Monday, 7 March 2011

Nibiru Planet Earth Apocalypse.

Descending through the solar system on it's approach toward the Planet Earth, Nibiru or Planet X is coming our way. We know that it travels toward our Planet every 3600 years and traverses about the Earth on it's rotational orbit,probably the longest known orbit of any heavenly body.
   Blogs and websites galore tell us of the turmoil that will ensue when finally this huge Planet nears the Earth.Much has been speculated as to what may happen when it crosses our path or nears the Earth, tidal waves will flood the planes as well as earthquakes so violent that no building will remain standing.The tectonic plates of the world will tear apart, shifting land mass in a hugely destructible way and few will live or be able to endure the tragic happening.
         Governments of the World have been accused of not informing the people of the ensuing doom for the Planet, the rich many of them are preparing for an apocalypse. Those who have plenty and are somewhat informed have been making plans for their continuance on this Planet after Nibiru passes by.
Companies who construct large underground vessels such as bomb proof shelters have been going through their boom years, making lots of such buildings and placing them underground for the future holocaust.
here's a rich kids shelter for him and his friends..


      Large underground tunnels and caverns like cities have been built for years in the United states and speculated as to whom they may be for. Will the lucky inhabitants be the rich and political high ranking few,the Illuminati and inner circle of secret societies?


         Considering the Planet Nibiru has been here before and on many an occasion, you have to wonder what all the fuss is about. Much of the talk about the end of the World could be just that,who knows what will happen, do you think it will collide with our earth? and if it did them there isn't much to worry about we won't be around for long.
    Could the Planet be turned on it's axis? maybe, then again perhaps not; it is known that this happens as a natural occurrence but whether it is slow or quick we're not altogether sure, quick would be catastrophic.Wouldn't it be wise to just not worry about an outcome and just get on with our lives, after all if it is coming our way and it is going to kill us all then we should be making the most of what is left of our time here.

      Look If I say UFO then some nut will say hey ! look I got a video of one ! he just happened to have his camera with him at the time, honest.Pretty much the same would result If you shout out Alien, someone tomorrow would have seen one last night and got his autograph and picture.
     Why be paranoid ? yes I do believe there are other species out there and we are being visited regularly.I am not so sure about Nibiru and you shouldn't worry about it either until you can see it coming over the horizon. Conspiracy theorist are having a field day, just don't let them con you into believing every bit of unresearched bullsh*t they write.