Friday, 18 March 2011

Vimana Chariot of the Gods

   I thought we would follow up on the recent subject of the Vimana,an ancient craft that could travel about the Earth and hover and fly much like UFO.Evidently Vimana are described in ancient Indian sanskrit with plans on how to construct such a craft.
     In my first write up on Vimana we considered the story about one such craft being found in the Afghanistan mountains by soldiers, who were reported to have disappeared whilst trying to remove the vehicle from a cave. It is unusual to find a Vimana if at all and generally those that have been found are small model like objects.
     The story about the Afghan Vimana suggested that the soldiers had gone missing due to an anomaly with a time vortex within the cave. Vimana have not been described as a time machine but rather a craft in which to travel. Ancient writings support the theory of Indian Vimana and there is a poem that includes much reference to them.
      Vimana's are described as an aerial chariot, the Pushpaka that could convey many people whilst flying across the sky. If you read about these craft there are many references to the sky being filled with such craft over India,the Easter Islands and even south America.Interestingly Easter Island has a group of stones set about the Island that are so heavy that no one has been able to figure out how they got there, was it perhaps visitors in Vimana craft ?
    It could be possible that the Vimana allegedly found in Afghanistan could have arrived there from India. Small model like Vimana have been found in places such a Tajikistan, Pakistan and other parts of Asia. It would also suggest that visitors from other Planets chose places such as India to initially set their roots.

     The propelling engine of the Vimana was a mercury vortex propulsion engine, seems quite advanced for something that had been written about as far back as several thousand years.
For a detailed description and further information here is a good link and study of the craft fundamentals.

There are stories of Alexander the Great having advanced on India more than two thousand years ago, saw what he said was fiery shields in the sky that attacked his army and frightened the cavalry. These Vimana did not use advanced weapons such as atomic bombs or beams to destroy and Alexander eventually conquered India. Read here..

The original story about the Vimana being found in Afghanistan came about through an American radio chat show, surprisingly there had been no further reports as to the craft allegedly found, this story has died except for bloggers and Websites picking it up and running with it for a while.
      Strange how something that seems advanced both in Propulsion methods and an advanced flying machine should be stooped in history and wrote about in Indian scriptures such a long time ago. This definitely supports the idea of Alien visitors having been here many years ago and they continue to have a presence even today.

    Vimana are supposed to be mythological craft, so how come there are nine books that have been wrote by different Indian  men describing different features of the craft and why spend so much time drawing the different characteristics of these vehicles.
     Such craft if true would certainly give rise to the idea of Western Governments hiding far more advanced technology from the public and one wonders what exactly is out there !