portrays itself as a spiral, no way is this Aussie spiral an out  of control US missile;it was flying in from the wrong direction unless they have a rocket base in the Antarctic.
    UFOs don't normally fly in the manner seen here in these videos, it's more a high speed then right or left turn without slowing down or they hover in one place.
    So the spiral seen over Norway if a Russian missile flies in similar fashion to the Australian supposed US missile !
     What of the Chinese UFO that closed down airspace and the similarities to the one captured on a security camera in Russia?
   Look at the Norway spiral, the ground from behind the hillside is illuminated and it appears as if the spiral emanates from behind that hill, is this a holographic image being sent upwards ?
Only for the fact that the Main stream media picked this up and reported it , I would be inclined to say this is a fake!and the same goes for the Australian spiral also.
     So what of the Chinese UFO and the Russian one found on security camera ?
Definitely something strange here, either this phenomena has been copied or we do have an unusual event that doesn't fit in with the normally associated UFO sightings.
     My personal view is that all of these sightings are fake ! you however may choose to think differently. If you do then challenge me on the subject !!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

HAARP weather machine or ultimate UFO weapon.

HAARP is it everything we think it is ? A man made and controlled weather altering machine that sends a huge electrical charge into the upper atmosphere.
    Much speculation surrounds the use of HAARP and why it is being controlled by various countries ie;Russia and America to cause unnatural disasters. So is this true ? I have speculated before about the use of HAARP and am no nearer to telling you why it is being used.There are plenty of sites that make rash claims and even a number of scientific reasons given for it's use.
     A while ago at the time Australia had that tremendous period of rain that flooded huge swathes of the southern towns and cities, HAARP was seen on radar moving as a large and distinctive white mark in the sky shortly before the floods.
    Recently similar sightings on radar have shown what also appears to be HAARP creating a weather front over America and actually splitting and driving itself into two different directions.View this link..

Are the stories true? is HAARP being used against us and why?

     Earthquakes also have been recorded and thought to be as a result of HAARP being used, if this was true then many of the Worlds recent catastrophic events that have made people homeless and killed many would be man made.Who or why are these events being triggered ?
   Illuminati, are they responsible the secret societies of then World.If so then the predicaments are astounding as this directly points to the deliberate reduction of the population by way of a conspiracy against your fellow man.
    As much of the Worlds resources are finite and definitely in more demand than the planet can provide, then it is without saying that behind closed doors a decision has been made to radically reduce the World population dramatically.But who makes the decisions ?

There Have been suggestions that HAARP is being used for the recent  earthquakes in Japan and the tsunami that followed.I find it hard to understand that sending a large electrical burst of energy into the atmosphere can result in all of these events.
There is every reason to believe that a number of conspiracy theorist just jump on anything and use it for a story line or video to fulfil their wildest dreams about conspiracy.What we need is positive proof of the ultimate use of HAARP, what is it for ?
I sincerely believe that if anything HAARP is being used as a weapon not against us but as a  barrier or tool to visiting UFOs from entering our atmosphere.Think on it, with enough electrical energy surging into the upper atmosphere, any incoming UFO could be knocked down the moment it entered our airspace.
Whilst there may be some Alien activity going on down on the planet,any further Alien craft and extraterrestrials could not enter our world.
Earthquakes and floods are natural disasters and we do not need man made machines to create such events, rather the other way around.However as a weapon in space, yes this could be the real reason behind HAARP.
If it turns out that HAARP is being used against us, then there is nowwhere to hide..

Dead Alien Corpse a Fake !

Proof of the dead Alien corpse that was supposedly found in or near Irkutsk is a Fake !
Police were called to investigate when a concerned man telephoned the police over his concern it may be a childs body.
Story link here..,_Hoaxer_Says_Video.html


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

God like beings and black holes.

Wonders never cease or perhaps the creativity of the mind and it's endless boundaries for imagination just boggle !
Here is a story to take the creativity levels to the outer limits, God like creatures that hide in black holes and meddle with home built universes.

