Sunday, 12 December 2010

Ufos and lunatics !

Today I thought we would have a change of material, since there are a number of good video around, so I thought  I would use some for the site for a change and to get on the light hearted side. I can't be serious all the time and besides it's nearly Xmas............................

I found this video of an UFO on you tube which shows a plane travelling across the sky and dark and mysterious objects fall down past it and seem to come at it from various angles,at one point it appears to be triangular.At least the camera doesn't bob around so much like on many so called videos of UFOs.Rather interesting background noises, sounds as if in a jungle.

More interesting film or video from earlier this year which includes documentary by Ed Mitchell, former Apollo astronaut and Dr Stephen.M.Greer head of the disclosure project  talking about visitors to our planet and there are some excellent views of UFOs that are very clearly seen...have a look !

Here's another very good video taken from a Russian security camera and looks quite similar to the UFO seen in Hangzou, China earlier this year. Last time I watched this the film lasted much longer so must have been edited/shortened.

And now for a little light hearted fun, here we have some people who I can only refer to as on the lunatic fringe. bungee jumping off a rooftop, well what else could you call it ! Rather them than me,although I must admit I have been refered to as a lunatic for my skills as a motorcyclist, although  I am not this daft !!

Tonight the skies will light up due to the Earth passing through a meteor shower, the Geminids.  Tuesday night 11.00 PM will be the best time to see the meteor shower provided of course you view it from a dark area with little or no light pollution. Apparently the shower happens in December every year, best hope for a clear sky !