Monday, 28 March 2011

Parallel Universes/part 2

                                           Parallel Universes_______________
                                             Part 2
                                                 Time travel

So what is time and travel, is it two different dimensional
types that correspond accordingly or are they two different concepts ? How do we define time itself ? We know that in a day there are twenty for hours and in each hour there are sixty minutes and each minute sixty seconds, there are seven days in week and so on. Think on this, time as we know it is a convenient method by which we divide the year and is constructed by way of the Planet circling the sun, minutes, hours and days correspond to the time it takes the Earth to revolve around our Sun. Do we need this method of calculation is it just convenient to help us understand day from night and week from week and years as they go by ?
So how do we define time itself, what exactly is it ? does time exist ? Well according to Einstein time and space are the same. Apparently if you wished to travel at the speed of light across a galaxy to a far off planet it could still take an enormous amount of time to cover the journey. It is theorised that if we could bend space then the far off planet would become much nearer and as a consequence not take as long to journey too as previously calculated. If we could bend space then wouldn't it greatly affect everything else in the solar system or at least distort it, travel would definitely take less time.
What if there was another way, a Stargate, yes a portal that would allow us to get from one place in time or space to another and in next to no time at all somewhat instantaneously. Black holes are presumed to have such qualities however since no one has had the opportunity to find out it will be forever a theory. What if there was a tear in the fabric of time and space that allowed travel in this way, a portal that transcends to another place in both time and space a Stargate system.
Is there an inter dimensional gate way to the stars and if so do other Alien races uses this as way to enter our time and space. Perhaps on certain points of the earths surface there are dimensional portals that allow this method of travel to the galaxies beyond.
So what is time ? Is it possible that our perspective of time and travel is warped and do we perceive it in a manner that's not real or concurrent with reality. Is it perhaps that time that has just passed is much the same as the time now present and the time to come is the future. If all time is the same then time travel has to be within our grasp.
What if you could jump one second ahead of everyone else, would you find yourself in a different world? A parallel dimension, standing alongside another self ! or perhaps another entity that is alien to ourselves.
UFOs often seen travelling in straight lines and doing right angle turns at astonishing speeds, is this just what we see whilst the object is in our time and space ? Within our atmosphere, when they suddenly disappear perhaps they jump into hyperspace through a time warp or portal. Maybe UFOs have the ability to slip into another dimension or parallel universe the fourth dimension.
If we aren't aware of the fourth dimension and it is around us or close by, then maybe it is running parallel to our own three dimensional existence. Despite the search for life by scientist and supposedly NASA throughout the solar system, there appears to be no evidence that is apparent. What if all those planets that seem to be barren of any kind of life or fauna are really thriving and that we aren't aware of this due to the fact that we are not capable of understanding the fourth dimension or parallel universe.
A short video on black holes.....


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Parallel Universes/ Time space and UFOs

Today we are going to consider Parallel Universes and the relation to time and space and ultimately whether there may be a relation to UFOs and Alien visitors. Bear with me as this is turning out to be a long post and will be in several parts, so if you are intrigued then you will have to revisit in order to see the outcome of this post.
 It will make you think and use your imagination and drive you to consider what I have to say and the causes and possibilities for it to be real.
I hope you enjoy it,as it has been a labour of love and taken much of my time this week analyzing my ideas as this is all it is an idea!
                                          Parallel Universes                      
                                                      Part 1

Open up your mind and let it run a little wild for today,
have your imagination become creative in it's line of thought and consider parallel Universes, apparently quantum theory covers this subject but we are going to take an altogether or somewhat different view.
Since the universe we now live within has it's constraints defined by physics,gravity and three dimensions, we have to wonder what is a parallel universe?let us look at the present and known dimensions. Consider your self able with relatively good eye sight and hearing and a good sense of touch or feeling, so you perceive your surroundings by what you physically see before you, the eye transmits a message to the brain which calculates and determines what it is before you. Hearing too helps your brain to build up a picture of your surroundings and the final sense that helps to create a mental picture of the dimension you are in is through touch and feel, the nerve endings in your fingers once again sends a message to your brain informing it of the texture that it meets on contact.
Dimension that are known have three aspects, forward and backward motion, up and down and sideways movement, there is no other dimension that we can conceive under the normal constraints of our everyday existence. So what is a parallel universe if we can't see it, nor touch it or even hear it ? Is it that a parallel universe exist beyond our normal understandings, is it real or just an imaginative prospect, fantasy even?

