Saturday, 1 January 2011

Nibiru and the Annunaki the end of the World

The Annunaki
 Nibiru the hidden planet, on it's long journey is nearing our World ; it takes 3600 years to do one full orbit and now is on it's way back toward Earth. Considered to be the home place of the Annunaki a race of giants possibly eight feet tall or more, rumoured even to be a  Reptilian species. This planet was known to the Mesopotamians and the Mayan civilisation as well as Sumerians who claimed to have been taught much by the Annunaki. 
     The Pyramids in Egypt bear information of the Annunaki and even genetic code is written on them, man is claimed to have been created by them to serve them whilst here on Earth. Thought to be the watchers of the Earth and known in the bible as the Nephilim, considered angels of God in the bible. Sumerians thought of them as the Gods who came from heaven, the Annunaki seen how beautiful the women of Earth were and took some of them as wives for themselves and apparently failed to carry out their task as overseers of the Human race. God rained down on them a catastrophe and killed most of the giants and it is then when man took control of his own destiny.
     Much is written about the coming of the Planet Nibiru and how in December 2012 the World may come to an end, earthquakes and storms that will kill all living creatures on the planet. So how will this be ? if the Planet Nibiru in it's orbit gets too close to our Earth then it would pull a huge gravitational force and disturb the magnetics to the extent that the seas will swell and flood the land mass and the very platelets of the Earths crust will shift. But is this true ? some think the planet Nibiru would collide with our Earth and that would be cataclysmic and the end of all mankind.
      The Mayans have a long calendar which is also 3600 years the very time it takes for the Planet Nibiru to rotate through it's orbit and they believed that the Annunaki would return to the Earth once more to take control when the Mayan calendar is supposed to end. Will these visitors take control or enslave us for their own use, perhaps they plan to show us once again how we should live equally in harmony or then again might they plunder the Earth for it's resources . 
      Google Earth has a part of the sky blacked out when viewed out in space and rumours abound that NASA and the US government know exactly what it is they don't want us to see, Nibiru on it's way toward our Earth or is it another planet in our solar system that is habitable and capable of supporting life? Is it that they don't wish for us to have prior knowledge of this planet because they know that our Earth resources are running out and they with their hidden technologies are going to inhabit this Planet for themselves, the elite few also known as the Illuminati.

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      Here is a link to some reading material that will enlighten you further on the subject and throws much doubt on the Mayan calendar coming to an end as speculated by many as well as a short film for those who may wish to believe that the end of the World is nigh.

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