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Extra Sensory Perception and the Paranormal

     Extra Sensory Perception and the Paranormal

Gifted people some would say, the ability to see into the future and portray an event before the rest of mankind know anything about it.
Scientists don't believe generally in Extra Sensory Perception and rebuke the idea, but there are some very talented visionaries out there and what they have told has been true. The Police have been known around the World to use mediums in order to find a body or someone who is missing though not necessarily dead, perhaps even a criminal or killer, and many have been correct.
       There have been reports  in the media of someone having called an airport or police to tell of a catastrophic event about to happen and fortunately for some a plane has been grounded or some one hasn't gone to work that day either by car or public transport. On the other hand such cognitive dreams or predicaments of an obscure nature aren't always taken to heart and the consequences can be devastating.
      Have you ever woken up in the morning with that sick feeling in your stomach, for some unknown reason you aren't happy to get out of bed and go to work, but can't quite put your finger on the reason why. Precognitive dreams or a feeling that something isn't right.What did you do ? stay at home or go out and take the chance, if you are at all suspicious or given to common sense then I will bet a pound to a penny you stayed at home and didn't even venture out the door all day. If like me you push the frontiers of fear and chance then you went out and then what happened?
    To put things into perspective I will enlighten you into some of my own personal paranormal events or freaky happenings and feelings.
                  First experience
       It was a cold and wintry morning about 1986 and the time around 4.45 am in the morning I had got up for work and right from the start just wasn't happy, I felt uncomfortable about going to work that day and had a strange feeling that something might happen. The roads were frosty and iced in places and I was travelling on my motorcycle at 5.30 am but rather than take the dark country road I decided to take the motorway since it would be more safe having been gritted with road salt during the night. This still makes the road slippery for a motorcyclist but far safer than finding ice on a corner in the country when turning a bend only to find a car on your side of the road out of control.
      Unfortunately  during the night it had snowed and this now laid on the grit and wasn't going to melt, so careful we had to be. I was and always have been a very good rider and confident in my ability so once on the motorway I got my speed in a straight line up to sixty miles per hour on the snow. Everything seemed okay except for the feeling in my stomach. which I just tried to ignore as I rode along. 
Ahead of me on the motorway was the bridge that crossed over the river Douglas and the surface looked wet until I rode over it, then the handle bars flicked from side to side viciously and I struggled to control the bike. I knew that if I could just keep control of it until we got back onto snow I had a good chance of staying upright and on the bike. The back wheel came around and the bike hit the floor on it's left hand side and I was sliding along with it holding on for dear life. the rear of the bike flicked more forward and I was off but still holding onto the handlebars and now facing backwards to the direction I wanted to go, and there with an array of bright white lights was an Articulated vehicle right behind me. My heart was in my mouth as I waited for the bike to slow down and I could see the look of horror on the drivers face as he struggled to drive his vehicle around me on the ice. The bike came to a stop and I jumped up and ran for the side lane of the motorway in order to get out of the path of this juggernaut.
    Somehow he got around me and the bike and I got out of the way, here I was staring at this motorcycle still engine running but looking a bit battered. No time to mess around I had to be in work, so I picked up the bike and got back on checking it was still ride able and made my way along the motorway and into work.
    I had plenty of time to go over in my mind that day about what had happened and how I had narrowly missed death, the feelings in my stomach had subdued but I now knew why I had felt that way in the morning. This was precognitive information in my head telling me something terrible was about to happen, I now listen to my body and what my subconscious might be trying to tell me.

