Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Harmonics and Inter dimensional travel

         Around thirty years ago having spoken to a friend about UFOs and how they could possibly be powered, he gave me a book by an Author I can no longer remember. I had visions of UFOs being driven by some large electrical motor, but my friend said it wouldn't be possible, I wonder what he might have to say now about the subject.
    Anyhow the power of Alien Craft and the Electric Universe is just being recognised by scientists all over the World, or at least they recognise the untapped amount of resources that are actually all around us.How do we make use of these resources or at least use them is another matter and this is what I wish to talk about today.
          Harmonics, yes this is what the book my friend gave to me was all about and you are probably thinking isn't that something to do with being in tune as in music, and you would be correct. Well harmonics was written about by an Ex Airline Pilot thirty or more years ago and it is an interesting subject. Having seen a number of UFOs in his time this author/Pilot had come to the conclusion that there may be some hidden or unseen form of energy surrounding the planet Earth.
      Gravity recently has been considered to be something other than gravity, more an electro magnetic field and it is this that so called UFOs are supposed to be utilising to drive forward their craft, creating a bow wave to affect the field in front of it as it moves forward, like when two opposing magnets are forced toward each other and they try to drive each other away. Rather than try to explain how this forward momentum works we are going to look at the grid that may responsible for the power of this movement.
       Back to the book and I read that harmonics are all around us and the Author set out to prove this by an experiment. By placing a number of Aerials in a field and setting out at particular distances , the Author then planted some vegetables in and around the aerials within a given area. Later on when harvesting these vegetables he found those that were nearer the aerials had grown considerably larger that those that were far away, harmonics was the reason.
     Everything is in tune, harmonically here on earth or at least it could be; he investigated the Egyptian Pyramids and found that they faced a certain direction and toward various Planets and the Sun, this wasn't by coincidence, the people who built these had a vast amount of knowledge that we either have lost or don't use any longer. further investigation showed that the position of the burial tombs also was harmonically in line with the Earth the Planets or the Sun, these tombs weren't positioned on the ground of the Pyramids but rather higher up within the Pyramid and actually resonate within that place.
       So to the reason for all his efforts that which to prove that there is a power grid or some kind here on or about the Planet. After having seen the way that the UFOs fly or navigate through the air he came to the conclusion that there is a huge mount of electrical force or natural energies that flow and it is this energy that the Alien visitor has been using for years, harmonics.
       The Pilot suggested that high up in our atmosphere there may be lines that can be locked onto and this will give us the power to travel without any other form of energy within the craft used. UFOs have been seen to disappear in the blink of an eye all over the world and one has to wonder whether they are accelerating so fast that this is the impression that we get , that they  do disappear.
      Many have speculated about inter dimensional travel and it seems a bit far fetched. A fourth dimension since we can't touch it or see it would give the impression that it just doesn't exist, for us it would be intangible. Well maybe not so, I have been reading more on Harmonics and there are some people who have been working out a lot of what we may term theory and proving it a reality. Part of a story is about a man in New Zealand who goes for a walk and at the top of a hill he looks out to sea and in front of him is an Island with trees and birds in the trees, then after a while he walks back part way down the hill and realises that he hadn't noticed this Island before, so goes back up to see the Island only to find it has gone, he thought that he was in the  wrong place but it turned out that it was the place that he had been before but no Island had been there in the past.
    Having spoken with friends he was interrupted by one who said you seen the disappearing Island ! It would seem the area was known for a lot of UFO activity and such UFOs had suddenly disappeared when near the sea. Is this a portal or an area that shifts in time or a gateway to another dimension ? are there other such portals here on Earth that we aren't aware of ? Do these portals connect through harmonics and the unending grid of power that is here available to us for travel on Earth and throughout the galaxy ?

This is short video with Bruce Cathie talking about UFOs 

Another radio program about Harmonics

Another link here...........

Here's an interesting video that seems to be working it's way around the internet at the moment, a base apparently found by a landing craft on Mars. Said craft hasn't reported anything for over nine months, NASA said it had stopped working, OH! Yeh !

