Saturday, 12 March 2011

Bermuda and Dragon Stargates.

Bermuda Triangle is well known for it's strange and unusual anomalies out at sea, many ships and planes have been lost. 
There is a magnetic anomaly that is the cause of the compasses failure, apparently around a thousand people have came to their death over the years, either through planes disappearing or ships also becoming lost at sea and no trace is ever left. The ocean is unusually deep and unknown territory beneath the waves.
      read one writers view here..

The Dragons Triangle also had a mysterious back ground with unusual phenomena, ships and planes once again have disappeared without trace. Stories abound of dragons that live beneath the water  attacking ships and the Japanese have known about the area for around one thousand years.
Both the Bermuda and the Dragons triangle can be found along the same line of latitude about the Earth and have similar and unusual anomalies that have caused ships and planes to be lost. The Japanese know it as the devils sea or Ma-no Umi. 
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      People who have been lost at sea in the dragons triangle and been recovered and survived have claimed to have lost time. Despite some survivors have accurate time pieces there  have been thirty minutes time discrepancies. A government research ship went out to the area to investigate and it too disappeared with the loss of nine scientist and twenty two crewmen.
     UFO sightings have been common in this area and UUSO underwater unidentified sea objects have been seen on many an occasion and thought responsible for the anomalies that happen here. see a short video here..


        As you can see there are many similarities between both the Bermuda triangle and the Dragons triangle with many craft coming to a timely end not to mention their crews. What of the Gulf of Aden this also has a strange magnetic anomaly that is rumoured to be Stargate, it isn't on the same line of latitude but none the less is interesting. Is there some kind of connection here ? since UFOs and UUSO have been mentioned at all three locations one definitely has to wonder.
     You must remember that two third of the Worlds surface is covered with water and whilst much of the land mass has been mapped and investigated, a considerable part of the Ocean has not; who knows what lurks beneath the waves ?
 We have another video here that reports a Russian ship have a sighting of a UUSO or UFO from under the water.


Interestingly the Island of Guam lies in close proximity to the Dragons triangle and is a Bomber base belonging to the USAF. If you Google it, you will find it lies off the Philippines and below China, although hundreds of miles from any other land mass. I had a few visitors from there a couple of weeks ago, probably the boys and girls stationed on that little Island. About the same time I also had a couple of visits from the Senate Office. No doubt they will be back again today..

Here's one last interesting video of a UFO being chased by two fighter jets and diving into the sea, If you stop the video just before it submerges you can see the saucer shape of the UFO.