Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Free energy and the Searl Generator

 Free energy wouldn't it be marvellous, everyone would be able to access energy right across the World, energy cartels such as oil rich countries OPEC for instance would suddenly be giving oil away, virtually. Energy companies that supply gas and electricity would have a surplus of power because no one would need it ! we would could all have our own little power supply out in the garden shed. 
    Zero point energy has been played around with for many years by scientists and different types of motors have been invented to try and tap into the never ending supply of the free energy that surrounds us all, but no one has marketed it. Reason is most inventions are not providing much more energy than is put into the machines in the first place. 
    Super conducting devices have been utilised to get free power and even used to levitate small objects, though no one has been able to capture an unending supply of power from them and production just isn't happening.
    UFOs captured from the time of Roswell and after have been found to have a different type of power supply or engine and supposedly it is nuclear powered, nuclear we have  but it is dirty in that  the after life of the remaining fuel rods remain unstable or dangerous for hundreds of years.
      Poverty could be a thing of the past as every country in the world could have their own free source of power, poorer people in the third world would no longer need to walk miles everyday to find water or wood for fuel. All of us would be on an even keel and this mostly would be the reason why we don't see free energy powers become available to all.
     There are people interested in buying any unit that is capable of supplying the free energy that is all around us, the problem is that they want to make money from it and that brings us back to the old contention of one or a few people having control and making a lot of money from these free energy supplies and exploiting the rest of the World.
     Look around the internet and there are any number of so called free energy devices that are supposed to put out more energy than you put in, but are they proven? One such generator is and it has been worked on for over sixty years. A professor in the Midlands, England has had a working model since he was fourteen years old, Professor John.R.R.Searl invented what he terms the Searl Generator and he used one of these generators to provide power to his home for thirty four years. The main electrical companies wondered why he hadn't been using any electricity and never had a bill and caused him much trouble. One of his generators would probably supply enough electricity to power a whole town with virtually no need for any power supply to initiate the generator.
       More than one of the Professors generators has taken off. one went through the roof and hasn't been seen since and consequently he has been developing a craft that will utilise the device and could theoretically drive a space craft at or beyond the speed of light.So you may wonder, why hasn't he produced these generators for us to use ? John.R.R.Searl wishes for everyone of us to have a free supply of energy and does want support for his invention but he doesn't want to sell it to the wrong people the reasons are obvious. 
follow this link to his site and read about the Searl Generator or view videos about it.

John.R.R.Searl is also producing the inverse gravity vehicle which is also powered by the Searl generator and when in flight produces a half gravity inside of the motor, meaning sharp right angle turns such as have been witnessed of UFOs is possible without injury. here is a video link..

Professor John.R.R.Searl has been profoundly deaf all his life and will explain his speech as he relies upon vibration to hear what others say to him. Included is another video about his generator..

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Free energy and the Searl Generator

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