Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Harmonics and Inter dimensional travel

         Around thirty years ago having spoken to a friend about UFOs and how they could possibly be powered, he gave me a book by an Author I can no longer remember. I had visions of UFOs being driven by some large electrical motor, but my friend said it wouldn't be possible, I wonder what he might have to say now about the subject.
    Anyhow the power of Alien Craft and the Electric Universe is just being recognised by scientists all over the World, or at least they recognise the untapped amount of resources that are actually all around us.How do we make use of these resources or at least use them is another matter and this is what I wish to talk about today.
          Harmonics, yes this is what the book my friend gave to me was all about and you are probably thinking isn't that something to do with being in tune as in music, and you would be correct. Well harmonics was written about by an Ex Airline Pilot thirty or more years ago and it is an interesting subject. Having seen a number of UFOs in his time this author/Pilot had come to the conclusion that there may be some hidden or unseen form of energy surrounding the planet Earth.
      Gravity recently has been considered to be something other than gravity, more an electro magnetic field and it is this that so called UFOs are supposed to be utilising to drive forward their craft, creating a bow wave to affect the field in front of it as it moves forward, like when two opposing magnets are forced toward each other and they try to drive each other away. Rather than try to explain how this forward momentum works we are going to look at the grid that may responsible for the power of this movement.
       Back to the book and I read that harmonics are all around us and the Author set out to prove this by an experiment. By placing a number of Aerials in a field and setting out at particular distances , the Author then planted some vegetables in and around the aerials within a given area. Later on when harvesting these vegetables he found those that were nearer the aerials had grown considerably larger that those that were far away, harmonics was the reason.
     Everything is in tune, harmonically here on earth or at least it could be; he investigated the Egyptian Pyramids and found that they faced a certain direction and toward various Planets and the Sun, this wasn't by coincidence, the people who built these had a vast amount of knowledge that we either have lost or don't use any longer. further investigation showed that the position of the burial tombs also was harmonically in line with the Earth the Planets or the Sun, these tombs weren't positioned on the ground of the Pyramids but rather higher up within the Pyramid and actually resonate within that place.
       So to the reason for all his efforts that which to prove that there is a power grid or some kind here on or about the Planet. After having seen the way that the UFOs fly or navigate through the air he came to the conclusion that there is a huge mount of electrical force or natural energies that flow and it is this energy that the Alien visitor has been using for years, harmonics.
       The Pilot suggested that high up in our atmosphere there may be lines that can be locked onto and this will give us the power to travel without any other form of energy within the craft used. UFOs have been seen to disappear in the blink of an eye all over the world and one has to wonder whether they are accelerating so fast that this is the impression that we get , that they  do disappear.
      Many have speculated about inter dimensional travel and it seems a bit far fetched. A fourth dimension since we can't touch it or see it would give the impression that it just doesn't exist, for us it would be intangible. Well maybe not so, I have been reading more on Harmonics and there are some people who have been working out a lot of what we may term theory and proving it a reality. Part of a story is about a man in New Zealand who goes for a walk and at the top of a hill he looks out to sea and in front of him is an Island with trees and birds in the trees, then after a while he walks back part way down the hill and realises that he hadn't noticed this Island before, so goes back up to see the Island only to find it has gone, he thought that he was in the  wrong place but it turned out that it was the place that he had been before but no Island had been there in the past.
    Having spoken with friends he was interrupted by one who said you seen the disappearing Island ! It would seem the area was known for a lot of UFO activity and such UFOs had suddenly disappeared when near the sea. Is this a portal or an area that shifts in time or a gateway to another dimension ? are there other such portals here on Earth that we aren't aware of ? Do these portals connect through harmonics and the unending grid of power that is here available to us for travel on Earth and throughout the galaxy ?

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