Monday, 15 November 2010


For a long time now people have been claiming to have been abducted by Extra terrestrial beings and in various types of  UFO craft, animals are mutilated and yet no one has an answer as to why. If like me you read the stories from the media which apparently dry up rather quickly and don't really give you the answer your looking for, or you peruse the internet for sites for information but still aren't sure, then question what is going on ?
     Given that there are a large number of people who claim to have seen UFOs around the World  and such things have been taking place for many years, possibly tens of thousands of years why is it that we know very little about the reason for all these sightings.Reason probably is because most Governments around the World give spurious excuses for a UFO, explaining it away as a weather balloon or swamp gas or some other such ridiculous excuse.
     If  ET has been here for quite some time then for what reason does it abduct people? some suggest that we are part of a hybridisation program either to improve us or for a take over of this planet. Others would suggest that ET has always been responsible for our onward journey and perhaps our Creator, yes GOD an Alien.Then again implants supposedly have been found in people who claim to have been abducted, question is what for ? to keep track of the abductees or to control them at a later date. Do the governments know what is happening and condone the abductions meaning that they have some kind of pact with Alien races as a general agreement for advance technologies ?
      Animal mutilations continue with cattle having organs removed whilst still apparently alive but unable to move and blood is sanguinated from their bodies, this is rather curious as to why only the blood and organs are removed and the cattle left to die, for what reason ? some sites would have you believe that Aliens actually make a concoction from this and drink it a bit like popping down to the pub for a pint; if so how do they know?
      If these Extra terrestrials have been here for a long time then it would appear they aren't for taking over the planet as they no doubt could have done a long time ago and when there were less of us. Perhaps they have always been in control and that our governments can do little or nothing about it and so because of this they prefer not to reveal there limitations. Ask yourself why in many instances have military planes tried to catch up with UFOs and even tried to engage them only to fail. If all governments knew what was going on then they wouldn't feel the need to pursue UFOs or shoot them down unless this was all part of the lie and denial.
      Is it likely that a small and select group of people actually have access to Extra terrestrial craft and technologies and that they are more powerful than any government ? Are we being traded off as part of a deal with Alien races for technolgy and power or are we just being harvested by these visitors from space ? Seen purely as an exploitable medium for them to do what ever they care with us.
        Having read and watched various internet sites and programs regarding such Extra terrestrial visitors and I now question some of the material put to us, is it completely true what some people would have us believe, or are we being led a a merry dance? Well I know we have been visited as I have witnessed one such UFO and it certainly wasn't manufactured here on Earth and more I will tell of this later.