Monday, 28 February 2011

ISS and UFO fleet..


     Captured video of the ISS and a fleet of UFOs closing in towards it February 2011...

UFO seen moving extremely quickly at an air show, keep your eyes peeled. Watch as the two fighter jets fly by alongside a stealth bomber and the UFO crosses their flight path...

      And just to finish off we have another crank on you tube , just watch the way he keeps stepping in front of the camera. Why would you do that and if the bloody thing was just floating there, how come the camera man couldn't keep the lens focused ?
When the hand goes across the camera is the  person doing so, pressing down the sticker of a UFO on the lens ?


Saturday, 26 February 2011

Apollo 20 spoof video ! Also other Sunday entertainment !

  We are starting the Sunday post off with some rather curious UFO videos. Then we have more serious writers like Rick Phillips who has a number of good Blogs, with a look at one of his most recent posts definitely worth a read.Then a good long video to relax into with a cup of tea or coffee or a cool beer so chill out.......................

Apollo 20 mission to the moon, have you watched this video on You Tube were they claim a Mayan Alien being has been found in a space craft on the surface of Mars.Do you think it is real or is someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes?ask yourself this question , how long has this entity supposedly been lying there waiting to be found ? then ask yourself how come I can still see the flesh of this Alien ? Do you think that in the confines of the moons atmosphere the body has been mummified ?
     Well if you were born around the time of the planned missions to the moon the Apollo missions of course, then you could be forgiven for believing such tripe ! yes tripe, because the last Apollo mission was Apollo 17 and I know there are a lot of things that are kept secret from the public but the moon missions were all televised and I for one watched them.
Like to see the spoof movie possibly of the century...

This might make the movies  but it isn't for real......

    Continuing the entertainment theme with a few more questionable UFO videos.....
      UFO close up filmed at the airport, by someone who needs their head examined !


Another almost convincing UFO video, you just got to give them some credit as it looks pretty good ! I just thought that UFOs didn't make sonic boom noises..


Are these millennium falcons from the star wars movies ?


Are you ready for some rock and roll ? If I knew that having a beard allowed you to levitate off the ground, then I wouldn't have shaved mine off last week..


                                 Definitely a must read..

I have contact regularly with another Paranormal Blogger, Rick who to say the least is a one man Publishing phenomena. He has just had an interesting e -mail interview with another paranormalist and author,actually a Shaman, it makes interesting reading albeit on the fringe. It helps understanding the paranormal when related to UFO and Alien contact and is somewhat surreal and gives an insight into other dimensions..Read on...PS just in case he writes a new post what you are looking for is on the 25 February..2011
the link here... 

                                        ROSWELL INCIDENT

     Here for entertainment purposes is a quite lengthy film about the Roswell Incident, fact or fiction; I know it's fact but what the US government and Military would have us believe is that it is fiction, that's far from the truth. view here...PS I don't consider this film in the same light as the others, this one is good........


Finally I thought you might like to see a picture of the producers of the spoof UFO videos above...

Yes, that's right  all credit to the muppets who produced the bullsh*t videos above..
have a nice Sunday...

The Jerusalem UFO hoax or for real !

        It's been a few weeks now since all the commotion over the Jerusalem UFO , the media got hold of the bit and seemingly haven't let go. The UFO came down over the sacred site Temple Mount in Jerusalem and was seen by a number of people and filmed from several different angles and there has been much speculation over whether this was a hoax or a real event. I have just viewed some of the latest video and analysis of this questionable sighting, what do you think was it for real ?view the videos


And here is another video..using a weather cam...

  Despite a number of people theorising as to whether it was real or fake , I don't think anyone has been able to prove it to be a man made event, unless of course you know better ! I think this will go down as one of the most talked about and highly suspicious videos ever and since the media have still got hold of it and report this UFO, I suspect it will be sometime before we hear the last of the Jerusalem UFO...

    We have another highly criticised story about the Moon and it's history, when Apollo astronauts landed on the moon , what did they see and find ? Is there the technology that has been spoken of  with regard to anti gravity and buildings previously made by other Alien races ? I have found a good report that revolves around a publicised book and is s definitely worth a read..

And a video about artifacts found on the moon with some revelations from former NASA employees and military whistle blowers that appeared on the Disclosure Project back in 2002.


Is George.W.Bush junior running scared, news report is that he was due to give a speech today , however he found out that Julian Assange ( WIKI LEAKS) is also due to be at the same event to give a talk .Come on Mr Bush what are you afraid of ? the least that could happen is you have a blazing argument over truth and lies and your ex government policies !

  I don't suppose it would look to good in the media ( ex President Bush leaves  Denver metting with his tail between his legs !) I am sure Mr Julian Assange would take great pleasure in asking George.W.Bush a few pertinent questions. 
Read the story here..