Monday, 27 December 2010

Roswell recovered technologies

                                             Roswell craft

      Craft that were recovered at Roswell and other sites preceding 1947 have played a major part in the progress of the USAs advancement in technology for their use in aircraft. What we see today ie; stealth fighters and bombers are what has evolved from the understanding and reverse engineering of craft that were either crashed or caught back in the forties. Consider that something you may have seen or may see in the future is of American origin due to their advancement through gained technologies.
      I have already mentioned that two craft or UFOs were recovered at or near to Roswell, one crash site was Cerena seventy five miles northwest of Roswell and the second was twenty miles south of the town of Socorro, New Mexico. One of the UFOs was damaged and taken to several different Airforce bases, it was the second craft that was recovered whole, it was this craft that the US authorities were mostly interested in having for it's airframe, navigation and propulsion technology.
      Five Extraterrestrial bodies were recovered at or near  the crash site and were found in a cylindrical escape pod, unfortunately all of the entities were dead. The assumption is that they either didn't survive after entry into our atmosphere or something else killed them, they were apparently showing signs of burning. Other extraterrestrial biological entities were found nearby to the craft and appeared to be dissected like frogs in a science lab, it is not known whether the first scientists on the scene had anything to do with them being found in this manner.
     The UFOs that had been found at Roswell had been recognised by a number of radar stations on several days and for quite some time before they came down to earth and it is presumed that the powerful radar actually microwaved the UFOs and was responsible for their crashing where they did.
      Recovered Craft were analysed by scientists and an assumption made as to how the UFOs were powered and controlled, flight instruments had an optical wave guide fibres similar to glass rods, except that they were flexible and had a plastic cladding wrap. All functions were operated via a touch type screen or texture sensing stimuli.
     Propulsion was of an hydrogen isotope reactor connected to propulsion motors and this in early stages of testing allowed for it to be flown at an altitude of 90,000 feet and supersonic speeds. Whilst the UFO was most certainly capable of far faster travel, it caused several test pilots to die through the radiation that they suffered when testing. Other pilots became ill even after trying to overcome this problem so a suggestion was that an alternative pilot or subject was used, one can only think that this would have to be an extraterrestrial or clone.
       You are probably aware that stealth fighters and bombers can't be flown in the usual manner, by controls that are normally in a plane; they need the computer to trim the aircraft or else it would crash and this technology came from these recovered craft way back in 1941/1942 and 1947 Roswell.                        

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Alien Secret Bases

    Alien secret bases around the world often spoken of but never quite proven, some have even gone in search of them. Rumoured to be hidden under the Oceans and mountains and even I have questioned here on this Blog whether they would need such places, when they could just as easily park out in space.
     Dulce, New Mexico if you have watched the video of the Disclosure Project all the way through then you will remember a certain witness speaking of Dulce and how what has become known as the Dulce wars, he became involved in a shoot out with Aliens way beneath the ground outside of Dulce.Story goes that a number of civilians and military staff got killed, sixty six in all human casualties after an altercation with Alien greys.
     The guy who spoke at the disclosure project claimed he had been sent out to Dulce to basically blow a large hole out of the ground for some military project. Unbeknown to him it was an underground Alien base, he went down in a cradle quite a way to find out why they were having problems drilling and he came across some Greys and immediately shot several of them, an ensuing gunfight took place and many died that day.
    Question comes to mind if the government was colluding with Alien greys, then why did they try to blow a great big hole out of the ground, surely they knew that they were there.Consider that the US Military had got what they wanted from the greys and decided to get rid before they became a problem for the Human race.
    One Alien base is reportedly outside of or near to Dulce, New Mexico around 2.5 miles northwest of Dulce a place called Archuleta Mesa on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation,the place became known after a woman and her son claimed to have been abducted and taken there. I have looked on Google Earth and to be honest there is no apparent opening to be seen going into the mountain. That isn't to say it doesn't exist ! merely that it isn't obvious to anyone looking, remember UFOs are supposed to be capable of becoming invisible and so it is likely that this technology would be used to hide away the entrance to any hidden Alien base.The base is one kilometre deep in the ground and four thousand feet wide, with helicopters going to and from all the time, of course the helicopters may just be UFOs in disguise !
      Other Alien bases known in the USA are Kirtland Airforce Base and Holloman Airforce Base, it is at the latter that I found a rather interesting picture with a plane not unlike a Stealth bomber. Another Alien or UFO base is in the south of England, Bentwaters it was a base but comes up as Bentwaters gardens but if you look at google Earth and close up you can see a light weight plane at the side of a building and one fighter jet as well as a lot of other fighter jet bodies without wings although wing sections can also be seen in the google picture.
     Disc type craft are known to be at Dulce and there were a lot of cattle mutilations taking place some years ago, however there are less reports of this happening now.There is supposed to be a thirty six foot wide road leading up to the mountain base and MIB stationed about the place to keep people from getting too near. Other bases are the well known Area 51 and groom lake facilities, and of course they don't exist either !

