Thursday, 22 December 2011

Alien Abductions

It is quite sometime now since I had the strangest visit from an unknown entity or group of entities, if you have read my earliest Blog in the sphere and triangle sighting I had back in 1999 then you will know what I am talking about.
   I can't for the life of me remember anything other that what I have already posted, how the sphere of light tracked or followed alongside my car for about half a mile.How I slowed down and then accelerated away from this light feeling somewhat frightened by this object and my mind reeling about what might happen.
   Later on nearer home how I slowed down for the chicane that is meant to slow down traffic for people to cross, how I caught sight of a number of lights above me moving slowly. I remember fumbling around trying to get the handle for the door so as to get out and have a better look .
  I did see the craft a huge triangle around seven hundred feet wide and long with dark crimson red and green lights along it's length on both sides, with a dark grey and silver metallic finish on it's underside.How on earth it could move at just about five miles per hour and not drop out the sky still bewilders me.It floated almost around two hundred feet above my head and then I got the door handle and jumped out.
 The craft moved at the front end slightly upwards and then within an instant it just disappeared, warp speed had nothing on it. The time I had missing around two hours I am sure I didn't make mistake but don't remember anything else.At the time I saw the sphere it was two thirty and the time I saw the triangle four thirty, what happened to the time?
   I have read a number of stories regarding abductions and some remember every little detail, I don't  ! why ? Perhaps I made a mistake,I am pretty sure I didn't .I've never mentioned it before but there have been other times when I don't remember where the time went. Many years ago when working as a bike courier, there were times when I left London only to arrive home much later than I ever should have, Despite traffic problems it still shouldn't have been so late in the morning.
   I watch a program regularly on TV called Richplanet TV, and the host Richard.D.Hall did a program about a large triangle shadow being seen in broad daylight by a couple who were flying a microlight near to the M56 motorway in Cheshire.The triangle shape covered a large area on the ground in front of them and at first I thought it was the sun casting a shadow of their craft below. But this craft or triangle shadow was flying around the area where I had my sighting although mine was in the early hours of the morning.
   So if they had a similar triangle craft hovering above them then it was cloaked as they looked above them and saw nothing.Why didn't anything happen to them, why weren't they taken,abducted ? Mysterious this is and strange that they should be in an area that was obviously being routinely flown over by an UFO.
   Cattle mutilations have taken place in the local area, although not many get reported; probably the usual case of the farmer not wanting the attention or the local constabulary keeping these things hush, hush so to speak.
   Triangle craft have been reported frequently in the Midlands and continue to be seen regularly in this area of Cheshire, do they deliberately fly around the Midlands and Cheshire area scouting out for potential abductees? There is no doubt that the technology and flight characteristics of these triangle craft are much alike any UFO that has ever been sighted and could physically cover huge areas nightly, much like a hawk looks for it's kill.
   I know that I should have under gone hypnosis to find out for sure whether anything did happen that night and if I was abducted, but being strong minded and not believing anyone could actually over power me in such a way I haven't had this done. I feel damn sure that if I was abducted, I would have by now remembered something, wouldn't I ?
  Often I think that the only way to get to the bottom of this mystery is to go out at night and stay out to see if I can find anything, especially in the same area where it happened that night. Problem would be convincing the wife what I was up to.
   Some abductees get regular visits, so maybe one day my time will come and if it does then you can be sure I will do my best to keep alert and remember the experience. Have you an experience to  tell or have you known someone who has been abducted or even experienced something paranormal.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Iranian Flying Saucer Technology

Well, long time no see I suppose you are thinking; yes ! I haven't wrote anything for you lately and I make no apologies either. I have had other priorities other than to continually rip away at the bogus videos portrayed on You Tube and other video channels.
   This week has brought something to my attention which for once this year is actually interesting when considering the UFO interest around the World,the capture of an US drone in Iran.So what makes the story quiet so interesting ? well the statement by the Iranian authorities that they captured this drone using the advanced technologies ie; UFO type craft to capture this drone.
    Iranian authorities apparently stated that they have actually offered this advanced propulsion technology to NASA , they turned it down. Well, why would a so called advanced propulsion system or craft not be of interest to the USA? probably because they have for years denied such technology exists. Iran also claimed to be interested in peace not war and you know what ? I actually believe them. Since they had a war back about twenty years ago with Iraq and many lost their lives due to the fighting Iran hasn't to my knowledge made any advances against any other countries since.Iran wants peace and I believe them.

  It would appear that whilst the west has been busy making accusations of Iranian nuclear missile technology, they have been hard at work evolving technologies that we know about but have had hidden from us for years. Free energy and craft that fly with an advanced propulsion system, Iranian scientist stated that they brought down this drone that was spying (note the word) over the country of Iran, by means of beams used from their flying saucer similar to the smaller craft seen on many a story earlier this year.
    If you follow Ufology and have read about the hidden technologies that remain a secret under the guise of Black operations mostly in the USA that you will be aware of and is supposed to be around. Anti gravity type craft with propulsion systems capable of fantastic speeds and all manner of back engineered technologies gained from the capture of Alien craft.

    Nearly one week on the US government now tries to deny it is one of their drones that has been captured, they say it does not meet the build requirements for stealth technology ! Pull the other one hey ! The fact is that the US military stated categorically that they had been flying over Iran with their drones and that they had lost one over that country. Reminiscent of Roswell stories I think, first it was, then it wasn't bullshit..
   Another story about how the drone was brought to ground undamaged is that using Iranian technology they spoofed the GPS system and guided the drone to earth, which story you believe is entirely up to you. I personally don't care which story is correct I am cock a hoop that they managed to get their hands on this thing.
   See here for the story from FARS new agency about Iran's flying saucer technology and pictures ..

Monday, 31 October 2011

Alien bases on the Moon

Alien bases on the Moon are they for real? I thought that when I was younger I had seen all the Apollo missions.Apparently the last three Apollo planned missions were canceled due to funding, so they never went, did they?
   Much goes on without us being informed especially when it comes to Governments and secret establishments, NASA and the US Military, Government don't feel that they are answerable to anyone but themselves. Did they send more Apollo missions without informing the general public? or are these videos of so called space craft and Aliens just fraud.
   Remember the first Astronaut to arrive back from the Moon, instead of jumping for joy and with jubilation at having returned safely from our nearest planet, they looked stunned but never revealed what it was that they saw. Were they stifled by the American Military and NASA from saying or revealing their finds on the Moon?

    View the Video here and make up your own mind, remember it  may be true and it might not, after all who trust the Government on anything they say !

Monday, 24 October 2011

UFO Australia

   UFO October 2011 on You Tube , so what is it? Certainly looks suspect;I mean look at it.Does it look like an UFO or a radio controlled helicopter? or maybe some other type of radio controlled craft. I tried to freeze frame as it crossed the screen and all I got every time was a double image, is this frame overlay?
   You can't zoom in on the You Tube video because it won't let you! then look at it once more as it crosses the screen and then suddenly right angles away from you, did you see ?
   No, well I will tell you, to the right at the point where it reaches fifty three seconds on the video two dark objects appear on the right hand side of the screen, more UFOs perhaps or something mysterious going on! Yes , I would say someone is trying to pull a fast one again, this is spoof video and the maker needs to get a life. Take a look yourself...

Sunday, 23 October 2011