                     Second experience
    A year earlier I had been travelling to Preston about twenty five miles up the motorway to a skills centre and was doing an engineering course that would last six months. Once again I was riding my motorcycle and there were a number of other trainees with bikes there. I being on a precision grinding course was alone in my department, although it was one big open department and other trainees were working in their sections, I didn't get much contact whilst on the machines except when going for my tea break or lunch break.
     I always knew when it was dinner as the welding class always came walking past first and the rest of the training force would follow, me included. Whenever the welders walked past I noticed one of them seemed to be interested in what I was doing but we never spoke. This individual had a motorcycle and often when leaving the facility he would be slightly ahead of me on the road and darting in and out of the traffic somewhat dangerously, I often got close up to him but never had the chance to speak with him as I wanted to tell him to slow down for his own sake.
       One night in particular it was raining and the welder was on his Yamaha and I was tailing him, the speed was sixty miles per hour and the speed limit was thirty miles per hour and the rain was coming down heavy but I pursued to the point were I caught up and got alongside him at the traffic lights. He looked at me along side of him and seemed perplexed that I had kept up with him, I nodded to him and and spoke " you know I have a long way to go as well but you should take it easy in the traffic ". 
     Before he could reply the traffic lights turned green and as if he expected me to race him, he throttled the bike hard and shot off in a forward direction. I turned the corner and rode in the direction of the golf club which travels toward the motorway, part way along I stopped and had an over whelming desire to return and travel the way the other rider had gone and into the city, just couldn't understand why. I sat at the side of the road and tried to understand why I had come to this decision suddenly, I argued with my own mind for about ten minutes and eventually decided to travel home. On the way down to the motorway and even whilst travelling along it I just couldn't reconcile myself what caused to me to think of going into the city without any need or reason.
     The next day as normal I went to the skill centre and when I met with the usual crowd for tea break one of them mentioned that here had been a motorcycle crash after the traffic lights down the road from the skill centre. I asked him "when was that?" and he replied
 " just after finishing time " my heart dropped. Another welder spoke "it was that young lad with the Yamaha ".
       Suddenly everything made sense from the night before, the strange feeling or desire to return to the junction at the traffic lights became clear as day, some how there had been a mental link between myself and the other motorcyclist at the point that he had crashed with a large vehicle, almost a cry for help. Was this precognitive or extra sensory perception, definitely paranormal as I cannot explain what happened that night except that somehow some kind of mental link joined us together at the very moment he was dying, I have been ridden with guilt ever since and despite it being a good twenty six years since this happened I still think about him and always will.
     Perhaps some might be able to explain this away as telepathy but many don't believe in this also or are sceptical, there have been other times in my life when I have said to someone that something catastrophic was about to happen and it did, like a plane about to crash or a ship to sink.I am not by any means clairvoyant but have definitely had my moments as I am sure others have also.
     A lot of people will never even notice the vaguest feeling of ESP or have a precognitive dream or any type of paranormal event, then again a lot of us will never have any sense of telepathy.
       Having read this post I hope that the next time you have that strange sense of feeling in  your stomach or feel at all apprehensive then listen to your body and mind about what it is telling you.

Here is short video about ESP

I've just started a new Blog called Just Gassin and the link to it is on my bloglist, there are motoring videos and political views and computer talk arounds like Linux the alternative operating system. Go and have a look, when you have finished here of course !............

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Super Soldiers

Super Soldiers much talked about and they are described in some 
instances as super human, you only have to read a few websites and watch a few You Tube videos to see which direction they are trying to take us down. 
David M gives his story about his life from living on a small island in the Orkney Islands with a close community and he talks about ritual abuse and Satanic cults.He would suggest that having lived within this small community he was trained as an elitist warrior for use later on in life. The abuse we won't talk about as it is only this super soldier reference that I want to address here.
 Here is short video about MK Ultra 

   Look around and you can read any amount of material that refers to super soldiers and how they are unusually strong with almost ten times the strength of mere humans, with the stamina that would enable them to run endless miles at the pace of a sprinter. Drugs to enhance performance of the body to help it endure the demand upon it as the super soldier goes about his tasks. Genetic adaptations of frame and body to extend the performance in a field of war or mission type scenarios.
      David M talks of having carried out missions where he had been dropped from a plane into a field of war or on a mission and without any parachute and how he hit the ground running.How the super soldier deals with the tasks of modern warfare and the psychological strains upon his mind and ability to concentrate and endure the hardships necessary to carry out his role.
     MK ultra, British Monarch program, project manikin all are supposed to be programming of children from an early age into super soldiers or a means of use for secret ops. Some of these people who claim to be super soldiers seem to suffer from multiple personality disorder or dissociative Identity disorder and have been programmed. It is suggested that some super soldiers don't know what or who they may be and are sleepers or part of a sleeper cell waiting to be awoken at some event or time in the future.
     David M claims that later on in life he was abducted by an alien race and that the Aliens were from the Sirius star system,whilst during his abduction he claims they implanted him and that it has affected his ability to walk in a normal manner.
David talks of having various operations carried out on his body but doesn't recall where except that it often was a military hospital. 
     If you watch the video you will notice that he rarely makes eye contact which is a symptom of a shy person but also one of a liar, it will be up to you to decide whether this is a hoax. Remember the claims of dropping from an aeroplane and not having a parachute and being able to run immediately the moment that he lands on the ground, this can't be at all possible with the human body as the trauma of hitting the ground alone would be so damaging to his frame that he would not be able to walk or stand.
      Consider that someone who has an identity disorder can't distinguish themselves from one personality to another and as a consequence would be delusional and given to a fantasy life or World, this as well as the Satanic ritualism he suffered earlier as a child would suggest that these claims are  not real.
I can well believe that someone can be brain washed and used for an assassin for an event later on in life or even mind controlled. The human body no matter how much it was manipulated and genetically enhanced could not endure the conditions to which it is claimed to have been used in a field of war.
       Except for secret operations that necessitated the need for a covert spy or assassin then the idea of a war operative just doesn't gel. Modern warfare is such that it won't be long before machine alone is capable of fighting these , man can manipulate the toys of war and no longer needs to be involved.
Below is a video about David M and his experiences..

Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Searl IGV the future of space travel

    Following my report or post several days a go on the Searl Effect Generator, I have decided to follow up with a second posting on the subject. This invention of John.R.R.Searl is probably the most fascinating that has come about since the second World War and has an unbelievable potential for mankind both in power for all as an energy source and flight through space and beyond. The jet engine was pronounced in it's making and had changed the way that we travel around the Planet, making travel for the ordinary person in the street as easy as getting on the bus.

     It seems unbelievable that through the use of this technology we can jump boundlessly into the future way beyond our dreams and space and space travel itself will become an everyday event, for many of us. Investment is what John needs to push this project forward after he has spent all of his life to this aim of giving us this method of generating power and flight at un-thought of speeds, the reason for no longer using fossil fuels has been here for a long time but still isn't being utilised, generally because of a small but defined group of individuals who wish to make a profit from the Searl generator.
     In a video which I will attach here you will be able to hear John.R.R.Searl talk about how he tested and flew remotely his IGV Propulsion craft a distance of over one hundred miles out to Cornwall and back , the time to Cornwall, three minutes and one hundred miles distance that equates to two thousand miles an hour and it would have been travelling slowly since only on test.
      Some of the test vehicles have been lost and not recovered and you have to wonder if when someone sees an UFO, if it perhaps is still one of Johns craft flying around the World .
     In the sixties there was meetings in a town called Warminster about what a lot of the local towns folk had seen in broad daylight, they claimed to have seen an UFO; the craft they saw was John.R.R.Searls  IGV propulsion or anti gravity vehicle. The WARMINSTER THING.

 here is the video....

here is a link to John.R.R.Seals home page and more information about the Searl IGV and generator.

Triangle UFO  spotted flying over Cardiff , South Wales in JANUARY

UFO over Russia January 2011 is it for real ? if it is then it is one of the best close up pictures probably ever taken of alien craft...

And here goes for another video of an UFO in Rome, Italy in January this year 2011. Looks like a cleverly constructed Chinese lantern to me....

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Chemtrails genocide or conspiracy theory

Chem-trails are they a risk to humankind ? Cyberspace abounds with more than a curious amount of stories about chem-trails and the harm that they do. Chem-trails originally referred to as contrails as they are the aftermath of a jet plane flying across the sky and leaving fumes or residue from the burning of such fuel behind them as a plume of mist, sometimes swirling or spiralling in it's form.

    Chem-trails mostly are sprayed across North America and Europe and would be seen in the day time flying in a grid formation across the skies but what are they for ? Suggestions are that they are some kind of chemical or as suggested on a video from a post of mine the other day they are Phosgene gas meant to slowly kill us all off. Other perceptions of the spraying is that Aluminium particles are being sprayed from large tanker planes that are used to alter the weather pattern, aluminium particles are supposed to create rain but some would argue differently.

       Recently a lot has been said about the damage that chem-trails have been causing, that it has been incurring on our fish stocks around the World, birds that have dropped suddenly from the sky in the last two weeks may be a result of such polluting agents and that the ploy is to kill a substantial number of the humans on the Planet. It is written that the crops are no longer clean but rather polluted or poisoned by this spraying of the skies.
      There is a big movement, that for want of a better word has gathered itself on the subject so much that it has been labelled a conspiracy theory ! Would you believe we are all going to die ! that the governments of America and Europe have decided in their ultimate wisdom that there are too many mouths to feed on the planet and with the resources of the Earth fast running out , they have decided to commit billions of us to the grave by way of poisoning.