                                           Alien bases part 2

       So what goes on at these bases apart from them being a place where abductees are taken to, well some of the women who have been abducted are used to carry Alien hybrids up to an early stage when they are removed and after about three months and grown artificially elsewhere. Some of the women aren't even aware that they are pregnant and some abort the foetus at three months.
      Cattle that have been mutilated and their internals removed with blood are used two fold, for food and DNA is used from them as well. The aliens don't digest in the same way that we do, animal parts are placed in huge vats and filled with an amber liquid and stirred regularly and it is this that the Aliens use for food by placing their limbs into the liquid and absorbing it through their flesh.
       DNA of a cow is similar to humans and they know how to manipulate the DNA  to make a type one humanoid being that  is made up from animal tissue and is slow and clumsy, intelligence  or memory of this being is drawn from a computer stored from other humans memory.This  will live for around one year, this possibly may be were the MIB come from. A type two humanoid is also replicated and is non gender, meaning neither female or male, since many greys are apparently non gender this is probably where they come from, they are cloned.Other vats are filled with human parts and similarily filled with an amber liquid and may also be used for nourishment or the type one humanoid. 
         All this started when the government wanted their technology and as an agreement the Alien greys were allowed to carry on their abduction program as a two way trade, however the Aliens reneged on the deal and have been abducting and killing humans in their thousands, many more than the US Military and government were led to understand. It's probably why the Dulce wars came about, the US government with the Military decided enough had gone on and they sent people down there to New Mexico to blow the underground facility up and the greys would have been buried beneath it all. The only problem there was that they didn't inform their people about the Alien presence.

                                        RUSSIAN UFO

Here is some interesting footage of an UFO that was found after a farmer notified the Russian authorities of some unusual remains he had found in field, the time was back in 1969 and you can see government officials and armed forces at the site both investigating and collecting samples. This is no doubt the best shot you will ever get of an UFO unless you have had a similar experience to mine and had one hover three hundred foot, directly over your head at night

                                 New Zealand release secret UFO files

          Today the New Zealand government have released secret UFO files dating back to the nineteen sixties, amongst many reports are drawings by witnesses of Alien craft and Extraterrestrial beings that have been hidden away for many years.

More files are to be released over the coming months, much like the English files, apparently the New Zealand files were held up while the military removed some subtle information, names addresses. In other words we still only get to see what they want us to,I suppose we will have to wait and hope.


Sunday, 19 December 2010

God,Religion and feelings of abduction...

