Saturday, 15 January 2011

Playing God or the HAARP ! UFO in Gosford,Australia

     Strange weather, unusual places around the World suffering amazing floods, two very bad winters recently in the UK when it often takes a ten or twenty year cycle for such events. Birds,fish and animals as well as people dying in unusual circumstances, given the media attention or Blog reports and scientific analysis anyone who didn't know better would think that the much heralded and suspected apocalypse that 2012 might be is already here and now !
     The report this week of birds dropping from the sky dead in Arkansas was just a glimmer of what has been happening around the World. Here in England similar deaths of birds and fish reportedly being washed up on the shorelines is also a reality. Brazil flooded and many people have died, New Zealand, Australia, Florida and Indiana have seen fished lying dead upon the beaches. 
      The excuse for many of these deaths are that we are suffering unusual weather, birds have died from extreme cold and dropped from the sky, really ! if it was that cold then would they be flying at all ? so what is the excuse for all the marine life that has been washed upon the shore, that surely isn't the cold as they have popped up all over the World !
      If you read the last post then I suggested you view a video that points to Phosgene poisioning and the likely hood that the military is responsible for the chemtrails that we have been witnessing over  the last  year. What if it was something altogether different? HAARP you have probably heard or read about it, if not then here goes, HAARP is high frequency active aural research program, sorry, did I hear you say what's that, hmnn ! I thought as much also. Well it means basically that the military have been playing GOD with the atmosphere, tampering with the ionsphere and sending  strong electrical bursts up into the sky. For what, well the idea is to be able to knock out communications over a large part of the World and yet continue to have the military still be able to communicate with one another.
      Here's a video about HAARP ing .

Here is a picture of the HAARP research site in Alaska.........

And for more reading about HAARP and the consequences use this link..


                                     UFOs over New South Wales, Australia

Witnesses describe UFO descend toward the lake and draw up water ..picture depicting UFO

And a video of a UFO in Gosford Australia

Here we have radar evidence of HAARP-ing of birds in flight, is this the result of all the bird deaths Worldwide and fish too.