      On the internet there are posts written by many about the intended death march of these controlling Illuminati who would kill us all, the certain removal of two thirds of the World population by the year 2050, that's four billion people ! Same said internet sites go on about Gorgon use and how it will repel alien life forms and remove the chem-trails, see they have something to sell ! As with anyone  wanting to make a buck, a market has to be created so scare mongering is the tool they use to sell their products. I must admit they nearly had me fooled when I watched that you tube video the other day about Phosgene gas poisoning. 
      Then there are the stories of Sylphs who have come to clean up the atmosphere by collecting all these so called chem-trails into larger cloud formations and then clearing them away. Apparently there are stories put out that the governments are claiming they are cleaning up the atmosphere of pollutants by spraying good chemicals, so you have to wonder if they are so concerned about the atmosphere why haven't they stopped the pollution a long time ago by reducing carbon emissions.
       If the forces that be or controlling element known as the illuminati have complete dominance of our planet, why would they go to the expense of flying all these planes across the skies to either poison or clean up the atmosphere. It would be easy enough to create a virus that would remove most of the Worlds population in one fell swoop, all they would have to do is immunise themselves and those that they wished to have remain here.
       There are any number of conspiracies that can be read about and followed on internet sites and this is one of them, is it true what they say ? are they just writing this stuff because they have nothing better to do ?Is there really a conspiracy to remove most life from this Planet ?What do you think are you swayed by what they tell you or have you considered the alternative reasons for all these smoke trails in the sky ? Isn't it just possible that the reason that contrails (chem-trails) stay for longer in our atmosphere is because pollution creates more moisture and consequently the smoke or haze remains longer.
You make up your own mind after seeing the video and reading the script by NASA below....

Here is a short video about chemtrails and their uses...

To find out more about contrails (chemtrails) go to this link..

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Playing God or the HAARP ! UFO in Gosford,Australia

     Strange weather, unusual places around the World suffering amazing floods, two very bad winters recently in the UK when it often takes a ten or twenty year cycle for such events. Birds,fish and animals as well as people dying in unusual circumstances, given the media attention or Blog reports and scientific analysis anyone who didn't know better would think that the much heralded and suspected apocalypse that 2012 might be is already here and now !
     The report this week of birds dropping from the sky dead in Arkansas was just a glimmer of what has been happening around the World. Here in England similar deaths of birds and fish reportedly being washed up on the shorelines is also a reality. Brazil flooded and many people have died, New Zealand, Australia, Florida and Indiana have seen fished lying dead upon the beaches. 
      The excuse for many of these deaths are that we are suffering unusual weather, birds have died from extreme cold and dropped from the sky, really ! if it was that cold then would they be flying at all ? so what is the excuse for all the marine life that has been washed upon the shore, that surely isn't the cold as they have popped up all over the World !
      If you read the last post then I suggested you view a video that points to Phosgene poisioning and the likely hood that the military is responsible for the chemtrails that we have been witnessing over  the last  year. What if it was something altogether different? HAARP you have probably heard or read about it, if not then here goes, HAARP is high frequency active aural research program, sorry, did I hear you say what's that, hmnn ! I thought as much also. Well it means basically that the military have been playing GOD with the atmosphere, tampering with the ionsphere and sending  strong electrical bursts up into the sky. For what, well the idea is to be able to knock out communications over a large part of the World and yet continue to have the military still be able to communicate with one another.
      Here's a video about HAARP ing .

Here is a picture of the HAARP research site in Alaska.........

And for more reading about HAARP and the consequences use this link..


                                     UFOs over New South Wales, Australia

Witnesses describe UFO descend toward the lake and draw up water ..picture depicting UFO

And a video of a UFO in Gosford Australia

Here we have radar evidence of HAARP-ing of birds in flight, is this the result of all the bird deaths Worldwide and fish too.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Phosgene Attacks,Tunisia under Martial law/2012 Asteroid to hit Antarctic

                      Phosgene Attacks, Killing Birds, fish and people.

Claims of attacks by the Shadow government of Phosgene that are killing birds, Fish and People. Operation Blackswan has attacked parts of Arkansas, USA and other European countries as well as China. Chemtrails have been very much in the Paranormal news lately and many have wondered why these trails have been seen over the countryside and Cities.
Watch this video and make up your own mind, is this true ?

