Monday, 21 February 2011

Alien teleport, UFOs over NYC and NASA confirms Nibiru Planet X.

    I have a number of Brazilian banners to other Blogs on my site here but this is ridiculous, claims that are of a real Alien teleportation on film. Look closely and you will see the figure of a suited person in the background walking away just as the downward flash of what I suppose is gunpowder burns out.


   There are some very good Brazilian Blogs and some sh*t ones, this is one of the sh*t ones, these people do no good by trying to fool any of us. Like various Blogs that show spurious videos of UFOs that are clearly not Alien craft ie ; balloons and wheel trims etc;
These people insult our intelligence and if you know who they are tell them that they should go and crawl into a very dark hole !!

        Here we have a set of web cam stills portrayed as a videos of UFOs over New York City January 14/ 2011. Personally I think these could be anything from planes lifting off from a runway and climbing to stars moving through the sky with time. What do you think ?


  NASA now are obliged to acknowledge that Nibiru is on it's way toward the Earth, they call it something entirely different, Hercolubus Planet X. NASA have been tracking this planet that is four times the size of Jupiter using the WISE and IRAS telescopes and have now shut it down.
    The giant planet is on the outer edge of our solar system and they have calculated it will take approximately two years to approach the Earth.


Want more information, then here is the link to the story and more