      I haven't thought much about it recently,actually for years now but it seems strange to say the least that as a child I had these uncomfortable feelings. At night when in bed not always asleep either, usually in the dark with no light on in the room, I had a sense of something trying to pull me from under the bed, a tugging feeling from the bottom of the bedding. I remember struggling intensely not wanting to submit to whatever it may be.
     I would lay paralysed almost with the intense fear that something was under my bed and trying to take me away. My eyes would be tight shut as the fear of what may be there frightened me beyond belief and I would cling with a tight grip on the top or side of the bed struggling not to give in.
      Nightmares I had frequently and often the same scenario, ghostly or devil like figures not quite illuminated so you couldn't make them out entirely, chasing me through what looked like hospital wards with dim lights. I remember running endlessly away forever trying to free myself from these frightening apparitions.
    Sometimes I would float above the Earth looking down on my pursuers and feared that I may come back down to the ground were they might get me.The nightmare would switch from the sky to the wards within what appeared to be hospital type rooms.
    The nightmares seemed to go on for years,, until I was at least fourteen or fifteen years old and it was only when chatting with friends that these awful things finally went away. I was the eldest child and felt responsible for my younger brothers and sisters of which there was eventually six of.
     Life in a Catholic school in the sixties was difficult, religion was forced down your throat at every opportunity and the teachers no doubt old war veterans had an eagerness to cane you for any given reason, corporal punishment was every where in those days.
    As a result of the intense indoctrination of religion I became an Altar boy serving mass in the local church regularly for many years or at least until I went on to senior school. I can't help but think all this hammering into ones brain about God the Devil an heaven and hell was partly responsible for my nightmares that I suffered regularly.
     So what is all this about , well was I having some delusional nightmare or was I having some sort of abduction contact with alien beings ? were the feelings I had down to religion or intensely bad feelings and fear felt in my school days, I may never know since I have no intention of seeing a shrink. I don't after all have any such sensations as this any more, probably because I am much more confident than I was as a child.
     Religion I couldn't give a hoot about any more as I broke free from it's restrictions when I was fifteen years old and never wanted to go back to it ever, seriously I don't even believe in God unless of course he came to Earth in a space ship. Under no circumstances do I accept that we rose from the seas and came to the point were we are now as an intelligent species just by development.
      We arrived rather suddenly on this planet after years of only plant , insect and animal life, ask yourself did we evolve or did we arrive ? The fact and it is fact that many UFOs have been witnessed here on Earth over many year suggests that we are not alone and if we were only in our early stages of development as a species then why would we warrant so much attention from others.Visitors from wherever meddle with us regularly as in cases of known abductions and our governments know more than they care to tell.
     There are no doubt many out there who have had similar experiences or sensations as a child and maybe even now as an adult that they can't explain or hold some doubt about. Some may have been abductees and others just plain frightened by their lifes experiences as a child living in the earlier part of the twentieth century.
       I don't think for one moment that I had suffered an abduction type experience but the similarities are there, how many people I wonder actually convince themselves that they have been abducted when they haven't, more likely they had the same feelings as I had as a child through religion and fear being an everyday part of life.
     Don't get me wrong I have no doubt that there are genuine abductees out there and they no doubt have a tale to tell and I wonder how many still harbour these secrets to themselves.
     Got a story to tell and want to remain anonymous then let me know and I can publish it here on the Blog, your name will not be revealed.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Ufos and lunatics !

Today I thought we would have a change of material, since there are a number of good video around, so I thought  I would use some for the site for a change and to get on the light hearted side. I can't be serious all the time and besides it's nearly Xmas............................

I found this video of an UFO on you tube which shows a plane travelling across the sky and dark and mysterious objects fall down past it and seem to come at it from various angles,at one point it appears to be triangular.At least the camera doesn't bob around so much like on many so called videos of UFOs.Rather interesting background noises, sounds as if in a jungle.

More interesting film or video from earlier this year which includes documentary by Ed Mitchell, former Apollo astronaut and Dr Stephen.M.Greer head of the disclosure project  talking about visitors to our planet and there are some excellent views of UFOs that are very clearly seen...have a look !

Here's another very good video taken from a Russian security camera and looks quite similar to the UFO seen in Hangzou, China earlier this year. Last time I watched this the film lasted much longer so must have been edited/shortened.

And now for a little light hearted fun, here we have some people who I can only refer to as on the lunatic fringe. bungee jumping off a rooftop, well what else could you call it ! Rather them than me,although I must admit I have been refered to as a lunatic for my skills as a motorcyclist, although  I am not this daft !!

Tonight the skies will light up due to the Earth passing through a meteor shower, the Geminids.  Tuesday night 11.00 PM will be the best time to see the meteor shower provided of course you view it from a dark area with little or no light pollution. Apparently the shower happens in December every year, best hope for a clear sky !