Believe me when I say that I know I have a good imagination and especially when it comes to science fiction, after all I did write a novel some years back. But God like creatures inventing and playing with universes nearly had me fall out my cradle !
What are these people smoking ?
Here's the link to the story..


Alien corpse found in Russia !!

In less than a week another dead Alien comes to the surface in Russia ! Reportedly All News Web have posted this on You Tube, Rather conveniently the Alien corpse is missing a right leg.I wonder if they borrowed it from the Italians !!
Video here....

 The story suggest that this Alien corpse had been left behind by the recently spotted UFO at Irkutsk, which I wrote about several weeks ago.
These people show contempt for intelligent readers and smacks of an attempt to gather more visitors to their site by making sensational claims.
    I strongly suggest this is a FAKE and All News Web seem to be gaining a reputation for hoax UFO news and Aliens....


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Grey Alien corpse found in Italy.

Grey Alien corpse found in Italy, a video of a supposed extraterrestrial entity has been portrayed on You tube. The video is rather jumpy breaking up and flickering somewhat deliberately I'd say, so as to hide the fact that it is a manikin/dummy.
   Alien greys come in various sizes and more often they are three feet tall, some are four foot and others nearer to five foot, I would say this is nearer to six feet tall and just doesn't fit the bill.
    The entire body of the creature is grey and one leg is missing, presumably fell off whilst they were placing it on the ground, tomato ketchup spattered about to give the impression of blood or maybe even animal blood thrown around.The entire left leg is way too muscular in comparison with the body and arms. I suppose this one fell out of it's space ship as they passed over Italy !!
     When are these people going to learn that we aren't all so gullible as to believe the crap that they show on You tube ! They say this was found after the Tsunami in Japan and the large fleet of UFOs seen over you believe ?
here's the video...


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Stargate off the Guyanian coast !

        Is this anomaly another Stargate ? swirling vortex similar to the one found in the Gulf of Aden found off the coast of Guyana and Suriname.

      When compared to the presently suspected Gulf of Aden Stargate this thing is huge, 400 kilometres wide.If this was a hurricane then it would still be huge, perhaps you should read the story and work it out for yourself as you never know it may just be for real !!
Here's the story line..

Antarctic Time Well Anomaly.

Could this be another rumour ?A time anomaly in the Antarctic! A blogger claims to have found information and evidence of such an anomaly in the southern hemisphere and that this time well has been known about since 2001.
   American scientists alongside the Military are supposedly trying to mine the earth to a depth of two miles, yes ! two miles deep in order to find out what is reckoned to be an artifact possibly of Alien origin. The unknown artifact is thought to be as old as twelve thousand years old and may be a space craft of Alien origin buried beneath the permafrost and ice to this depth of two miles.
    Apparently a California TV crew are reportedly missing since 2002 in the area. A large cloud of fog is to be seen above the Antarctic ice flow and scientists say it is a Time anomaly.

  I can't help thinking this sounds quite familiar to another story which I reported recently, that of a Vimana found in Afghanistan and how the disappearance of eight soldiers who tried to recover the Vimana craft.
   Consider the story line and the present position of the anomaly, then try and decide for yourself is this a true story or bullshit ! 
It would appear to be somewhat convenient to have this anomaly to appear in one of the Earths coldest and inaccessible areas, not to mention remotely out of reach for all of human kind, except for a few Military and scientific staff. Pretty much like the far side of the moon it is unlikely we will ever know the truth about this, unless of course some willing scientist or Military man comes forth with news of what they have found, bloody unlikely !!
      I will leave you to read the story and here the link ....

  Please remember to keep an open mind, but don't be swayed by the story as we will never know the truth, is this for real ?


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Roswell and recovered craft, the truth.

In light of the recent announcement that the USA has released documents in relation to the Roswell incident, I consider it worth my while re-publishing my original posts on the events.
    These posts were written when my Blog was in it's infancy a few months ago and there wasn't as many readers viewing the posts as there is now, here are the two I consider important....

