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Extra Sensory Perception and the Paranormal

     Extra Sensory Perception and the Paranormal

Gifted people some would say, the ability to see into the future and portray an event before the rest of mankind know anything about it.
Scientists don't believe generally in Extra Sensory Perception and rebuke the idea, but there are some very talented visionaries out there and what they have told has been true. The Police have been known around the World to use mediums in order to find a body or someone who is missing though not necessarily dead, perhaps even a criminal or killer, and many have been correct.
       There have been reports  in the media of someone having called an airport or police to tell of a catastrophic event about to happen and fortunately for some a plane has been grounded or some one hasn't gone to work that day either by car or public transport. On the other hand such cognitive dreams or predicaments of an obscure nature aren't always taken to heart and the consequences can be devastating.
      Have you ever woken up in the morning with that sick feeling in your stomach, for some unknown reason you aren't happy to get out of bed and go to work, but can't quite put your finger on the reason why. Precognitive dreams or a feeling that something isn't right.What did you do ? stay at home or go out and take the chance, if you are at all suspicious or given to common sense then I will bet a pound to a penny you stayed at home and didn't even venture out the door all day. If like me you push the frontiers of fear and chance then you went out and then what happened?
    To put things into perspective I will enlighten you into some of my own personal paranormal events or freaky happenings and feelings.
                  First experience
       It was a cold and wintry morning about 1986 and the time around 4.45 am in the morning I had got up for work and right from the start just wasn't happy, I felt uncomfortable about going to work that day and had a strange feeling that something might happen. The roads were frosty and iced in places and I was travelling on my motorcycle at 5.30 am but rather than take the dark country road I decided to take the motorway since it would be more safe having been gritted with road salt during the night. This still makes the road slippery for a motorcyclist but far safer than finding ice on a corner in the country when turning a bend only to find a car on your side of the road out of control.
      Unfortunately  during the night it had snowed and this now laid on the grit and wasn't going to melt, so careful we had to be. I was and always have been a very good rider and confident in my ability so once on the motorway I got my speed in a straight line up to sixty miles per hour on the snow. Everything seemed okay except for the feeling in my stomach. which I just tried to ignore as I rode along. 
Ahead of me on the motorway was the bridge that crossed over the river Douglas and the surface looked wet until I rode over it, then the handle bars flicked from side to side viciously and I struggled to control the bike. I knew that if I could just keep control of it until we got back onto snow I had a good chance of staying upright and on the bike. The back wheel came around and the bike hit the floor on it's left hand side and I was sliding along with it holding on for dear life. the rear of the bike flicked more forward and I was off but still holding onto the handlebars and now facing backwards to the direction I wanted to go, and there with an array of bright white lights was an Articulated vehicle right behind me. My heart was in my mouth as I waited for the bike to slow down and I could see the look of horror on the drivers face as he struggled to drive his vehicle around me on the ice. The bike came to a stop and I jumped up and ran for the side lane of the motorway in order to get out of the path of this juggernaut.
    Somehow he got around me and the bike and I got out of the way, here I was staring at this motorcycle still engine running but looking a bit battered. No time to mess around I had to be in work, so I picked up the bike and got back on checking it was still ride able and made my way along the motorway and into work.
    I had plenty of time to go over in my mind that day about what had happened and how I had narrowly missed death, the feelings in my stomach had subdued but I now knew why I had felt that way in the morning. This was precognitive information in my head telling me something terrible was about to happen, I now listen to my body and what my subconscious might be trying to tell me.

                     Second experience
    A year earlier I had been travelling to Preston about twenty five miles up the motorway to a skills centre and was doing an engineering course that would last six months. Once again I was riding my motorcycle and there were a number of other trainees with bikes there. I being on a precision grinding course was alone in my department, although it was one big open department and other trainees were working in their sections, I didn't get much contact whilst on the machines except when going for my tea break or lunch break.
     I always knew when it was dinner as the welding class always came walking past first and the rest of the training force would follow, me included. Whenever the welders walked past I noticed one of them seemed to be interested in what I was doing but we never spoke. This individual had a motorcycle and often when leaving the facility he would be slightly ahead of me on the road and darting in and out of the traffic somewhat dangerously, I often got close up to him but never had the chance to speak with him as I wanted to tell him to slow down for his own sake.
       One night in particular it was raining and the welder was on his Yamaha and I was tailing him, the speed was sixty miles per hour and the speed limit was thirty miles per hour and the rain was coming down heavy but I pursued to the point were I caught up and got alongside him at the traffic lights. He looked at me along side of him and seemed perplexed that I had kept up with him, I nodded to him and and spoke " you know I have a long way to go as well but you should take it easy in the traffic ". 
     Before he could reply the traffic lights turned green and as if he expected me to race him, he throttled the bike hard and shot off in a forward direction. I turned the corner and rode in the direction of the golf club which travels toward the motorway, part way along I stopped and had an over whelming desire to return and travel the way the other rider had gone and into the city, just couldn't understand why. I sat at the side of the road and tried to understand why I had come to this decision suddenly, I argued with my own mind for about ten minutes and eventually decided to travel home. On the way down to the motorway and even whilst travelling along it I just couldn't reconcile myself what caused to me to think of going into the city without any need or reason.
     The next day as normal I went to the skill centre and when I met with the usual crowd for tea break one of them mentioned that here had been a motorcycle crash after the traffic lights down the road from the skill centre. I asked him "when was that?" and he replied
 " just after finishing time " my heart dropped. Another welder spoke "it was that young lad with the Yamaha ".
       Suddenly everything made sense from the night before, the strange feeling or desire to return to the junction at the traffic lights became clear as day, some how there had been a mental link between myself and the other motorcyclist at the point that he had crashed with a large vehicle, almost a cry for help. Was this precognitive or extra sensory perception, definitely paranormal as I cannot explain what happened that night except that somehow some kind of mental link joined us together at the very moment he was dying, I have been ridden with guilt ever since and despite it being a good twenty six years since this happened I still think about him and always will.
     Perhaps some might be able to explain this away as telepathy but many don't believe in this also or are sceptical, there have been other times in my life when I have said to someone that something catastrophic was about to happen and it did, like a plane about to crash or a ship to sink.I am not by any means clairvoyant but have definitely had my moments as I am sure others have also.
     A lot of people will never even notice the vaguest feeling of ESP or have a precognitive dream or any type of paranormal event, then again a lot of us will never have any sense of telepathy.
       Having read this post I hope that the next time you have that strange sense of feeling in  your stomach or feel at all apprehensive then listen to your body and mind about what it is telling you.

Here is short video about ESP

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