Friday, 10 December 2010

Hidden Agenda

I'd like to talk about a hidden agenda, an agenda put forth by those who are supposed to represent us the voters the general public, governments of the World.
Law and order and what should it represent , is the law for us or them to manipulate ? if it is for us then why does it often go against us ?
     In order to understand what it is that I am talking about let us look at some cases that I would say were perhaps a misuse of the law and government power. First lets have a look at the case of a hacker, Gary Mckinnon who hacked into 97 US government computers and NASA computers and files on his search for hidden technology and to prove UFOs exist.
     Gary was interested in ufology and like anyone else wanted to know more so he decided to hack into NASA and US government files and this he found quite easy, reason was there was little or no security on their computer systems.Gary also noted that at the time he was hacking into these computers so too were a lot of others in various countries around the World, yet unfortunately he is being brought to justice for his crimes !
    He informed the US and NASA of their flawed security and of how easy he had found it to enter their files. The US government instead of being grateful and thanking Mr. Mckinnon sought to extradite him to the USA in order to prosecute him, I would have thought that if I stepped out of my house and left the front door open and some one walked in and around my house then it would be my fault !
     A man from Ireland perturbed at what he saw of the 7/7 bombings that took place in London and what might be a travesty of justice, decided to gather his own information and to present and prove that the so called bombers were anything but. Having studied film taken from the train station at where the bombers are supposed have got the train and travelled to London to commit these heinous crimes,then studied train tables and found that the actual trains on the day had been cancelled. Further to this he actually found out that an exercise was being taken place on the day of the bombings by the presumed bombers who were working for the security forces here in England. 
     The Irish man is known as Maud'Dib and he proved by way of his investigation that the very same men on the exercise were framed for the bombings of 7/7 and had actually been set up. They never got out of London as they were killed in the city by marksmen who acted under orders. 
     Maud'Dib sent his film to the courts in London as evidence to be seen by the judges and the court that would prove the bombers were not guilty. The court ruled that Maud'Dib was guilty of trying to pervert the course of justice and called for his extradition from Ireland to England to stand trial. Why ?
The same film had been viewed by as many as 57 million people around the World. 
     Recently in the news is Julian Assange for releasing over one quarter of a million secret files, mostly US government files. The US government are not pleased and just this last week several women in Sweden have come forward and accused Mr.Assange of sexual crimes, Sweden have asked for an extradition for him to stand trial for alleged offences. US  government no doubt involved.
      A pattern is emerging and that is one of government wielding the rod over us all , you are supposed to accept what you are told and and not question anything.
When you are wrong you are wrong, but when the government is wrong then they are right or so it seems. The US government bollocksed up on their computer security and NASA as well but don't have the decency to admit it. They also keep a lot secret and you can't help but think it is because they have a lot to hide.
      Our government and the US government seem to be of the opinion that they can do as they please regardless of what or who they represent and when they suffer an embarrasment they look for some poor soul to crucify. Gary Mckinnon showed the US the error of their ways as well as NASA and they should have been relieved and done something about their security. Our government seeing the evidence from the film presented to the court in London should have acknowledged it and done something about it.
      The US once again embarrassed by the Wiki leaks of over one quarter of a million files, should have realised they had once again failed themselves and thanked Julian Assange but they never. Instead the Swedish government came up with a sex charge against Assange and you have to wonder how come now ?
     In my mind Gary Mckinnon didn't do much wrong but could end up staying in a prison for a long time, Maud'Dib didn't do anything wrong he merely tried to show the wrongs that had taken place and what appears to be a government cover up  and showed them with his film which they haven't even bothered to look at. Assange showed the World what dirty secrets the US and other government hold from us and as a consequence is facing extradition to stand trial for something that probably never happened.
It all goes to show that what I have questioned in my earlier Blogs about conspiracies by governments on both sides of the pond seem to be a reality !!
      Today Julian Assange is to be charged with espionage ! I always thought that was to do with spies from other countries working within your country stealing state secrets. They couldn't have been that secret since he didn't have that much trouble accessing them.
Be careful reading your Emails today as you never know what you may be guilty of !! 
                                           Swedish terrorist attacks

Terrorist attacks in Sweden today, despite the attacks the Swedish government say we are not going to raise the security level. That's refreshing, for once I read that a country attacked by terrorist wasn't going to panic and set ridiculous levels of restrictive security that would impair peoples movements within their own borders. Doesn't it appear strange that the country who have alleged that Mr.Julian Assange is guilty of sex crimes is now under attack from terrorists !
Perhaps this is a move to get Julian Assange transferred directly to the States for trial of espionage, rather than have him investigated for sex crimes, alleged of course.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Grey Alien