I'd like to tell you of something that I experienced recently that may bear some resemblance to a sense of a fourth dimension, a parallel dimension remember to be creative with your thoughts. One day whilst standing in a room where there is a window and a door but both are closed, the room is approximately eight feet square and the ceiling eight feet high and there are no fans that are running , I got a sudden and strange but overly strong gust go past my entire body directly across the front of me. Nowhere is open so that a cold draught may enter, yet I felt a distinct strength in this gust almost as if there was a presence in the room that tried to get my attention, almost physical as I swear if it had been any stronger it would have knocked me over.
So what you may think and what has this to do with Parallel dimensions? Well I suspect quite a lot, you see I believe that as in quantum theory it is very likely that another you or another race or being may be standing virtually alongside at the same moment in time and space.
I did recently lose a younger sister a couple of months ago and you might think I had a sense of her consciousness arouse me or may be even a draught came from somewhere within the house and moved about the kitchen where I was standing. I strongly disagree as I have never experienced something so bizarre in my life, something or some being had tried unconsciously to get my attention but was unable to communicate in a way that was apparent to me.
Is your imagination working overtime yet? Parallel universes we need to speculate as to what they may actually be or where they are. Do they exist in the same time and space that we already occupy or is the dimension something altogether different? It has been suggested back in 1954 by Hugh Everett 111 that other parallel universes exist much like our own and in these universes we either exist or don't and live out a different reality to the one we now know.
Ghosts and ghostly apparitions many people see these throughout their lives and many do believe that they are spirits of the dead but what if they were something altogether different? Imagine that when you see an apparition that it isn't a ghost but rather a vision, yes a vision almost like a negative film that isn't quite clear. What if this vision was the image of another being like yourself or another that is being transmitted through an iris in the void of time and space, an image of another dimension skirting the very fabric of our own dimension an over lap of the fourth or parallel dimension.
So too as with spooks or ghosts other such visions appear we have all heard of ghost ships being seen at sea, what if they were real? Yes, from another dimension or parallel universe. Have you ever been out in a town or city and swore that you had seen a good friend and called but got no response or maybe just seen them from a distance, you knew it was them. Then on another day you meet that friend and speak with them about having seen them in town and they deny being there at all as they were somewhere altogether far away and standing with them is someone else who was with them that day and can collaborate what they say.Did you see your friend through a dimensional portal or viewer? in another time and space..
I'm adding a short film about Parallel Universes ..
Don't forget to return through the week for the second part of Parallel universes. 
UFO just come on the scene in the last seven hours, place Lahore Pakistan. Unusual configuration and only a short film unfortunately someone with video abilities might be able to figure this one out, is it real ?


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Starman a hybrid or Alien Grey.

       Lloyd Pye quite sometime ago came across a very interesting skull that is somewhat unusual, apart from obvious differences in shape and cranial density. The eye sockets are nearer in proximity than what is  found in a human skull and the shape of the skull is larger at the top looking somewhat distorted.
      The 900 year old skull was found interestingly in New Mexico in the nineteen thirties, yet only through modern advances have we been able to establish the back ground for this find.Ray and Melanie Young approached Lloyd Pye with the Star child skull and asked if he could help analyse the bone structure and ascertain the type of race it may have descended from.