     In a very short time, twenty four hours Tunisia a much favoured holiday destination in the North of the Continent, Africa has seen much unrest. Today the President of Tunisia, Zine El-Abadine Ben Ali had to flee his country. Yesterday many people came onto the streets and demonstrated against the cost of living and called for the  President to step down, amidst the turmoil Secret service agents and security forces  armed and ready tried to control the demonstrators. 
        Today Martial law has been imposed due to their being no proper government in control, the Prime minister,  Mohamed Ghannouchi called for calm in Tunis the Capital and has taken over control of the country and promised that democracy will take place. A state of emergency has been instated and most of the population are staying indoors and groups of more than three are not allowed; Anyone not obeying the police and security forces can be shot on sight.
                                      Picture of Habib Bourguiba Avenue, Tunis

      The outrage started yesterday when people came out on the streets to complain about the costs of living and incomes are below what is needed to maintain more than an existence. Tunisia is mainly a poor country however the President and his entourage (followers) have taken as much as fifty billion dollars out of the country since he took power twenty three years ago. Claims are that the president is responsible for many deaths of the  people since he came to power. As many as 600 cyber police are claimed to have been working for Ben Ali and when on holiday there I was always aware of being listened to and watched whether in the hotel on the streets or in restaurants. Leather clad police ensured that no suspicious vehicles drove the streets without their curious inspections armed and intimidating, drivers would often appear frightened when approached. 
     Airspace was closed shortly after the President fled the country by plane and he is rumoured to have flown to France. Tunisia is a predominately French speaking country, Arabic also being it's mother tongue, French because of historic links from the past. The country was at the midst of much heavy fighting in the Second World War and many Tunisians lost their lives when Germany had many troops stationed there.
     Tunisia has been under the influence of two presidents for fifty three years, the first President being Habib Bourguiba who ruled the country from 1957 to 1987 and was the architect of independence of Tunisia, he died April 6 2000. Habib was the seventh child of a former Lieutenant in the Ley army of Tunisia and was born in the small fishing village of Monastir. Habib went on to be a leader of moderation and gradualism in the Arab World. His body now lies in state at the Mausoleum in Monastir 
were his two wives and his children also share their graves.
                                          Habib Bourgibba mausoleum, Monastir

     Tunisia is a much favoured holiday destination for Europeans as well as others, on my journeys there I came across visitors from India and most of Europe. In my mind it has some of the best beaches in this part of the World and compares favourably with the Coasts of Spain, Portugal and many others around the Mediterranean. Many of the residents who work within the tourist trade speak more than one language in fact many speak four or six different tongues and it would appear the Arab country is very adept at learning these Languages quickly. 
     Tunisia has a population of some ten and a half million people however many find it difficult to find work. Since the hotels are some of the best I have ever stayed in one wonders how much better off the country might have been if this last President hadn't embezzled it's fortunes. The people are friendly if not sometimes a little determined when it comes to trying to sell you something, that can only be expected as they need to make money to live and there isn't any state help, consequently disabled have to sell flowers often picked from nearby or beg for a living. As with any poorer country superstition abounds and it is not unusual to have young children with their mothers try to kiss your younger children and rub them with their hands for luck, they hope that some of the good luck you have will come to them.
     I have visited this country three times in two years and hope to do so in the near future, so hope that they can get themselves a decent government and a reasonable wage as they are friendly and deserve more than they have now, I wish them well..

                               Huge Asteroid to hit the Antarctic in 2012

Scientist have reported they expect a huge Asteroid to hit the Anarctic shelf, the  Filchner-Ronne ice shelf will break and cause two thirds of the antarctic shelf to fall into the sea. The Asteroid is claimed to be eight hundred metres wide and will have a devastating effect on the Worlds population.
   A University of British Columbia Professor published an online article that projected an 800m asteroid would hit Antarctica in the fall of 2012. His article was on the website for 2 days before it abruptly disappeared. The initial data was gathered by The Balloon-borne Large-Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (BLAST)  at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. The theorized asteroid was then tracked by Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea, which (with the Adaptive Optics Bonnette) supplies probably the sharpest images currently obtainable from the ground.
   Several days after the article was published on the internet it disappeared and Canada is readying to launch a probe to the Sun in order to find what it terms hidden asteroids that might become a menace to this Planet. The initial data was gathered by The Balloon-borne Large-Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (BLAST)  at McMurdo Station, Antarctica due to the atmosphere being the clearest for viewing in outer space.

                                           The south pole telescope, Antarctica

Link to news story relating to two asteroids that came close to the Earth this week..

here's the link to the story..

