Saturday, 26 February 2011

Apollo 20 spoof video ! Also other Sunday entertainment !

  We are starting the Sunday post off with some rather curious UFO videos. Then we have more serious writers like Rick Phillips who has a number of good Blogs, with a look at one of his most recent posts definitely worth a read.Then a good long video to relax into with a cup of tea or coffee or a cool beer so chill out.......................

Apollo 20 mission to the moon, have you watched this video on You Tube were they claim a Mayan Alien being has been found in a space craft on the surface of Mars.Do you think it is real or is someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes?ask yourself this question , how long has this entity supposedly been lying there waiting to be found ? then ask yourself how come I can still see the flesh of this Alien ? Do you think that in the confines of the moons atmosphere the body has been mummified ?
     Well if you were born around the time of the planned missions to the moon the Apollo missions of course, then you could be forgiven for believing such tripe ! yes tripe, because the last Apollo mission was Apollo 17 and I know there are a lot of things that are kept secret from the public but the moon missions were all televised and I for one watched them.
Like to see the spoof movie possibly of the century...

This might make the movies  but it isn't for real......

    Continuing the entertainment theme with a few more questionable UFO videos.....
      UFO close up filmed at the airport, by someone who needs their head examined !


Another almost convincing UFO video, you just got to give them some credit as it looks pretty good ! I just thought that UFOs didn't make sonic boom noises..


Are these millennium falcons from the star wars movies ?


Are you ready for some rock and roll ? If I knew that having a beard allowed you to levitate off the ground, then I wouldn't have shaved mine off last week..


                                 Definitely a must read..

I have contact regularly with another Paranormal Blogger, Rick who to say the least is a one man Publishing phenomena. He has just had an interesting e -mail interview with another paranormalist and author,actually a Shaman, it makes interesting reading albeit on the fringe. It helps understanding the paranormal when related to UFO and Alien contact and is somewhat surreal and gives an insight into other dimensions..Read on...PS just in case he writes a new post what you are looking for is on the 25 February..2011
the link here... 

                                        ROSWELL INCIDENT

     Here for entertainment purposes is a quite lengthy film about the Roswell Incident, fact or fiction; I know it's fact but what the US government and Military would have us believe is that it is fiction, that's far from the truth. view here...PS I don't consider this film in the same light as the others, this one is good........


Finally I thought you might like to see a picture of the producers of the spoof UFO videos above...

Yes, that's right  all credit to the muppets who produced the bullsh*t videos above..
have a nice Sunday...