Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Searl IGV the future of space travel

    Following my report or post several days a go on the Searl Effect Generator, I have decided to follow up with a second posting on the subject. This invention of John.R.R.Searl is probably the most fascinating that has come about since the second World War and has an unbelievable potential for mankind both in power for all as an energy source and flight through space and beyond. The jet engine was pronounced in it's making and had changed the way that we travel around the Planet, making travel for the ordinary person in the street as easy as getting on the bus.

     It seems unbelievable that through the use of this technology we can jump boundlessly into the future way beyond our dreams and space and space travel itself will become an everyday event, for many of us. Investment is what John needs to push this project forward after he has spent all of his life to this aim of giving us this method of generating power and flight at un-thought of speeds, the reason for no longer using fossil fuels has been here for a long time but still isn't being utilised, generally because of a small but defined group of individuals who wish to make a profit from the Searl generator.
     In a video which I will attach here you will be able to hear John.R.R.Searl talk about how he tested and flew remotely his IGV Propulsion craft a distance of over one hundred miles out to Cornwall and back , the time to Cornwall, three minutes and one hundred miles distance that equates to two thousand miles an hour and it would have been travelling slowly since only on test.
      Some of the test vehicles have been lost and not recovered and you have to wonder if when someone sees an UFO, if it perhaps is still one of Johns craft flying around the World .
     In the sixties there was meetings in a town called Warminster about what a lot of the local towns folk had seen in broad daylight, they claimed to have seen an UFO; the craft they saw was John.R.R.Searls  IGV propulsion or anti gravity vehicle. The WARMINSTER THING.

 here is the video....

here is a link to John.R.R.Seals home page and more information about the Searl IGV and generator.

Triangle UFO  spotted flying over Cardiff , South Wales in JANUARY

UFO over Russia January 2011 is it for real ? if it is then it is one of the best close up pictures probably ever taken of alien craft...

And here goes for another video of an UFO in Rome, Italy in January this year 2011. Looks like a cleverly constructed Chinese lantern to me....