Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Men with Boards who come in the night

                                          Crop circles

     A late evening warm and settled weather, a large and orange ball of light, huge and glowing settles slowly in the night sky resting upon the crown of the Earth. Red striations jaggedly formed and stretched across the Blue and red tinged sky, as the twitter of birds in night song  echo in the distance. The light diminishes slowly as night time falls and cattle and sheep can be heard as they settle for the long dark period.
      Blackness now prevails and suddenly there appears to be no noise not a glimmer, cattle rustle across a field together and away from the Wheat fields as a single flickering light descends downwards without any sound. Beams of light sharp and coloured flicker here and there,  darting almost as if trying to highlight something. A rustle like wind emanates from this shape hovering above the crops and pushes down upon it, moving about in a strange fashion, then just as quickly the shape and light disappears upward and then gone.
      Standing close to the field and looking toward it , there is an eerie feeling, electric almost that makes your hair on your arms stand upright and the noise, well there still isn't any, most animal life is still and perplexed by the visit from above. 

      Next day when light returns looking into the field there is a vast geometric pattern, a crop circle the wheat pushed down into shapes and uniformly designed almost as if someone had used a giant spirograph on the land. This is a somewhat unique although yearly cycled event that happens all over the World and is often reported but not always   
confirmed as to who  perpetrated this anomaly.
       Crop circles often made nowadays by man, yes it has been proven and one such team who carried out such making of these once thought paranormal events made it public the last couple of years ago, apparently they had been doing so for at least ten years in the UK. There was a time when these crop circles were rare and that is the time when they were made by any one other than man, extraterrestrial.

     The abundance of these crop circles is due to certain security forces within governments and it is known that MI5 and both the American and English governments are responsible for these. 
Why ? well because things such as this gets intelligent people intrigued and that means ordinary people sticking their nose in were they aren't wanted and perhaps coming up with the right conclusions, that they are made by Aliens from other Worlds.
        There is no doubt that extraterrestrial beings from other planets have been using the formation of crop circles as a way of trying to communicate with mere mortals, since the powers that be have been hiding their proof of existence away from most of us for years.In the same way that ET left a trail of information in the Egyptian pyramids and Aztec  pyramids as well as many cave drawings that portray visitors different to our forms here on Earth.

        Investigators here in England have for years under taken a study on crop circles and one such man is David Cayton and he with Richard.D.Hall of have produced some damming evidence of the making of these crop circles and the reasons as to why.
    Watch this video.............


Another interesting video with more information on the hidden codes within the crop circle formations.
Much more complex and detailed explanations and analysis of construction of the paranormal events.


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