Thursday, 3 February 2011

Earth quake strange anomaly is it related to bird deaths..

 Is there an association between seismic activity and the deaths we have noticed around the World recently ? even I have speculated that Chemtrails may have been the contributing factor and alarmingly so. But wait,rather than just take my and other peoples word for it or that it is a probably a conspiracy to kill all known life on the planet, with the plan to reduce dramatically the overall population,may it be some other more natural cause?

    The mass bird and fish deaths may be due to the abnormal amount of earthquakes that have been happening around the World. Read this story for a different perspective on these events.


                                 End of the Earth is Nigh

NASA apparently forewarned on a catastrophic event that might happen in the late part of 2012, really ! it would seem that they have on two accounts given warnings of a solar storm warning of massive proportions. The Sun is entering or passing through an interstellar energy cloud which excites and energizes the Sun.
    NASA gave a public warning of this catastrophic event in 2010 but no one in government has bothered to make a public statement as to the danger that we may be about to have thrust upon us, the public should be made aware so as to make preparation for the future. here's the link to the story ..


                             Say hello to the neighbours

     It isn't all doom and gloom today apparently NASA has found a considerable number of new Earth like planets using the Kepler telescope, many are water bearing and within close proximity to their neighboring star much like the Earth. Sixty eight Earth type planets and two hundred and eighty eight super earth type planets. Best tell the wife to warm up the rocket and pack the bags just in case everything goes pear shape in 2012. Here is the link to the story and is a video news story..

and a news letter..

Another video showing the earth type planets found by Kepler telescope...