Sunday, 27 March 2011

Parallel Universes/ Time space and UFOs

Today we are going to consider Parallel Universes and the relation to time and space and ultimately whether there may be a relation to UFOs and Alien visitors. Bear with me as this is turning out to be a long post and will be in several parts, so if you are intrigued then you will have to revisit in order to see the outcome of this post.
 It will make you think and use your imagination and drive you to consider what I have to say and the causes and possibilities for it to be real.
I hope you enjoy it,as it has been a labour of love and taken much of my time this week analyzing my ideas as this is all it is an idea!
                                          Parallel Universes                      
                                                      Part 1

Open up your mind and let it run a little wild for today,
have your imagination become creative in it's line of thought and consider parallel Universes, apparently quantum theory covers this subject but we are going to take an altogether or somewhat different view.
Since the universe we now live within has it's constraints defined by physics,gravity and three dimensions, we have to wonder what is a parallel universe?let us look at the present and known dimensions. Consider your self able with relatively good eye sight and hearing and a good sense of touch or feeling, so you perceive your surroundings by what you physically see before you, the eye transmits a message to the brain which calculates and determines what it is before you. Hearing too helps your brain to build up a picture of your surroundings and the final sense that helps to create a mental picture of the dimension you are in is through touch and feel, the nerve endings in your fingers once again sends a message to your brain informing it of the texture that it meets on contact.
Dimension that are known have three aspects, forward and backward motion, up and down and sideways movement, there is no other dimension that we can conceive under the normal constraints of our everyday existence. So what is a parallel universe if we can't see it, nor touch it or even hear it ? Is it that a parallel universe exist beyond our normal understandings, is it real or just an imaginative prospect, fantasy even?

I'd like to tell you of something that I experienced recently that may bear some resemblance to a sense of a fourth dimension, a parallel dimension remember to be creative with your thoughts. One day whilst standing in a room where there is a window and a door but both are closed, the room is approximately eight feet square and the ceiling eight feet high and there are no fans that are running , I got a sudden and strange but overly strong gust go past my entire body directly across the front of me. Nowhere is open so that a cold draught may enter, yet I felt a distinct strength in this gust almost as if there was a presence in the room that tried to get my attention, almost physical as I swear if it had been any stronger it would have knocked me over.
So what you may think and what has this to do with Parallel dimensions? Well I suspect quite a lot, you see I believe that as in quantum theory it is very likely that another you or another race or being may be standing virtually alongside at the same moment in time and space.
I did recently lose a younger sister a couple of months ago and you might think I had a sense of her consciousness arouse me or may be even a draught came from somewhere within the house and moved about the kitchen where I was standing. I strongly disagree as I have never experienced something so bizarre in my life, something or some being had tried unconsciously to get my attention but was unable to communicate in a way that was apparent to me.
Is your imagination working overtime yet? Parallel universes we need to speculate as to what they may actually be or where they are. Do they exist in the same time and space that we already occupy or is the dimension something altogether different? It has been suggested back in 1954 by Hugh Everett 111 that other parallel universes exist much like our own and in these universes we either exist or don't and live out a different reality to the one we now know.
Ghosts and ghostly apparitions many people see these throughout their lives and many do believe that they are spirits of the dead but what if they were something altogether different? Imagine that when you see an apparition that it isn't a ghost but rather a vision, yes a vision almost like a negative film that isn't quite clear. What if this vision was the image of another being like yourself or another that is being transmitted through an iris in the void of time and space, an image of another dimension skirting the very fabric of our own dimension an over lap of the fourth or parallel dimension.
So too as with spooks or ghosts other such visions appear we have all heard of ghost ships being seen at sea, what if they were real? Yes, from another dimension or parallel universe. Have you ever been out in a town or city and swore that you had seen a good friend and called but got no response or maybe just seen them from a distance, you knew it was them. Then on another day you meet that friend and speak with them about having seen them in town and they deny being there at all as they were somewhere altogether far away and standing with them is someone else who was with them that day and can collaborate what they say.Did you see your friend through a dimensional portal or viewer? in another time and space..
I'm adding a short film about Parallel Universes ..
Don't forget to return through the week for the second part of Parallel universes. 
UFO just come on the scene in the last seven hours, place Lahore Pakistan. Unusual configuration and only a short film unfortunately someone with video abilities might be able to figure this one out, is it real ?