Saturday, 19 March 2011

Starman a hybrid or Alien Grey.

       Lloyd Pye quite sometime ago came across a very interesting skull that is somewhat unusual, apart from obvious differences in shape and cranial density. The eye sockets are nearer in proximity than what is  found in a human skull and the shape of the skull is larger at the top looking somewhat distorted.
      The 900 year old skull was found interestingly in New Mexico in the nineteen thirties, yet only through modern advances have we been able to establish the back ground for this find.Ray and Melanie Young approached Lloyd Pye with the Star child skull and asked if he could help analyse the bone structure and ascertain the type of race it may have descended from.

     In 1999 Lloyd Pye headed a research team to find out about the bone structure of the Star child and they ruled out that it was an abnormality that may have caused the unusual bone structure and shape. Deformities were ruled out. Many years followed as the research stumbled a hazardous path. Technology didn't always have the answer or it wasn't yet at the stage were the answers could be found.The aim ultimately was to have the bone structure analysed and it's DNA  code accounted for, this would lead us to the ultimate gene sequence that would prove beyond doubt the real home of this being that the skull emanated from.
    It appears to be the only skull of it's type ever found and because of this has given much speculation as to it's being a genuine find. Finally the DNA was tested and the results published, it is neither an alien nor a human. Apparently the mother of the Star child would have been the host or surrogate mother and the original sperm and egg donors would have been Alien. 
       Not an Alien father and human mother but a hybrid donated to the mother in much the same way that we now insert a human egg that is fertilised before it is used. This throws up an unusual set of events, could someone have known about such methods so far back in time and if they did where did they come from ? Why did they go to such lengths to create an hybrid individual, rather than just fertilise the host mother directly ? 
      Could it be that here we have evidence of Alien intervention or genetic alteration of the human kind ? Maybe the Aliens who donated the sperm and egg couldn't have their own offspring and used the human mother as a substitute. Our DNA has been actively altered over the years, thousands of years and is far different than any so called relation ie; the ape that we could not be related at all.
  So where did the Skull come from on the first place, who found it in the nineteen thirties ? A young woman on vacation in Mexico stumbled across it by is a link to the story..
   Perhaps the Alien Star child lived many thousands of years ago and there were many such beings around in Mexico and perhaps other places on Earth. The question begs why haven't any other such skulls come to the surface, obviously some would hesitate and consider this only one skull, perhaps an anomaly of life itself an aberration or deformity.
   Lloyd Pye finally got the answer that Ray and Melanie had searched for years and the answer is, it isn't a Star child at all, it is however a Star man, yes a fully grown being perhaps three feet tall much like many so called Alien Greys.


Last week in Russia there seems to be reports of a large UFO being sighted near Kirkutsk. It would appear that the UFO crashed and the Russian Military and government officials closed of the area.
view the report...

It's over a week now since the first news of this crash and yet little is known about the event. Is this a Russian media or government cover up ? There also wouldn't seem to be any clear evidence coming forward by way of video or photographs, so what do you think is this for real ?....