Thursday, 20 January 2011

Chemtrails genocide or conspiracy theory

Chem-trails are they a risk to humankind ? Cyberspace abounds with more than a curious amount of stories about chem-trails and the harm that they do. Chem-trails originally referred to as contrails as they are the aftermath of a jet plane flying across the sky and leaving fumes or residue from the burning of such fuel behind them as a plume of mist, sometimes swirling or spiralling in it's form.

    Chem-trails mostly are sprayed across North America and Europe and would be seen in the day time flying in a grid formation across the skies but what are they for ? Suggestions are that they are some kind of chemical or as suggested on a video from a post of mine the other day they are Phosgene gas meant to slowly kill us all off. Other perceptions of the spraying is that Aluminium particles are being sprayed from large tanker planes that are used to alter the weather pattern, aluminium particles are supposed to create rain but some would argue differently.

       Recently a lot has been said about the damage that chem-trails have been causing, that it has been incurring on our fish stocks around the World, birds that have dropped suddenly from the sky in the last two weeks may be a result of such polluting agents and that the ploy is to kill a substantial number of the humans on the Planet. It is written that the crops are no longer clean but rather polluted or poisoned by this spraying of the skies.
      There is a big movement, that for want of a better word has gathered itself on the subject so much that it has been labelled a conspiracy theory ! Would you believe we are all going to die ! that the governments of America and Europe have decided in their ultimate wisdom that there are too many mouths to feed on the planet and with the resources of the Earth fast running out , they have decided to commit billions of us to the grave by way of poisoning.

      On the internet there are posts written by many about the intended death march of these controlling Illuminati who would kill us all, the certain removal of two thirds of the World population by the year 2050, that's four billion people ! Same said internet sites go on about Gorgon use and how it will repel alien life forms and remove the chem-trails, see they have something to sell ! As with anyone  wanting to make a buck, a market has to be created so scare mongering is the tool they use to sell their products. I must admit they nearly had me fooled when I watched that you tube video the other day about Phosgene gas poisoning. 
      Then there are the stories of Sylphs who have come to clean up the atmosphere by collecting all these so called chem-trails into larger cloud formations and then clearing them away. Apparently there are stories put out that the governments are claiming they are cleaning up the atmosphere of pollutants by spraying good chemicals, so you have to wonder if they are so concerned about the atmosphere why haven't they stopped the pollution a long time ago by reducing carbon emissions.
       If the forces that be or controlling element known as the illuminati have complete dominance of our planet, why would they go to the expense of flying all these planes across the skies to either poison or clean up the atmosphere. It would be easy enough to create a virus that would remove most of the Worlds population in one fell swoop, all they would have to do is immunise themselves and those that they wished to have remain here.
       There are any number of conspiracies that can be read about and followed on internet sites and this is one of them, is it true what they say ? are they just writing this stuff because they have nothing better to do ?Is there really a conspiracy to remove most life from this Planet ?What do you think are you swayed by what they tell you or have you considered the alternative reasons for all these smoke trails in the sky ? Isn't it just possible that the reason that contrails (chem-trails) stay for longer in our atmosphere is because pollution creates more moisture and consequently the smoke or haze remains longer.
You make up your own mind after seeing the video and reading the script by NASA below....

Here is a short video about chemtrails and their uses...

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