Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Astonishing UFO in Jerusalem is it the second coming ?

Now someone tell me this UFO isn't real, it has to be the  most astonishing evidence of a UFO ever. Just view the video and the UFO comes down to the dome and hovers, then see the sudden burst of light or energy and then the sphere just moves at an unpredictable speed.

Now here we a a close up view with an audience close up , you can hear the crowd talking and see the bright sphere that suddenly appears before them; it hovers a while then the burst of light as in the first video and up goes the UFO at a tremendous speed.

Nothing on Earth can travel this fast and so quickly ! There is no way that this has anything to do with black operations or even something from area 51, why would they want to place a sphere over a dome in Jerusalem.
It's seems rather uncanny that here was the place close to Bethlehem that the story in the Bible says that Jesus was born and rumors abound of the visitors from other worlds have said " we created Jesus "I don't particularly believe in God,however you have to wonder what was an UFO doing here in Jerusalem ?
    Further viewing of the video reveals a band of lights moving as if a craft perhaps a mother ship is waiting above, see it rotating slowly.
   2012 is predicted to be an apocalyptic event, is this a second coming ?The rebirth of Christ.........

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If you haven't already seen this video of google Earth then here it is with some strange evidence and artifacts scarring the earth,whether you find it compelling evidence of previous visits from other worlds I don't know. Perhaps these markings on the ground were made by man with an ever growing interest in his surroundings and the stars, then again they might have been trying to tell us something, for instance look at the triangle with five circles inside, just like the Searl generator and IVG craft propulsion.