I've been reading with interest some web content regarding UFO sightings in New Mexico in 1950. I know the first sighting that comes to mind is the most famous one , that of the 1947 Roswell crash and we all know that it wasn't any weather balloon as the military first said it was an UFO  then changed their minds. There are quite a few references to them or one in particular that was supposed to have taken place in Farmington. Most references to the sightings call them a hoax and they often cite the same reasons and arguments, so I did a bit more investigation and here is what I found out.
      It was St.Patricks day the 17 March 1950 when a  dust storm blew up and many people had an unusual sighting despite the dust elevating upwards.Some have claimed that what the citizens of Farmington saw that day was just cotton balls blowing high up from the local plantation,anyhow the sighting is commonly referred to as the Scully sighting;no not from the X files. Anyhow witnesses claimed to have seen a considerable number of UFO or flying saucer type craft, as many as five hundred in the skies above Farmington,New Mexico.These craft according to some witnesses had an altitude of approximately 7000 feet and were flying as if in convoy or like a squadron of planes. 
    Having read some more on the subject I decided to have a look at the Disclosure project which you probably know was formed and led by Dr.Stephen Greer and there are many documents on the site. Some documents refer to letters to the new President of America,Barack Obama but others date back to earlier letters sent by CIA and FBI and here is where I found some interesting material that may or may not be linked to the Farmington sightings.
         On the 22 March 1950 a letter addressed to the Director of the FBI from what appears to be Guy Mottel,SAC,Washington refers to UFOs stating that an  Investigator for the Airforce stated that 3 so called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico.They were described as being circular in shape and with raised centres and of an approximate size of fifty feet wide.Each of the saucers had three occupants of a human like shape and were only three  foot tall. Alien or extraterrestrial beings that had been found wore silver metallic cloth suits of a fine texture and were bandaged in the same manner that a speed flyer or test pilot would be.
    So once again New Mexico is the place were the Flying saucers were found and recovered and this was only five days after the sightings by many of the people of Farmington. The fact that the Airforce investigator saw fit to inform the Director of the FBI of the UFOs and Alien beings had been found, supports the witnessed events that had taken place several days earlier had been true. So much for all this on the internet about the Farmington or Scully report being a hoax !

                                             Roswell craft

      Craft that were recovered at Roswell and other sites preceding 1947 have played a major part in the progress of the USAs advancement in technology for their use in aircraft. What we see today ie; stealth fighters and bombers are what has evolved from the understanding and reverse engineering of craft that were either crashed or caught back in the forties. Consider that something you may have seen or may see in the future is of American origin due to their advancement through gained technologies.
      I have already mentioned that two craft or UFOs were recovered at or near to Roswell, one crash site was Cerena seventy five miles northwest of Roswell and the second was twenty miles south of the town of Socorro, New Mexico. One of the UFOs was damaged and taken to several different Airforce bases, it was the second craft that was recovered whole, it was this craft that the US authorities were mostly interested in having for it's airframe, navigation and propulsion technology.
      Five Extraterrestrial bodies were recovered at or near  the crash site and were found in a cylindrical escape pod, unfortunately all of the entities were dead. The assumption is that they either didn't survive after entry into our atmosphere or something else killed them, they were apparently showing signs of burning. Other extraterrestrial biological entities were found nearby to the craft and appeared to be dissected like frogs in a science lab, it is not known whether the first scientists on the scene had anything to do with them being found in this manner.
     The UFOs that had been found at Roswell had been recognised by a number of radar stations on several days and for quite some time before they came down to earth and it is presumed that the powerful radar actually microwaved the UFOs and was responsible for their crashing where they did.
      Recovered Craft were analysed by scientists and an assumption made as to how the UFOs were powered and controlled, flight instruments had an optical wave guide fibres similar to glass rods, except that they were flexible and had a plastic cladding wrap. All functions were operated via a touch type screen or texture sensing stimuli.
     Propulsion was of an hydrogen isotope reactor connected to propulsion motors and this in early stages of testing allowed for it to be flown at an altitude of 90,000 feet and supersonic speeds. Whilst the UFO was most certainly capable of far faster travel, it caused several test pilots to die through the radiation that they suffered when testing. Other pilots became ill even after trying to overcome this problem so a suggestion was that an alternative pilot or subject was used, one can only think that this would have to be an extraterrestrial or clone.
       You are probably aware that stealth fighters and bombers can't be flown in the usual manner, by controls that are normally in a plane; they need the computer to trim the aircraft or else it would crash and this technology came from these recovered craft way back in 1941/1942 and 1947 Roswell.
Have you been here before ? if you have visited and come back maybe you would like to add yourself as a follower at the side. Link to the Blog so as you can find it easier for the future..