Julian is still fighting his proposed extradition to Sweden on sexual charges after a British court said he should go to the Swedish courts. Mr Assange understandably doesn't want to have to appear in Sweden mainly because that despite the claims against him are near enough proven to be untrue, the Swedish don't have a jury only a bench of Judges and it is likely he will then be forced from Sweden to America for charges to be imposed for the leaks of secretive documents.
Story here........

Friday, 25 February 2011

Arizona UFOs February 2011

          Is Arizona a hotbed for UFO activity, 17 February 2011 mysteriously lights move about the night sky, albeit there is some camera shake ! I can't help wondering if there was UFO activity here then why when filming it didn't the witness with the camera try and cut out all the lights around to get a better view ? So what do you think is this Spoof reporting ? or is it real ?
view the video...


           News in today, Donald Rumsfeld was out testing his flying saucer on the day of 9/11; what do you mean you don't believe me ! he was definitely not on the Planet Earth that day because he states categorically that he didn't know anything about Building seven.
Apparently the same goes for other Statesmen, they either think we have alzheimers or they have got it, perhaps we are stupid..
See the story here and watch the video especially around the ten minutes fifty seconds part.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pennysylvania UFO fleet spotted

         A woman spotted a large fleet of UFOs over Pennsylvania  the United States  of America on the 19 February 2011, she claims there was as many as eight hundred objects in the sky at 11.15 pm. 

                            Photo showing a UFO that night

    There certainly seems to be some strange happenings here with some rapid movement and  right angle turns going on.
Here is the film shot using night sight.


In Bolivia several witnesses claimed to have videoed on a mobile phone a UFO outside a hospital. It sort of moves oddly like it wobbles and then shifts really quickly, away from the hospital in broad daylight, unfortunately the film and sound isn't in English so you have to make up your own mind. Is it fake or real ? 
I think it is Bolivian bullsh*t !!

You will notice they have a well known Ufologist, I think it is Jamie Mausson to lend some credit to the film. What do you think is it more south American crap ?Anything Brazil can do we can do better !!
Write your Answers on a postcard to Bolivian bullsh*

Monday, 21 February 2011

Alien teleport, UFOs over NYC and NASA confirms Nibiru Planet X.

    I have a number of Brazilian banners to other Blogs on my site here but this is ridiculous, claims that are of a real Alien teleportation on film. Look closely and you will see the figure of a suited person in the background walking away just as the downward flash of what I suppose is gunpowder burns out.


   There are some very good Brazilian Blogs and some sh*t ones, this is one of the sh*t ones, these people do no good by trying to fool any of us. Like various Blogs that show spurious videos of UFOs that are clearly not Alien craft ie ; balloons and wheel trims etc;
These people insult our intelligence and if you know who they are tell them that they should go and crawl into a very dark hole !!

        Here we have a set of web cam stills portrayed as a videos of UFOs over New York City January 14/ 2011. Personally I think these could be anything from planes lifting off from a runway and climbing to stars moving through the sky with time. What do you think ?


  NASA now are obliged to acknowledge that Nibiru is on it's way toward the Earth, they call it something entirely different, Hercolubus Planet X. NASA have been tracking this planet that is four times the size of Jupiter using the WISE and IRAS telescopes and have now shut it down.
    The giant planet is on the outer edge of our solar system and they have calculated it will take approximately two years to approach the Earth.


Want more information, then here is the link to the story and more 

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Men with Boards who come in the night

                                          Crop circles

     A late evening warm and settled weather, a large and orange ball of light, huge and glowing settles slowly in the night sky resting upon the crown of the Earth. Red striations jaggedly formed and stretched across the Blue and red tinged sky, as the twitter of birds in night song  echo in the distance. The light diminishes slowly as night time falls and cattle and sheep can be heard as they settle for the long dark period.
      Blackness now prevails and suddenly there appears to be no noise not a glimmer, cattle rustle across a field together and away from the Wheat fields as a single flickering light descends downwards without any sound. Beams of light sharp and coloured flicker here and there,  darting almost as if trying to highlight something. A rustle like wind emanates from this shape hovering above the crops and pushes down upon it, moving about in a strange fashion, then just as quickly the shape and light disappears upward and then gone.
      Standing close to the field and looking toward it , there is an eerie feeling, electric almost that makes your hair on your arms stand upright and the noise, well there still isn't any, most animal life is still and perplexed by the visit from above. 

      Next day when light returns looking into the field there is a vast geometric pattern, a crop circle the wheat pushed down into shapes and uniformly designed almost as if someone had used a giant spirograph on the land. This is a somewhat unique although yearly cycled event that happens all over the World and is often reported but not always   
confirmed as to who  perpetrated this anomaly.
       Crop circles often made nowadays by man, yes it has been proven and one such team who carried out such making of these once thought paranormal events made it public the last couple of years ago, apparently they had been doing so for at least ten years in the UK. There was a time when these crop circles were rare and that is the time when they were made by any one other than man, extraterrestrial.