     In 1999 Lloyd Pye headed a research team to find out about the bone structure of the Star child and they ruled out that it was an abnormality that may have caused the unusual bone structure and shape. Deformities were ruled out. Many years followed as the research stumbled a hazardous path. Technology didn't always have the answer or it wasn't yet at the stage were the answers could be found.The aim ultimately was to have the bone structure analysed and it's DNA  code accounted for, this would lead us to the ultimate gene sequence that would prove beyond doubt the real home of this being that the skull emanated from.
    It appears to be the only skull of it's type ever found and because of this has given much speculation as to it's being a genuine find. Finally the DNA was tested and the results published, it is neither an alien nor a human. Apparently the mother of the Star child would have been the host or surrogate mother and the original sperm and egg donors would have been Alien. 
       Not an Alien father and human mother but a hybrid donated to the mother in much the same way that we now insert a human egg that is fertilised before it is used. This throws up an unusual set of events, could someone have known about such methods so far back in time and if they did where did they come from ? Why did they go to such lengths to create an hybrid individual, rather than just fertilise the host mother directly ? 
      Could it be that here we have evidence of Alien intervention or genetic alteration of the human kind ? Maybe the Aliens who donated the sperm and egg couldn't have their own offspring and used the human mother as a substitute. Our DNA has been actively altered over the years, thousands of years and is far different than any so called relation ie; the ape that we could not be related at all.
  So where did the Skull come from on the first place, who found it in the nineteen thirties ? A young woman on vacation in Mexico stumbled across it by is a link to the story..
   Perhaps the Alien Star child lived many thousands of years ago and there were many such beings around in Mexico and perhaps other places on Earth. The question begs why haven't any other such skulls come to the surface, obviously some would hesitate and consider this only one skull, perhaps an anomaly of life itself an aberration or deformity.
   Lloyd Pye finally got the answer that Ray and Melanie had searched for years and the answer is, it isn't a Star child at all, it is however a Star man, yes a fully grown being perhaps three feet tall much like many so called Alien Greys.


Last week in Russia there seems to be reports of a large UFO being sighted near Kirkutsk. It would appear that the UFO crashed and the Russian Military and government officials closed of the area.
view the report...

It's over a week now since the first news of this crash and yet little is known about the event. Is this a Russian media or government cover up ? There also wouldn't seem to be any clear evidence coming forward by way of video or photographs, so what do you think is this for real ?....

Friday, 18 March 2011

Vimana Chariot of the Gods

   I thought we would follow up on the recent subject of the Vimana,an ancient craft that could travel about the Earth and hover and fly much like UFO.Evidently Vimana are described in ancient Indian sanskrit with plans on how to construct such a craft.
     In my first write up on Vimana we considered the story about one such craft being found in the Afghanistan mountains by soldiers, who were reported to have disappeared whilst trying to remove the vehicle from a cave. It is unusual to find a Vimana if at all and generally those that have been found are small model like objects.
     The story about the Afghan Vimana suggested that the soldiers had gone missing due to an anomaly with a time vortex within the cave. Vimana have not been described as a time machine but rather a craft in which to travel. Ancient writings support the theory of Indian Vimana and there is a poem that includes much reference to them.
      Vimana's are described as an aerial chariot, the Pushpaka that could convey many people whilst flying across the sky. If you read about these craft there are many references to the sky being filled with such craft over India,the Easter Islands and even south America.Interestingly Easter Island has a group of stones set about the Island that are so heavy that no one has been able to figure out how they got there, was it perhaps visitors in Vimana craft ?
    It could be possible that the Vimana allegedly found in Afghanistan could have arrived there from India. Small model like Vimana have been found in places such a Tajikistan, Pakistan and other parts of Asia. It would also suggest that visitors from other Planets chose places such as India to initially set their roots.

     The propelling engine of the Vimana was a mercury vortex propulsion engine, seems quite advanced for something that had been written about as far back as several thousand years.
For a detailed description and further information here is a good link and study of the craft fundamentals.

There are stories of Alexander the Great having advanced on India more than two thousand years ago, saw what he said was fiery shields in the sky that attacked his army and frightened the cavalry. These Vimana did not use advanced weapons such as atomic bombs or beams to destroy and Alexander eventually conquered India. Read here..

The original story about the Vimana being found in Afghanistan came about through an American radio chat show, surprisingly there had been no further reports as to the craft allegedly found, this story has died except for bloggers and Websites picking it up and running with it for a while.
      Strange how something that seems advanced both in Propulsion methods and an advanced flying machine should be stooped in history and wrote about in Indian scriptures such a long time ago. This definitely supports the idea of Alien visitors having been here many years ago and they continue to have a presence even today.

