Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Grey Alien

I'm wondering about witnesses who have had first hand accounts of Aliens or extraterrestrial beings, did they see greys or humanoids ? maybe both. On reading other material the opinion formed is that greys are seen more often than any other species and perhaps we have more visits from this species than any other that is supposed to visit our planet. Then again perhaps they are merely the slave order of the real Alien that do their beck and call and take chances here on our planet.
    As I have already stated Alien greys stature and body mass would give the impression that they were not capable of constructing the UFO craft that we see visiting the Earth. Of the many witnessed accounts of Alien greys being encountered some say they are from two to four feet in height others say three feet and there are accounts of greys being as tall as five foot, are they all of the same race or different and from other planets? Do they work collectively here on Earth or is there another reason for seeing these different sizes of being.
      Greys as they are called are not altogether grey but a blend of grey and pinkish skin, reportedly they have no visible clothing and if there are male and female types then it isn't obvious to someone who is visited by them. Large heads with unusual type eyes, dark and heavy and with little or no nostrils or nose and ears.
      Nearly always when near to cattle or other animals usually at night or early hours of the morning, floating about small UFO craft or scuttling about with a frame about to mutilate a cow, the craft is always small and probably a satellite vehicle. The mother craft is no doubt near but out of sight, then again it might be at the edge of our atmosphere waiting for the next victim to arrive or part there of. Larger craft have been seen on numerous occasions hovering above a field and cows being levitated upward toward that craft by way of a powerful light beam.
      Because of the lack of genuine reports of cattle or animal mutilation, the impression one might have is that it is a rare event , sure there are plenty of reports going back over the years but you would be forgiven to think that it had only been going on for ten years or so. I know there are lots of photographs about the internet but when you really look around most of the photos are the same and I could just as easily publish some of those photos here.
    Animal mutilation goes back a long time, even before Roswell and just in case you didn't realise animal parts were found in the recovered craft at the Roswell site. Roswell was in 1947 but did you know that craft had been recovered before that, yes in 1942 and as well as extraterrestrial beings they also found animal parts. I'm still at a loss as to why they would mutilate so many animals over such a long time, genetic manipulation or hybridisation I am not so sure, there has to be another reason. Think of it this way we here on this planet have been playing around with genetics for a few years and have duplicated animals ( Dolly the sheep ) comes to mind a perfect copy. If these visitors from far off galaxies are so intelligent than I am pretty damn sure that it would not take them long to experiment on animals or man and get the results they needed much quicker than we would.
      Perhaps as suggested elsewhere when the recovered bodies of the Roswell crash, the greys were transported to different Airforce establishments and autopsy's were undertaken and the conclusion was that greys were a genetically formed being, not natural. The true form of an extraterrestrial is probably more like you or me and the grey, well part man part ET !
      Other forms of Alien have been talked about and even some have been seen in various countries but we'll talk about that later...