Monday, 28 March 2011

Parallel Universes/part 2

                                           Parallel Universes_______________
                                             Part 2
                                                 Time travel

So what is time and travel, is it two different dimensional
types that correspond accordingly or are they two different concepts ? How do we define time itself ? We know that in a day there are twenty for hours and in each hour there are sixty minutes and each minute sixty seconds, there are seven days in week and so on. Think on this, time as we know it is a convenient method by which we divide the year and is constructed by way of the Planet circling the sun, minutes, hours and days correspond to the time it takes the Earth to revolve around our Sun. Do we need this method of calculation is it just convenient to help us understand day from night and week from week and years as they go by ?
So how do we define time itself, what exactly is it ? does time exist ? Well according to Einstein time and space are the same. Apparently if you wished to travel at the speed of light across a galaxy to a far off planet it could still take an enormous amount of time to cover the journey. It is theorised that if we could bend space then the far off planet would become much nearer and as a consequence not take as long to journey too as previously calculated. If we could bend space then wouldn't it greatly affect everything else in the solar system or at least distort it, travel would definitely take less time.
What if there was another way, a Stargate, yes a portal that would allow us to get from one place in time or space to another and in next to no time at all somewhat instantaneously. Black holes are presumed to have such qualities however since no one has had the opportunity to find out it will be forever a theory. What if there was a tear in the fabric of time and space that allowed travel in this way, a portal that transcends to another place in both time and space a Stargate system.
Is there an inter dimensional gate way to the stars and if so do other Alien races uses this as way to enter our time and space. Perhaps on certain points of the earths surface there are dimensional portals that allow this method of travel to the galaxies beyond.
So what is time ? Is it possible that our perspective of time and travel is warped and do we perceive it in a manner that's not real or concurrent with reality. Is it perhaps that time that has just passed is much the same as the time now present and the time to come is the future. If all time is the same then time travel has to be within our grasp.
What if you could jump one second ahead of everyone else, would you find yourself in a different world? A parallel dimension, standing alongside another self ! or perhaps another entity that is alien to ourselves.
UFOs often seen travelling in straight lines and doing right angle turns at astonishing speeds, is this just what we see whilst the object is in our time and space ? Within our atmosphere, when they suddenly disappear perhaps they jump into hyperspace through a time warp or portal. Maybe UFOs have the ability to slip into another dimension or parallel universe the fourth dimension.
If we aren't aware of the fourth dimension and it is around us or close by, then maybe it is running parallel to our own three dimensional existence. Despite the search for life by scientist and supposedly NASA throughout the solar system, there appears to be no evidence that is apparent. What if all those planets that seem to be barren of any kind of life or fauna are really thriving and that we aren't aware of this due to the fact that we are not capable of understanding the fourth dimension or parallel universe.
A short video on black holes.....