I'm wondering about witnesses who have had first hand accounts of Aliens or extraterrestrial beings, did they see greys or humanoids ? maybe both. On reading other material the opinion formed is that greys are seen more often than any other species and perhaps we have more visits from this species than any other that is supposed to visit our planet. Then again perhaps they are merely the slave order of the real Alien that do their beck and call and take chances here on our planet.
    As I have already stated Alien greys stature and body mass would give the impression that they were not capable of constructing the UFO craft that we see visiting the Earth. Of the many witnessed accounts of Alien greys being encountered some say they are from two to four feet in height others say three feet and there are accounts of greys being as tall as five foot, are they all of the same race or different and from other planets? Do they work collectively here on Earth or is there another reason for seeing these different sizes of being.
      Greys as they are called are not altogether grey but a blend of grey and pinkish skin, reportedly they have no visible clothing and if there are male and female types then it isn't obvious to someone who is visited by them. Large heads with unusual type eyes, dark and heavy and with little or no nostrils or nose and ears.
      Nearly always when near to cattle or other animals usually at night or early hours of the morning, floating about small UFO craft or scuttling about with a frame about to mutilate a cow, the craft is always small and probably a satellite vehicle. The mother craft is no doubt near but out of sight, then again it might be at the edge of our atmosphere waiting for the next victim to arrive or part there of. Larger craft have been seen on numerous occasions hovering above a field and cows being levitated upward toward that craft by way of a powerful light beam.
      Because of the lack of genuine reports of cattle or animal mutilation, the impression one might have is that it is a rare event , sure there are plenty of reports going back over the years but you would be forgiven to think that it had only been going on for ten years or so. I know there are lots of photographs about the internet but when you really look around most of the photos are the same and I could just as easily publish some of those photos here.
    Animal mutilation goes back a long time, even before Roswell and just in case you didn't realise animal parts were found in the recovered craft at the Roswell site. Roswell was in 1947 but did you know that craft had been recovered before that, yes in 1942 and as well as extraterrestrial beings they also found animal parts. I'm still at a loss as to why they would mutilate so many animals over such a long time, genetic manipulation or hybridisation I am not so sure, there has to be another reason. Think of it this way we here on this planet have been playing around with genetics for a few years and have duplicated animals ( Dolly the sheep ) comes to mind a perfect copy. If these visitors from far off galaxies are so intelligent than I am pretty damn sure that it would not take them long to experiment on animals or man and get the results they needed much quicker than we would.
      Perhaps as suggested elsewhere when the recovered bodies of the Roswell crash, the greys were transported to different Airforce establishments and autopsy's were undertaken and the conclusion was that greys were a genetically formed being, not natural. The true form of an extraterrestrial is probably more like you or me and the grey, well part man part ET !
      Other forms of Alien have been talked about and even some have been seen in various countries but we'll talk about that later...

Monday, 15 November 2010


For a long time now people have been claiming to have been abducted by Extra terrestrial beings and in various types of  UFO craft, animals are mutilated and yet no one has an answer as to why. If like me you read the stories from the media which apparently dry up rather quickly and don't really give you the answer your looking for, or you peruse the internet for sites for information but still aren't sure, then question what is going on ?
     Given that there are a large number of people who claim to have seen UFOs around the World  and such things have been taking place for many years, possibly tens of thousands of years why is it that we know very little about the reason for all these sightings.Reason probably is because most Governments around the World give spurious excuses for a UFO, explaining it away as a weather balloon or swamp gas or some other such ridiculous excuse.
     If  ET has been here for quite some time then for what reason does it abduct people? some suggest that we are part of a hybridisation program either to improve us or for a take over of this planet. Others would suggest that ET has always been responsible for our onward journey and perhaps our Creator, yes GOD an Alien.Then again implants supposedly have been found in people who claim to have been abducted, question is what for ? to keep track of the abductees or to control them at a later date. Do the governments know what is happening and condone the abductions meaning that they have some kind of pact with Alien races as a general agreement for advance technologies ?
      Animal mutilations continue with cattle having organs removed whilst still apparently alive but unable to move and blood is sanguinated from their bodies, this is rather curious as to why only the blood and organs are removed and the cattle left to die, for what reason ? some sites would have you believe that Aliens actually make a concoction from this and drink it a bit like popping down to the pub for a pint; if so how do they know?
      If these Extra terrestrials have been here for a long time then it would appear they aren't for taking over the planet as they no doubt could have done a long time ago and when there were less of us. Perhaps they have always been in control and that our governments can do little or nothing about it and so because of this they prefer not to reveal there limitations. Ask yourself why in many instances have military planes tried to catch up with UFOs and even tried to engage them only to fail. If all governments knew what was going on then they wouldn't feel the need to pursue UFOs or shoot them down unless this was all part of the lie and denial.
      Is it likely that a small and select group of people actually have access to Extra terrestrial craft and technologies and that they are more powerful than any government ? Are we being traded off as part of a deal with Alien races for technolgy and power or are we just being harvested by these visitors from space ? Seen purely as an exploitable medium for them to do what ever they care with us.
        Having read and watched various internet sites and programs regarding such Extra terrestrial visitors and I now question some of the material put to us, is it completely true what some people would have us believe, or are we being led a a merry dance? Well I know we have been visited as I have witnessed one such UFO and it certainly wasn't manufactured here on Earth and more I will tell of this later.