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Free energy and the Searl Generator

 Free energy wouldn't it be marvellous, everyone would be able to access energy right across the World, energy cartels such as oil rich countries OPEC for instance would suddenly be giving oil away, virtually. Energy companies that supply gas and electricity would have a surplus of power because no one would need it ! we would could all have our own little power supply out in the garden shed. 
    Zero point energy has been played around with for many years by scientists and different types of motors have been invented to try and tap into the never ending supply of the free energy that surrounds us all, but no one has marketed it. Reason is most inventions are not providing much more energy than is put into the machines in the first place. 
    Super conducting devices have been utilised to get free power and even used to levitate small objects, though no one has been able to capture an unending supply of power from them and production just isn't happening.
    UFOs captured from the time of Roswell and after have been found to have a different type of power supply or engine and supposedly it is nuclear powered, nuclear we have  but it is dirty in that  the after life of the remaining fuel rods remain unstable or dangerous for hundreds of years.
      Poverty could be a thing of the past as every country in the world could have their own free source of power, poorer people in the third world would no longer need to walk miles everyday to find water or wood for fuel. All of us would be on an even keel and this mostly would be the reason why we don't see free energy powers become available to all.
     There are people interested in buying any unit that is capable of supplying the free energy that is all around us, the problem is that they want to make money from it and that brings us back to the old contention of one or a few people having control and making a lot of money from these free energy supplies and exploiting the rest of the World.
     Look around the internet and there are any number of so called free energy devices that are supposed to put out more energy than you put in, but are they proven? One such generator is and it has been worked on for over sixty years. A professor in the Midlands, England has had a working model since he was fourteen years old, Professor John.R.R.Searl invented what he terms the Searl Generator and he used one of these generators to provide power to his home for thirty four years. The main electrical companies wondered why he hadn't been using any electricity and never had a bill and caused him much trouble. One of his generators would probably supply enough electricity to power a whole town with virtually no need for any power supply to initiate the generator.
       More than one of the Professors generators has taken off. one went through the roof and hasn't been seen since and consequently he has been developing a craft that will utilise the device and could theoretically drive a space craft at or beyond the speed of light.So you may wonder, why hasn't he produced these generators for us to use ? John.R.R.Searl wishes for everyone of us to have a free supply of energy and does want support for his invention but he doesn't want to sell it to the wrong people the reasons are obvious. 
follow this link to his site and read about the Searl Generator or view videos about it.

John.R.R.Searl is also producing the inverse gravity vehicle which is also powered by the Searl generator and when in flight produces a half gravity inside of the motor, meaning sharp right angle turns such as have been witnessed of UFOs is possible without injury. here is a video link..

Professor John.R.R.Searl has been profoundly deaf all his life and will explain his speech as he relies upon vibration to hear what others say to him. Included is another video about his generator..

Link to this page
Free energy and the Searl Generator

Chinaman gives road tolls the elbow by pretending to be a military convoy ! Court imposes life sentence, doesn't it make you feel good to be a Westerner...
see this link..

Monday, 3 January 2011

Black Projects

Well here we are another new year 2011 with just one to go before the infamous 2012, will it won't it be a good thing or a bad thing. The Annunaki are on their way, maybe, Nibiru the planet plummets toward the Earth in a wreckless manner, perhaps not, life as we know it might not exist after 2012, then again the Annunaki might come back and take over the Planet for every ones good.                                     
The increase in UFOs that have been seen has escalated considerably over the last few years but is it just because some people watch the sky incessantly in the hope of seeing something, I firmly believe that in a lifetime you might be lucky to see one. UFOs aren't as common as reports would have us believe and even if they were we would probably have to stay up all night to see them. Orange lights in the sky , well I see plenty of them over my home town, they go up most weekends and are Chinese lanterns.
      Real UFOs what are they ? well they are something that appears to fly albeit not in the usual manner, and of an alternative structure ie; flying saucer, bell shaped, triangle to name but a few. Isn't it amazing that of the very good films of sighted UFOs that can be seen on the likes of You Tube are clear as day and faked!Many videos are shaken so much you can't help but laugh at the audacity of some people who think we are so gullible that we believe them, find something else to do with your cameras.
Lights apparently not moving in the sky, are they just sunlight reflecting on the lense of your camera, so distant that you can't make it out.
There are a lot of sites, blogs and websites that feature the same pictures and videos, they are after all hungry for information to post on their sites, stories as well very often the same. My blog has been running for less than two months and I try not to copy other peoples material, however sometimes something is just too good to be overlooked. If you have read my latest post and think I have read about this elsewhere, it isn't that I am plaguerising some one else's work , rather that I am giving it my point of view. I see sites daily that do very well for visitors as many as three hundred to a thousand a day, but don't understand why , some only give you links to other peoples well studied and analysed work; they have nothing to submit themselves yet get a high visitor rate, I can do that ! but don't. Some of these people write or claim to write several blogs, do they ? if all they provide is a link to someone else's material then it isn't even a blog, they don't write anything at all !
I do try, believe me just look at my posts and tell me I don't write a Blog , my intention is to make you question what you believe or read elsewhere, I never take any ones word for anything and as a consequence will continue to write alternative reports. Hopefully in the not to distant future I will have people contact with me with their experiences of UFOs and cattle mutilations, abductions etc; It will happen once I have got some confidence from my readers and a regular following.
It seems strange that no one likes to comment, why ? we won't bite you and it is nice to know you may have a different view. Follow my site, let me know what it is you are looking for don't just look and go away with my material to put on your blog.
     I saw a genuine Alien craft back in 1999 it was around seven hundred feet wide and long, dark silver and black and approximately three hundred feet above my head , moving very slowly and quietly. To read about it go to the first posts of 2010 and read Close Encounter, it doesn't get any more real than this...John