    Vimana are supposed to be mythological craft, so how come there are nine books that have been wrote by different Indian  men describing different features of the craft and why spend so much time drawing the different characteristics of these vehicles.
     Such craft if true would certainly give rise to the idea of Western Governments hiding far more advanced technology from the public and one wonders what exactly is out there !

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Spirit Orbs or more Spoof videos !

    Spirit orbs, so what are they ? a Phenomena ! a glimpse of light refracting from a camera lens perhaps, maybe someone created a graphical icon that can be super imposed onto a video and then put onto You tube or other sites to convince us of something that isn't real. Maybe it is a fiction of some ones over active imagination.
   Do you believe in ghosts ? spirits from the dead, poltergeists and other such apparitions. Let's just analyse why someone might be inclined to believe what they actually see is the truth. One reason is because they want to believe, that like many people also convince themselves that they have had alien contact, why because it would make them special or stand out from the crowd, being different.
    Unfortunately there are far too many crazed individuals who would have us believe all kinds of nonsense, they make up stories and now with the coming of the technological age they have the tools to go too far. Video and graphical programs for altering structures and film, internet for showing off to the World, social sites were they can masquerade as someone who knows what others don't, the list goes on endlessly.
      Take the recent and unfortunate earthquakes in Japan and the ensuing tsunami that has wiped out a whole town with as many as 11000 people or more killed in one fell swoop, yes, and someone thought here is an ideal chance to kid everyone and place my new graphical icon or toy onto the Worlds stage, via a video of the catastrophe.
      I am not going to show these videos and am making a stand against those sick individuals who will stop at nothing to get attention. Instead of showing some respect for those poor and unfortunate people who have been wiped out by a natural phenomena, not a man made or construed event, they decided to portray their small minded and deviant and foolish game.
     If as many have on UFO and paranormal sites you have been taken in by all this hype more fool you, better to err on the safe side and not display such rubbish in the first place; unless of course your Blog or Website is so bad that it is the only way you can get viewing figures up.
      If you are a Blogger and have been responsible for some of this sham, then shame on you ! Show some respect for the dead and those others that are now without a place to live. This week has been a sad week for the Blogging fraternity and I suggest that if you know the perpetrators of these ridiculous videos then don't associate with them any more.
     One last thing there are orbs and they are more substantial than what is seen on this weeks videos, that have been shown across the video sites , I have been monitored by one and followed for some considerable distance so I do know what I am talking about.

If you do have time on your hands then perhaps you would like to read some of my other posts that are here, whilst the occasional one may be on the fringe most are serious and straight to the point...

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Bermuda and Dragon Stargates.

Bermuda Triangle is well known for it's strange and unusual anomalies out at sea, many ships and planes have been lost. 
There is a magnetic anomaly that is the cause of the compasses failure, apparently around a thousand people have came to their death over the years, either through planes disappearing or ships also becoming lost at sea and no trace is ever left. The ocean is unusually deep and unknown territory beneath the waves.
      read one writers view here..

The Dragons Triangle also had a mysterious back ground with unusual phenomena, ships and planes once again have disappeared without trace. Stories abound of dragons that live beneath the water  attacking ships and the Japanese have known about the area for around one thousand years.
Both the Bermuda and the Dragons triangle can be found along the same line of latitude about the Earth and have similar and unusual anomalies that have caused ships and planes to be lost. The Japanese know it as the devils sea or Ma-no Umi. 
Video here..

      People who have been lost at sea in the dragons triangle and been recovered and survived have claimed to have lost time. Despite some survivors have accurate time pieces there  have been thirty minutes time discrepancies. A government research ship went out to the area to investigate and it too disappeared with the loss of nine scientist and twenty two crewmen.
     UFO sightings have been common in this area and UUSO underwater unidentified sea objects have been seen on many an occasion and thought responsible for the anomalies that happen here. see a short video here..


