Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Alien Secret Bases

    Alien secret bases around the world often spoken of but never quite proven, some have even gone in search of them. Rumoured to be hidden under the Oceans and mountains and even I have questioned here on this Blog whether they would need such places, when they could just as easily park out in space.
     Dulce, New Mexico if you have watched the video of the Disclosure Project all the way through then you will remember a certain witness speaking of Dulce and how what has become known as the Dulce wars, he became involved in a shoot out with Aliens way beneath the ground outside of Dulce.Story goes that a number of civilians and military staff got killed, sixty six in all human casualties after an altercation with Alien greys.
     The guy who spoke at the disclosure project claimed he had been sent out to Dulce to basically blow a large hole out of the ground for some military project. Unbeknown to him it was an underground Alien base, he went down in a cradle quite a way to find out why they were having problems drilling and he came across some Greys and immediately shot several of them, an ensuing gunfight took place and many died that day.
    Question comes to mind if the government was colluding with Alien greys, then why did they try to blow a great big hole out of the ground, surely they knew that they were there.Consider that the US Military had got what they wanted from the greys and decided to get rid before they became a problem for the Human race.
    One Alien base is reportedly outside of or near to Dulce, New Mexico around 2.5 miles northwest of Dulce a place called Archuleta Mesa on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation,the place became known after a woman and her son claimed to have been abducted and taken there. I have looked on Google Earth and to be honest there is no apparent opening to be seen going into the mountain. That isn't to say it doesn't exist ! merely that it isn't obvious to anyone looking, remember UFOs are supposed to be capable of becoming invisible and so it is likely that this technology would be used to hide away the entrance to any hidden Alien base.The base is one kilometre deep in the ground and four thousand feet wide, with helicopters going to and from all the time, of course the helicopters may just be UFOs in disguise !
      Other Alien bases known in the USA are Kirtland Airforce Base and Holloman Airforce Base, it is at the latter that I found a rather interesting picture with a plane not unlike a Stealth bomber. Another Alien or UFO base is in the south of England, Bentwaters it was a base but comes up as Bentwaters gardens but if you look at google Earth and close up you can see a light weight plane at the side of a building and one fighter jet as well as a lot of other fighter jet bodies without wings although wing sections can also be seen in the google picture.
     Disc type craft are known to be at Dulce and there were a lot of cattle mutilations taking place some years ago, however there are less reports of this happening now.There is supposed to be a thirty six foot wide road leading up to the mountain base and MIB stationed about the place to keep people from getting too near. Other bases are the well known Area 51 and groom lake facilities, and of course they don't exist either !

                                           Alien bases part 2

       So what goes on at these bases apart from them being a place where abductees are taken to, well some of the women who have been abducted are used to carry Alien hybrids up to an early stage when they are removed and after about three months and grown artificially elsewhere. Some of the women aren't even aware that they are pregnant and some abort the foetus at three months.
      Cattle that have been mutilated and their internals removed with blood are used two fold, for food and DNA is used from them as well. The aliens don't digest in the same way that we do, animal parts are placed in huge vats and filled with an amber liquid and stirred regularly and it is this that the Aliens use for food by placing their limbs into the liquid and absorbing it through their flesh.
       DNA of a cow is similar to humans and they know how to manipulate the DNA  to make a type one humanoid being that  is made up from animal tissue and is slow and clumsy, intelligence  or memory of this being is drawn from a computer stored from other humans memory.This  will live for around one year, this possibly may be were the MIB come from. A type two humanoid is also replicated and is non gender, meaning neither female or male, since many greys are apparently non gender this is probably where they come from, they are cloned.Other vats are filled with human parts and similarily filled with an amber liquid and may also be used for nourishment or the type one humanoid. 
         All this started when the government wanted their technology and as an agreement the Alien greys were allowed to carry on their abduction program as a two way trade, however the Aliens reneged on the deal and have been abducting and killing humans in their thousands, many more than the US Military and government were led to understand. It's probably why the Dulce wars came about, the US government with the Military decided enough had gone on and they sent people down there to New Mexico to blow the underground facility up and the greys would have been buried beneath it all. The only problem there was that they didn't inform their people about the Alien presence.

                                        RUSSIAN UFO

Here is some interesting footage of an UFO that was found after a farmer notified the Russian authorities of some unusual remains he had found in field, the time was back in 1969 and you can see government officials and armed forces at the site both investigating and collecting samples. This is no doubt the best shot you will ever get of an UFO unless you have had a similar experience to mine and had one hover three hundred foot, directly over your head at night

                                 New Zealand release secret UFO files

          Today the New Zealand government have released secret UFO files dating back to the nineteen sixties, amongst many reports are drawings by witnesses of Alien craft and Extraterrestrial beings that have been hidden away for many years.

More files are to be released over the coming months, much like the English files, apparently the New Zealand files were held up while the military removed some subtle information, names addresses. In other words we still only get to see what they want us to,I suppose we will have to wait and hope.