     The abundance of these crop circles is due to certain security forces within governments and it is known that MI5 and both the American and English governments are responsible for these. 
Why ? well because things such as this gets intelligent people intrigued and that means ordinary people sticking their nose in were they aren't wanted and perhaps coming up with the right conclusions, that they are made by Aliens from other Worlds.
        There is no doubt that extraterrestrial beings from other planets have been using the formation of crop circles as a way of trying to communicate with mere mortals, since the powers that be have been hiding their proof of existence away from most of us for years.In the same way that ET left a trail of information in the Egyptian pyramids and Aztec  pyramids as well as many cave drawings that portray visitors different to our forms here on Earth.

        Investigators here in England have for years under taken a study on crop circles and one such man is David Cayton and he with Richard.D.Hall of have produced some damming evidence of the making of these crop circles and the reasons as to why.
    Watch this video.............


Another interesting video with more information on the hidden codes within the crop circle formations.
Much more complex and detailed explanations and analysis of construction of the paranormal events.


Just last week I wrote another very good Blog which is gagging for something of an audience,it's about Custom Cars and Motorcycles and Videos of tests and has some reference to Linux as an alternative operating system occasionally, a smattering of politics and the Fun Element.
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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Earth quake strange anomaly is it related to bird deaths..

 Is there an association between seismic activity and the deaths we have noticed around the World recently ? even I have speculated that Chemtrails may have been the contributing factor and alarmingly so. But wait,rather than just take my and other peoples word for it or that it is a probably a conspiracy to kill all known life on the planet, with the plan to reduce dramatically the overall population,may it be some other more natural cause?

    The mass bird and fish deaths may be due to the abnormal amount of earthquakes that have been happening around the World. Read this story for a different perspective on these events.


                                 End of the Earth is Nigh

NASA apparently forewarned on a catastrophic event that might happen in the late part of 2012, really ! it would seem that they have on two accounts given warnings of a solar storm warning of massive proportions. The Sun is entering or passing through an interstellar energy cloud which excites and energizes the Sun.
    NASA gave a public warning of this catastrophic event in 2010 but no one in government has bothered to make a public statement as to the danger that we may be about to have thrust upon us, the public should be made aware so as to make preparation for the future. here's the link to the story ..


                             Say hello to the neighbours

     It isn't all doom and gloom today apparently NASA has found a considerable number of new Earth like planets using the Kepler telescope, many are water bearing and within close proximity to their neighboring star much like the Earth. Sixty eight Earth type planets and two hundred and eighty eight super earth type planets. Best tell the wife to warm up the rocket and pack the bags just in case everything goes pear shape in 2012. Here is the link to the story and is a video news story..

and a news letter..

Another video showing the earth type planets found by Kepler telescope...

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Jerusalem UFO video, further evidence

Here we go another video of the Jerusalem UFO has turned up with an alternative camera angle and rather that just seeing what looked like a sphere, we now have an elongated and bright lighted shape or form notice how it moves across the tops of the buildings , showing more clearly that it doesn't just hover as seen in the first video..Here's the video..

And here is another video of the very same event but synchronised with the other two previous shown video shots ....

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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Astonishing UFO in Jerusalem is it the second coming ?

Now someone tell me this UFO isn't real, it has to be the  most astonishing evidence of a UFO ever. Just view the video and the UFO comes down to the dome and hovers, then see the sudden burst of light or energy and then the sphere just moves at an unpredictable speed.

Now here we a a close up view with an audience close up , you can hear the crowd talking and see the bright sphere that suddenly appears before them; it hovers a while then the burst of light as in the first video and up goes the UFO at a tremendous speed.

Nothing on Earth can travel this fast and so quickly ! There is no way that this has anything to do with black operations or even something from area 51, why would they want to place a sphere over a dome in Jerusalem.
It's seems rather uncanny that here was the place close to Bethlehem that the story in the Bible says that Jesus was born and rumors abound of the visitors from other worlds have said " we created Jesus "I don't particularly believe in God,however you have to wonder what was an UFO doing here in Jerusalem ?
    Further viewing of the video reveals a band of lights moving as if a craft perhaps a mother ship is waiting above, see it rotating slowly.
   2012 is predicted to be an apocalyptic event, is this a second coming ?The rebirth of Christ.........

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If you haven't already seen this video of google Earth then here it is with some strange evidence and artifacts scarring the earth,whether you find it compelling evidence of previous visits from other worlds I don't know. Perhaps these markings on the ground were made by man with an ever growing interest in his surroundings and the stars, then again they might have been trying to tell us something, for instance look at the triangle with five circles inside, just like the Searl generator and IVG craft propulsion.