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Russian UFOs and black Operations.

Is it possible that the former Soviet Union has a similar black projects team as is reputedly found in America ? The following video is somewhat revealing in that in part of the video comments are made about a sprawling tentacled UFO that was seen flying over Russia in a strange manner and appears very much like the UFOs over China a few months ago.After a number of sightings and many creditable witnesses having viewed the craft the Russian authorities closed down all media attention and stopped all reporting of such incidents.
Here is the video........


Over the years many sightings of UFOs have taken place in Russia and even proof of crashed Alien craft have been photographed and reported.The Volga region appears to be synonymous with visits from other life forms and their UFO craft,as verified here...


Is this a Russian secret Black operational craft, notice the similarities to the China UFO recently and the Norwegian spiral also sighted only recently..


Interesting Russian information and film regarding the Phobos craft sent to the Planet Mars recording a large shadow above the planet that is moving.....



Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sakurajima UFOs, Japan and other Spoof videos !

They never seem to be very far away, the spoof video artist or perhaps we should dub them the piss artist !! here's the latest crap on You tube showing what they claim to be UFOs all around the Sakurajima Volcano as it slowly erupts.
First video placed on the site 3 April 2011....


Several days pass and just to keep up the interest and activity on You tube they place further video footage of the so called UFOs around the volcano. Time to play equals better spoof videos..

This video portrays cars on the ground with their lights on driving by the volcano. An illuminated sky showing the stars at night not UFOs ! and planes flying across the evening sky..Oh ! and the so called ORBs... shit ! they are the stars in the night sky..

 Today also another view only this time split, to show and impress those who are gullible enough to believe that here are UFOs around the Sakurajima volcano....

To be perfectly honest, I can't even be bothered to watch the whole video through as one spoof video is pretty much like another. Sheila the video maker, you have one hell of an imagination or perhaps you need to get out more often, get a life !!

More Sakurajima UFO video footage, are you a believer ? do you believe in UFOs and Alien life forms here on Earth ? or is this just major bullshit once again from the You tube fraternity ?

More bullshit ! supposed UFO mid air, more like a helium filled aluminium foil balloon....


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Jerusalem UFO paranoia !

Several months on the Jerusalem UFO saga continues, was it a real event ? why so many captured videos ? how come video footage is still coming forth and why not issued in the first place at the time of the big event ?
     We have videos from distant hillside settings and different angles, now a close up and I mean close up view of an Alien craft moving slowly near to the sacred site in Jerusalem. video here....

A second or should I say the preceding video to the one above, a short close up view. was this first video something hurriedly made and thrust upon the Worlds audience just to get a huge quantity of visitors. Then a longer version made a few days later to increase the attention gained by the first..

Is someone cranking up the attention to a World event that still may not be for real ? one thing for sure and I have said it before this thing isn't going to go away in a hurry...

Further video evidence with Jaimie Mausson having a look at the video and different views of the UFO...

Remember the initial footage first released from Temple Mount Jerusalem, here is a refresher were you see the UFO flash as if powering up and driving up at a phenomenal speed sky wards..

Have a nice Sunday !!