Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pennysylvania UFO fleet spotted

         A woman spotted a large fleet of UFOs over Pennsylvania  the United States  of America on the 19 February 2011, she claims there was as many as eight hundred objects in the sky at 11.15 pm. 

                            Photo showing a UFO that night

    There certainly seems to be some strange happenings here with some rapid movement and  right angle turns going on.
Here is the film shot using night sight.


In Bolivia several witnesses claimed to have videoed on a mobile phone a UFO outside a hospital. It sort of moves oddly like it wobbles and then shifts really quickly, away from the hospital in broad daylight, unfortunately the film and sound isn't in English so you have to make up your own mind. Is it fake or real ? 
I think it is Bolivian bullsh*t !!

You will notice they have a well known Ufologist, I think it is Jamie Mausson to lend some credit to the film. What do you think is it more south American crap ?Anything Brazil can do we can do better !!
Write your Answers on a postcard to Bolivian bullsh*