        As you can see there are many similarities between both the Bermuda triangle and the Dragons triangle with many craft coming to a timely end not to mention their crews. What of the Gulf of Aden this also has a strange magnetic anomaly that is rumoured to be Stargate, it isn't on the same line of latitude but none the less is interesting. Is there some kind of connection here ? since UFOs and UUSO have been mentioned at all three locations one definitely has to wonder.
     You must remember that two third of the Worlds surface is covered with water and whilst much of the land mass has been mapped and investigated, a considerable part of the Ocean has not; who knows what lurks beneath the waves ?
 We have another video here that reports a Russian ship have a sighting of a UUSO or UFO from under the water.


Interestingly the Island of Guam lies in close proximity to the Dragons triangle and is a Bomber base belonging to the USAF. If you Google it, you will find it lies off the Philippines and below China, although hundreds of miles from any other land mass. I had a few visitors from there a couple of weeks ago, probably the boys and girls stationed on that little Island. About the same time I also had a couple of visits from the Senate Office. No doubt they will be back again today..

Here's one last interesting video of a UFO being chased by two fighter jets and diving into the sea, If you stop the video just before it submerges you can see the saucer shape of the UFO.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

3 UFO crashes and 1 possible spoof video !

    UFO crashes and grounded UFOs here are a few that have been recorded over the years. First off we have a retired USAF airman and his statement of events.


Second UFO video gives a recording as the craft enters the atmosphere and travels downward out of control toward the ground were it crashes.You clearly see the craft on the ground and embedded sideways.


Third UFO video gives an account of a UFO coming down as it is tracked across the country where upon it takes out a light plane. The UFO is found the next day in a remote part of the desert.


And last but not least our fourth UFO video from Devon, England in March 2011. Is it a fake or for real ?


Monday, 7 March 2011

Nibiru Planet Earth Apocalypse.

Descending through the solar system on it's approach toward the Planet Earth, Nibiru or Planet X is coming our way. We know that it travels toward our Planet every 3600 years and traverses about the Earth on it's rotational orbit,probably the longest known orbit of any heavenly body.
   Blogs and websites galore tell us of the turmoil that will ensue when finally this huge Planet nears the Earth.Much has been speculated as to what may happen when it crosses our path or nears the Earth, tidal waves will flood the planes as well as earthquakes so violent that no building will remain standing.The tectonic plates of the world will tear apart, shifting land mass in a hugely destructible way and few will live or be able to endure the tragic happening.
         Governments of the World have been accused of not informing the people of the ensuing doom for the Planet, the rich many of them are preparing for an apocalypse. Those who have plenty and are somewhat informed have been making plans for their continuance on this Planet after Nibiru passes by.
Companies who construct large underground vessels such as bomb proof shelters have been going through their boom years, making lots of such buildings and placing them underground for the future holocaust.
here's a rich kids shelter for him and his friends..


      Large underground tunnels and caverns like cities have been built for years in the United states and speculated as to whom they may be for. Will the lucky inhabitants be the rich and political high ranking few,the Illuminati and inner circle of secret societies?


         Considering the Planet Nibiru has been here before and on many an occasion, you have to wonder what all the fuss is about. Much of the talk about the end of the World could be just that,who knows what will happen, do you think it will collide with our earth? and if it did them there isn't much to worry about we won't be around for long.
    Could the Planet be turned on it's axis? maybe, then again perhaps not; it is known that this happens as a natural occurrence but whether it is slow or quick we're not altogether sure, quick would be catastrophic.Wouldn't it be wise to just not worry about an outcome and just get on with our lives, after all if it is coming our way and it is going to kill us all then we should be making the most of what is left of our time here.

      Look If I say UFO then some nut will say hey ! look I got a video of one ! he just happened to have his camera with him at the time, honest.Pretty much the same would result If you shout out Alien, someone tomorrow would have seen one last night and got his autograph and picture.
     Why be paranoid ? yes I do believe there are other species out there and we are being visited regularly.I am not so sure about Nibiru and you shouldn't worry about it either until you can see it coming over the horizon. Conspiracy theorist are having a field day, just don't let them con you into believing every bit of unresearched bullsh*t they write.