     Black Projects, hidden and secret technologies but who are they for ? Untold billions of US dollars are spent yearly by companies in the United States of America. Companies such as Lockheed with their Skunk works and Stealth bombers and fighter jets, Siemens who invested an enormous amount of money in purchasing technology from an American company that had created a chip that could be inserted into anything and be tracked over a long distance and even alter brain waves, perhaps be used to control people. 
EG and G yes, they ferry all those employees to and fro into places like Groom Lake, Area 51 and other secret bases or testing sites via their own aeroplanes and probably also have a hand in syphoning off all those Billions of tax dollars from the US government for black technologies.
      We know from numerous reports and insider information that these and several other companies devour more money in a year than anyone bank could count in a lifetime. It would appear that the situation has got so that any one of the companies mentioned virtually write their own cheques, no one within the government could tell what amount of money is really being spent or who it goes to. When questioned as to why, no one individual or even the whole of the government can answer, in fact many have no idea that this money is even leaving for such projects. 
       Anyone who tries to investigate the paper money trail comes up against a brick wall, since the hierarchy has many doors and closets, nobody has all the keys. It all started at the time of the Roswell cover up, when Eisenhower and then successive leaders gave away the right to control the back engineering of  Alien craft. The Military then took control, and since no President stays for long in public office then the chances that someone in power would take back the reigns diminished considerably. Doors within doors winding down long and endless corridors of secrecy, each individual only has a small piece of any part of the jigsaw, knowledge is fed piecemeal and on a basis of need to know and status doesn't necessarily mean that you get more of that jigsaw. 
     Various Presidents of America have been privy to some of the detail of the facilities known as Area 51 and Groom Lake and others have not , what the criteria is for them to know can only be guessed at, a situation of utmost security or a threat of terrorism or War, who knows.One thing for sure, they can't tell you why and how much money is actually going to these projects since they have no say in the matter.
       Employees of these secret establishments only get fed small amounts of detail, enough to be able to carry out the tasks that are required of them, uniquely qualified or brilliant scientists prove to be of value only up to and until their job is complete. Areas are kept unseen to individuals if they have no reason to work within them, so to levels of craft that they maybe working on as in the case of Bob Lazaar.
       Anyone audacious enough to think that they can circumvent the authorities or security within this realm is quickly dispatched, usually by way of a curious death. Only older and retired personnel have gotten away with telling something about the goings on at these black project bases or establishments.

