Sunday, 19 December 2010

God,Religion and feelings of abduction...

      I haven't thought much about it recently,actually for years now but it seems strange to say the least that as a child I had these uncomfortable feelings. At night when in bed not always asleep either, usually in the dark with no light on in the room, I had a sense of something trying to pull me from under the bed, a tugging feeling from the bottom of the bedding. I remember struggling intensely not wanting to submit to whatever it may be.
     I would lay paralysed almost with the intense fear that something was under my bed and trying to take me away. My eyes would be tight shut as the fear of what may be there frightened me beyond belief and I would cling with a tight grip on the top or side of the bed struggling not to give in.
      Nightmares I had frequently and often the same scenario, ghostly or devil like figures not quite illuminated so you couldn't make them out entirely, chasing me through what looked like hospital wards with dim lights. I remember running endlessly away forever trying to free myself from these frightening apparitions.
    Sometimes I would float above the Earth looking down on my pursuers and feared that I may come back down to the ground were they might get me.The nightmare would switch from the sky to the wards within what appeared to be hospital type rooms.
    The nightmares seemed to go on for years,, until I was at least fourteen or fifteen years old and it was only when chatting with friends that these awful things finally went away. I was the eldest child and felt responsible for my younger brothers and sisters of which there was eventually six of.
     Life in a Catholic school in the sixties was difficult, religion was forced down your throat at every opportunity and the teachers no doubt old war veterans had an eagerness to cane you for any given reason, corporal punishment was every where in those days.
    As a result of the intense indoctrination of religion I became an Altar boy serving mass in the local church regularly for many years or at least until I went on to senior school. I can't help but think all this hammering into ones brain about God the Devil an heaven and hell was partly responsible for my nightmares that I suffered regularly.
     So what is all this about , well was I having some delusional nightmare or was I having some sort of abduction contact with alien beings ? were the feelings I had down to religion or intensely bad feelings and fear felt in my school days, I may never know since I have no intention of seeing a shrink. I don't after all have any such sensations as this any more, probably because I am much more confident than I was as a child.
     Religion I couldn't give a hoot about any more as I broke free from it's restrictions when I was fifteen years old and never wanted to go back to it ever, seriously I don't even believe in God unless of course he came to Earth in a space ship. Under no circumstances do I accept that we rose from the seas and came to the point were we are now as an intelligent species just by development.
      We arrived rather suddenly on this planet after years of only plant , insect and animal life, ask yourself did we evolve or did we arrive ? The fact and it is fact that many UFOs have been witnessed here on Earth over many year suggests that we are not alone and if we were only in our early stages of development as a species then why would we warrant so much attention from others.Visitors from wherever meddle with us regularly as in cases of known abductions and our governments know more than they care to tell.
     There are no doubt many out there who have had similar experiences or sensations as a child and maybe even now as an adult that they can't explain or hold some doubt about. Some may have been abductees and others just plain frightened by their lifes experiences as a child living in the earlier part of the twentieth century.
       I don't think for one moment that I had suffered an abduction type experience but the similarities are there, how many people I wonder actually convince themselves that they have been abducted when they haven't, more likely they had the same feelings as I had as a child through religion and fear being an everyday part of life.
     Don't get me wrong I have no doubt that there are genuine abductees out there and they no doubt have a tale to tell and I wonder how many still harbour these secrets to themselves.
     Got a story to tell and want to remain anonymous then let me know and I can publish it here on the Blog, your name will not be revealed.