Monday, 27 December 2010

Roswell recovered technologies

                                             Roswell craft

      Craft that were recovered at Roswell and other sites preceding 1947 have played a major part in the progress of the USAs advancement in technology for their use in aircraft. What we see today ie; stealth fighters and bombers are what has evolved from the understanding and reverse engineering of craft that were either crashed or caught back in the forties. Consider that something you may have seen or may see in the future is of American origin due to their advancement through gained technologies.
      I have already mentioned that two craft or UFOs were recovered at or near to Roswell, one crash site was Cerena seventy five miles northwest of Roswell and the second was twenty miles south of the town of Socorro, New Mexico. One of the UFOs was damaged and taken to several different Airforce bases, it was the second craft that was recovered whole, it was this craft that the US authorities were mostly interested in having for it's airframe, navigation and propulsion technology.
      Five Extraterrestrial bodies were recovered at or near  the crash site and were found in a cylindrical escape pod, unfortunately all of the entities were dead. The assumption is that they either didn't survive after entry into our atmosphere or something else killed them, they were apparently showing signs of burning. Other extraterrestrial biological entities were found nearby to the craft and appeared to be dissected like frogs in a science lab, it is not known whether the first scientists on the scene had anything to do with them being found in this manner.
     The UFOs that had been found at Roswell had been recognised by a number of radar stations on several days and for quite some time before they came down to earth and it is presumed that the powerful radar actually microwaved the UFOs and was responsible for their crashing where they did.
      Recovered Craft were analysed by scientists and an assumption made as to how the UFOs were powered and controlled, flight instruments had an optical wave guide fibres similar to glass rods, except that they were flexible and had a plastic cladding wrap. All functions were operated via a touch type screen or texture sensing stimuli.
     Propulsion was of an hydrogen isotope reactor connected to propulsion motors and this in early stages of testing allowed for it to be flown at an altitude of 90,000 feet and supersonic speeds. Whilst the UFO was most certainly capable of far faster travel, it caused several test pilots to die through the radiation that they suffered when testing. Other pilots became ill even after trying to overcome this problem so a suggestion was that an alternative pilot or subject was used, one can only think that this would have to be an extraterrestrial or clone.
       You are probably aware that stealth fighters and bombers can't be flown in the usual manner, by controls that are normally in a plane; they need the computer to trim the aircraft or else it would crash and this technology came from these recovered craft way back in 1941/1942 and 1947 Roswell.