Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Super Soldiers

Super Soldiers much talked about and they are described in some 
instances as super human, you only have to read a few websites and watch a few You Tube videos to see which direction they are trying to take us down. 
David M gives his story about his life from living on a small island in the Orkney Islands with a close community and he talks about ritual abuse and Satanic cults.He would suggest that having lived within this small community he was trained as an elitist warrior for use later on in life. The abuse we won't talk about as it is only this super soldier reference that I want to address here.
 Here is short video about MK Ultra 

   Look around and you can read any amount of material that refers to super soldiers and how they are unusually strong with almost ten times the strength of mere humans, with the stamina that would enable them to run endless miles at the pace of a sprinter. Drugs to enhance performance of the body to help it endure the demand upon it as the super soldier goes about his tasks. Genetic adaptations of frame and body to extend the performance in a field of war or mission type scenarios.
      David M talks of having carried out missions where he had been dropped from a plane into a field of war or on a mission and without any parachute and how he hit the ground running.How the super soldier deals with the tasks of modern warfare and the psychological strains upon his mind and ability to concentrate and endure the hardships necessary to carry out his role.
     MK ultra, British Monarch program, project manikin all are supposed to be programming of children from an early age into super soldiers or a means of use for secret ops. Some of these people who claim to be super soldiers seem to suffer from multiple personality disorder or dissociative Identity disorder and have been programmed. It is suggested that some super soldiers don't know what or who they may be and are sleepers or part of a sleeper cell waiting to be awoken at some event or time in the future.
     David M claims that later on in life he was abducted by an alien race and that the Aliens were from the Sirius star system,whilst during his abduction he claims they implanted him and that it has affected his ability to walk in a normal manner.
David talks of having various operations carried out on his body but doesn't recall where except that it often was a military hospital. 
     If you watch the video you will notice that he rarely makes eye contact which is a symptom of a shy person but also one of a liar, it will be up to you to decide whether this is a hoax. Remember the claims of dropping from an aeroplane and not having a parachute and being able to run immediately the moment that he lands on the ground, this can't be at all possible with the human body as the trauma of hitting the ground alone would be so damaging to his frame that he would not be able to walk or stand.
      Consider that someone who has an identity disorder can't distinguish themselves from one personality to another and as a consequence would be delusional and given to a fantasy life or World, this as well as the Satanic ritualism he suffered earlier as a child would suggest that these claims are  not real.
I can well believe that someone can be brain washed and used for an assassin for an event later on in life or even mind controlled. The human body no matter how much it was manipulated and genetically enhanced could not endure the conditions to which it is claimed to have been used in a field of war.
       Except for secret operations that necessitated the need for a covert spy or assassin then the idea of a war operative just doesn't gel. Modern warfare is such that it won't be long before machine alone is capable of fighting these , man can manipulate the toys of war and no longer needs to be involved.
Below is a video about David M and his experiences..