Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Spirit Orbs or more Spoof videos !

    Spirit orbs, so what are they ? a Phenomena ! a glimpse of light refracting from a camera lens perhaps, maybe someone created a graphical icon that can be super imposed onto a video and then put onto You tube or other sites to convince us of something that isn't real. Maybe it is a fiction of some ones over active imagination.
   Do you believe in ghosts ? spirits from the dead, poltergeists and other such apparitions. Let's just analyse why someone might be inclined to believe what they actually see is the truth. One reason is because they want to believe, that like many people also convince themselves that they have had alien contact, why because it would make them special or stand out from the crowd, being different.
    Unfortunately there are far too many crazed individuals who would have us believe all kinds of nonsense, they make up stories and now with the coming of the technological age they have the tools to go too far. Video and graphical programs for altering structures and film, internet for showing off to the World, social sites were they can masquerade as someone who knows what others don't, the list goes on endlessly.
      Take the recent and unfortunate earthquakes in Japan and the ensuing tsunami that has wiped out a whole town with as many as 11000 people or more killed in one fell swoop, yes, and someone thought here is an ideal chance to kid everyone and place my new graphical icon or toy onto the Worlds stage, via a video of the catastrophe.
      I am not going to show these videos and am making a stand against those sick individuals who will stop at nothing to get attention. Instead of showing some respect for those poor and unfortunate people who have been wiped out by a natural phenomena, not a man made or construed event, they decided to portray their small minded and deviant and foolish game.
     If as many have on UFO and paranormal sites you have been taken in by all this hype more fool you, better to err on the safe side and not display such rubbish in the first place; unless of course your Blog or Website is so bad that it is the only way you can get viewing figures up.
      If you are a Blogger and have been responsible for some of this sham, then shame on you ! Show some respect for the dead and those others that are now without a place to live. This week has been a sad week for the Blogging fraternity and I suggest that if you know the perpetrators of these ridiculous videos then don't associate with them any more.
     One last thing there are orbs and they are more substantial than what is seen on this weeks videos, that have been shown across the video sites , I have been monitored by one and followed for some considerable distance so I do know what I am talking about.

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