       Captured UFOs flying saucers and other craft are being flown and tested after many years of investigation, rumoured stories abound of the military flying to distant planets using these craft that have either been captured or even replicas built for the purpose. Underground bases with Alien technology is being utilised by the US Military and each works along side each other , that and genetics being used to create new beings. Large and mystical preplanned schemes have been at work for a long time and we are supposed to be gaining the benefits of such technologies.
      If no one individual in the Government, the Military or any Company involved in creating and building advance craft for travel beyond our solar system and further is in complete control, then all the scientists and employees and Military staff come and go as the Projects advance or the individuals become surplus to requirements or through retirement, who then is in control ?
      Illuminati a select group of all powerful people, rich beyond all our dreams, maybe there are strong and determined ministers within the government who through their families have gained the power. Perhaps another Country has infiltrated the US government and undermined then to the point that they ask for money and get it, no questions asked. A new World Order, much talked about by certain leading ministers in the US, the British and European Governments over the last few years and perhaps they also  are financing what goes on in America, there is after all hidden underground bases in other parts of the World.
      When talk of advancement in medicines and technology is about saving lives and creating longevity for all, then question why doesn't it all happen a bit quicker than it presently does, they say money is the root of all evil and that is perhaps the answer in a nutshell; maybe certain individuals are so greedy for cash that they won't let go until they hold every Dollar and cent left in the World inside of their grubby little hands. Rather than enjoying the everyday pleasures of life that were handed to us on this Planet they have sought to Industrialise our everyday lives when a more simple existence would have led to much more harmony here for us all on this Earth.
      Never underestimate  the strength of other beings visiting us here, whilst they might have agreed to help us learn of their technology and advance propulsion systems they may have an alternative agenda.
If they are so readily prepared to help us why has it taken so long to learn how to utilise the craft and energy sciences handed to us so many years ago, is this just a little game they have been playing and do they just manipulate our resources for their own good. 
      A keen intelligent and advanced civilisation doesn't need for anything from us, except the Planet that we inhabit so why get involved in the back engineering of their craft. It would indeed seem to some of us that it is they the Extraterrestrial Biological Beings from far off planets who are pulling all the strings. No one individual or company or government apparently has full knowledge of who is in control, where the money goes, what is being built, who is being abducted and for what reason, what genetic experimentation is taking place and for who it might benefit. It is the Alien presence itself that has always been present at the project whilst people come and go, so I think it is they who control the finances and how much of it they get to use as they see fit.

Below is a rather lengthy film by an ex Computer operator who went on to create various technologies that were bought by Siemens amongst others. Make a cup of tea or coffee and a sandwich then watch ......

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Nibiru and the Annunaki the end of the World

The Annunaki
 Nibiru the hidden planet, on it's long journey is nearing our World ; it takes 3600 years to do one full orbit and now is on it's way back toward Earth. Considered to be the home place of the Annunaki a race of giants possibly eight feet tall or more, rumoured even to be a  Reptilian species. This planet was known to the Mesopotamians and the Mayan civilisation as well as Sumerians who claimed to have been taught much by the Annunaki. 
     The Pyramids in Egypt bear information of the Annunaki and even genetic code is written on them, man is claimed to have been created by them to serve them whilst here on Earth. Thought to be the watchers of the Earth and known in the bible as the Nephilim, considered angels of God in the bible. Sumerians thought of them as the Gods who came from heaven, the Annunaki seen how beautiful the women of Earth were and took some of them as wives for themselves and apparently failed to carry out their task as overseers of the Human race. God rained down on them a catastrophe and killed most of the giants and it is then when man took control of his own destiny.
     Much is written about the coming of the Planet Nibiru and how in December 2012 the World may come to an end, earthquakes and storms that will kill all living creatures on the planet. So how will this be ? if the Planet Nibiru in it's orbit gets too close to our Earth then it would pull a huge gravitational force and disturb the magnetics to the extent that the seas will swell and flood the land mass and the very platelets of the Earths crust will shift. But is this true ? some think the planet Nibiru would collide with our Earth and that would be cataclysmic and the end of all mankind.
      The Mayans have a long calendar which is also 3600 years the very time it takes for the Planet Nibiru to rotate through it's orbit and they believed that the Annunaki would return to the Earth once more to take control when the Mayan calendar is supposed to end. Will these visitors take control or enslave us for their own use, perhaps they plan to show us once again how we should live equally in harmony or then again might they plunder the Earth for it's resources . 
      Google Earth has a part of the sky blacked out when viewed out in space and rumours abound that NASA and the US government know exactly what it is they don't want us to see, Nibiru on it's way toward our Earth or is it another planet in our solar system that is habitable and capable of supporting life? Is it that they don't wish for us to have prior knowledge of this planet because they know that our Earth resources are running out and they with their hidden technologies are going to inhabit this Planet for themselves, the elite few also known as the Illuminati.

 The links below are now working, sorry if you have had problems connecting them...

      Here is a link to some reading material that will enlighten you further on the subject and throws much doubt on the Mayan calendar coming to an end as speculated by many as well as a short film for those who may wish to believe that the end of the World is nigh.

Be Prepared For 2012 - The Annunaki Taught The Summerians - Funny blooper videos are here

Now for a story that has nothing to do with the Paranormal but is interesting none the less and I consider it worth reading and publishing as it reveals some of the systematic abuse that people go through when in the Military.
Dark men with Dark's the link to the story