Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Jerusalem UFO hoax or for real !

        It's been a few weeks now since all the commotion over the Jerusalem UFO , the media got hold of the bit and seemingly haven't let go. The UFO came down over the sacred site Temple Mount in Jerusalem and was seen by a number of people and filmed from several different angles and there has been much speculation over whether this was a hoax or a real event. I have just viewed some of the latest video and analysis of this questionable sighting, what do you think was it for real ?view the videos


And here is another video..using a weather cam...

  Despite a number of people theorising as to whether it was real or fake , I don't think anyone has been able to prove it to be a man made event, unless of course you know better ! I think this will go down as one of the most talked about and highly suspicious videos ever and since the media have still got hold of it and report this UFO, I suspect it will be sometime before we hear the last of the Jerusalem UFO...

    We have another highly criticised story about the Moon and it's history, when Apollo astronauts landed on the moon , what did they see and find ? Is there the technology that has been spoken of  with regard to anti gravity and buildings previously made by other Alien races ? I have found a good report that revolves around a publicised book and is s definitely worth a read..

And a video about artifacts found on the moon with some revelations from former NASA employees and military whistle blowers that appeared on the Disclosure Project back in 2002.


Is George.W.Bush junior running scared, news report is that he was due to give a speech today , however he found out that Julian Assange ( WIKI LEAKS) is also due to be at the same event to give a talk .Come on Mr Bush what are you afraid of ? the least that could happen is you have a blazing argument over truth and lies and your ex government policies !

  I don't suppose it would look to good in the media ( ex President Bush leaves  Denver metting with his tail between his legs !) I am sure Mr Julian Assange would take great pleasure in asking George.W.Bush a few pertinent questions. 
Read the story here..

Julian is still fighting his proposed extradition to Sweden on sexual charges after a British court said he should go to the Swedish courts. Mr Assange understandably doesn't want to have to appear in Sweden mainly because that despite the claims against him are near enough proven to be untrue, the Swedish don't have a jury only a bench of Judges and it is likely he will then be forced from Sweden to America for charges to be imposed for the leaks of secretive documents.
Story here........