Friday, 10 December 2010

Hidden Agenda

I'd like to talk about a hidden agenda, an agenda put forth by those who are supposed to represent us the voters the general public, governments of the World.
Law and order and what should it represent , is the law for us or them to manipulate ? if it is for us then why does it often go against us ?
     In order to understand what it is that I am talking about let us look at some cases that I would say were perhaps a misuse of the law and government power. First lets have a look at the case of a hacker, Gary Mckinnon who hacked into 97 US government computers and NASA computers and files on his search for hidden technology and to prove UFOs exist.
     Gary was interested in ufology and like anyone else wanted to know more so he decided to hack into NASA and US government files and this he found quite easy, reason was there was little or no security on their computer systems.Gary also noted that at the time he was hacking into these computers so too were a lot of others in various countries around the World, yet unfortunately he is being brought to justice for his crimes !
    He informed the US and NASA of their flawed security and of how easy he had found it to enter their files. The US government instead of being grateful and thanking Mr. Mckinnon sought to extradite him to the USA in order to prosecute him, I would have thought that if I stepped out of my house and left the front door open and some one walked in and around my house then it would be my fault !
     A man from Ireland perturbed at what he saw of the 7/7 bombings that took place in London and what might be a travesty of justice, decided to gather his own information and to present and prove that the so called bombers were anything but. Having studied film taken from the train station at where the bombers are supposed have got the train and travelled to London to commit these heinous crimes,then studied train tables and found that the actual trains on the day had been cancelled. Further to this he actually found out that an exercise was being taken place on the day of the bombings by the presumed bombers who were working for the security forces here in England. 
     The Irish man is known as Maud'Dib and he proved by way of his investigation that the very same men on the exercise were framed for the bombings of 7/7 and had actually been set up. They never got out of London as they were killed in the city by marksmen who acted under orders. 
     Maud'Dib sent his film to the courts in London as evidence to be seen by the judges and the court that would prove the bombers were not guilty. The court ruled that Maud'Dib was guilty of trying to pervert the course of justice and called for his extradition from Ireland to England to stand trial. Why ?
The same film had been viewed by as many as 57 million people around the World. 
     Recently in the news is Julian Assange for releasing over one quarter of a million secret files, mostly US government files. The US government are not pleased and just this last week several women in Sweden have come forward and accused Mr.Assange of sexual crimes, Sweden have asked for an extradition for him to stand trial for alleged offences. US  government no doubt involved.
      A pattern is emerging and that is one of government wielding the rod over us all , you are supposed to accept what you are told and and not question anything.
When you are wrong you are wrong, but when the government is wrong then they are right or so it seems. The US government bollocksed up on their computer security and NASA as well but don't have the decency to admit it. They also keep a lot secret and you can't help but think it is because they have a lot to hide.
      Our government and the US government seem to be of the opinion that they can do as they please regardless of what or who they represent and when they suffer an embarrasment they look for some poor soul to crucify. Gary Mckinnon showed the US the error of their ways as well as NASA and they should have been relieved and done something about their security. Our government seeing the evidence from the film presented to the court in London should have acknowledged it and done something about it.
      The US once again embarrassed by the Wiki leaks of over one quarter of a million files, should have realised they had once again failed themselves and thanked Julian Assange but they never. Instead the Swedish government came up with a sex charge against Assange and you have to wonder how come now ?
     In my mind Gary Mckinnon didn't do much wrong but could end up staying in a prison for a long time, Maud'Dib didn't do anything wrong he merely tried to show the wrongs that had taken place and what appears to be a government cover up  and showed them with his film which they haven't even bothered to look at. Assange showed the World what dirty secrets the US and other government hold from us and as a consequence is facing extradition to stand trial for something that probably never happened.
It all goes to show that what I have questioned in my earlier Blogs about conspiracies by governments on both sides of the pond seem to be a reality !!
      Today Julian Assange is to be charged with espionage ! I always thought that was to do with spies from other countries working within your country stealing state secrets. They couldn't have been that secret since he didn't have that much trouble accessing them.
Be careful reading your Emails today as you never know what you may be guilty of !! 
                                           Swedish terrorist attacks

Terrorist attacks in Sweden today, despite the attacks the Swedish government say we are not going to raise the security level. That's refreshing, for once I read that a country attacked by terrorist wasn't going to panic and set ridiculous levels of restrictive security that would impair peoples movements within their own borders. Doesn't it appear strange that the country who have alleged that Mr.Julian Assange is guilty of sex crimes is now under attack from terrorists !
Perhaps this is a move to get Julian Assange transferred directly to the States for trial of espionage, rather than have him investigated for sex crimes, alleged of course.