Saturday, 30 July 2016

Varginha Documents

As promised, I have in my possession some four hundred plus documents relating to the Varginha Entities seen in Brazil in 1996, many are official signed documents showing those who officially attended the incident over the days following the arrival of ET. Unfortunately after downloading the said documents it turned out that they are solely PDF which I have been trying to copy and paste to translate without much luck.
I am including some here and various media/ newspaper cuttings, photographical material just so you can get the gist of what happened back in 1996 in Gerais Minas, Brazil.
If anyone can interpret and get back to me I would be grateful, I could type and paste all the material but time isn't on my side; it would take me weeks just to convert or translate a few documents alone.You can fortunately get a good understanding of the event and link together what is here and on the video to fully understand how ET arrived.

                Original Ministerial document relating to the                                                   Varginha incident.

Schedule of events over the coming days.

Listing of various offices within the Brazilian Ministerial departments that became involved in the UFO incident

Here above is one of the young women who first came into contact with the Entities, with an artist impression of ET.
Rather than waffle on endlessly, I have posted a few more photos. drawings with the printed media from the time, they say a picture paints a thousand words, so go back and view the video and make some sense of it all..

Army base from which a number of staff attened the scene of the Crashed UFO.

      Three young women who first came across the Alien entity.

  From what I understand one of the Entities was injured and taken to the local hospital, whilst being examined by medical staff it is said to the being communicated telepathically to one of the Doctors.

My thanks go to Weslem Andrade and his Blog ETS and ETC including his Youtube account that made this very interesting case come to light for me to highlight.
There aren't many publicised accounts of close encounters of  both UFO and Alien beings, so this for me is something special.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Varginha Case, Brazil

  A fellow Blogger contacted me recently requesting I help him publicise a well known entity case that took place in Varginha, Brazil some years back. I had read about this years ago and have even seen videos made about the case in question, Weslem Andrade has investigated it further and wishes as many people around the World to know of this case.
It certainly warrants some attention if only down to the number of witnesses that came forth at the event, Military involvement also gives credence to the Varginha Entities and the crashed UFO in Brazil.
To start I am including a link to the video given to me courtesy of Weslem Andrade and his Blog, Youtube account.

Further to the video I will be incuding more information about this in another post..

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Multiverse or Universe theory

The concept of anything that is more than the already accepted norm of dimensions is somewhat astonishing ! three dimensions we most definitely know about, four we aren't so sure yet scientist are beginning to believe in many dimensions. It is speculated and some even claim that there are eleven dimensions, a Multi-verse so to speak.
   Let's try and work this one out, up and down and forward and back as well as sideways are the three dimensions we all know of, so where does four and five and six and so on come from ? how about in and out, aren't they also what could be constituted to be other dimensions ? is there a parallel dimension where a similar world takes place that we aren't readily aware of, yet is sitting alongside us right now and lives pretty much as ours are being lived out all at the same time.
   Multi-verse theory suggests that there is many other universes outside of our own, so what might they be ? are they maybe a kind of bubble outside of our Universe and if so does this constitute another set of dimensions, who knows. Is this what is termed multiple universe or just a fantasy of someones imagination perhaps, could it be that there is a Parallel Universe that sits directly alongside or opposite to our own that is living and moving at a time and space that is just one millisecond out of sync with our own ?
  Is there an infinite number of Universes outside of our own like a set of bubbles in a bath tub, sitting alongside each other. Are we being invaded from another Universe from another time and place that is similar to our own but far into the future ? do UFOs and extraterrestrial beings cross over this divide from one universe to another and if so why would they need UFOs at all to come here.
  Time and space are relative, the faster you travel, the slower time passes, so if you travel to a far and distant planet way beyond our solar system at the speed of light and then come back, everyone you once knew would have passed away even if you had only aged by two earth years and been travelling that same two years. Light travels at the same speed around one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per hour, so whatever speed you travel, light will still be going away from you at this speed, you can't catch it !So why can't you catch light up ? well, probably because it isn't tangible, what I mean is, it isn't solid, you can't grasp light, so are multi-verses also not tangible.
  Particles are way across the Universe, so many they constitute everything, it is known that a small amount of information can travel from one particle to another across the great divide of space, billions of miles and in an instant. Might life and this Planet we live on be reflected right now in another time and space so far away yet be being lived out the same as here.
  Time is so strange when you try to think of it in this manner, consider a large ball and you are at the outside edge, as you move closer to the ball, time changes, it actually travels quicker. Satellites are in a different time zone to us and I don't mean in the way that one side of the world is to another, rather they are out of our time area and have to be adjusted to be in synchronicity with the Earth itself.
   There has been talk of Multi dimensional beings as being responsible for the incursions we see of UFOs in our skies, I suppose that the term Multi dimensional would have to refer to Alien Entities that have the ability to transfer themselves with craft across the void of time and space, wouldn't this make them Time Lords ?
   Do multi-verses really exist and why is it that we can't see them or find it difficult to understand such a concept ? A flight of fancy or reality beyond our intelligence to comprehend.Think on, if a particle on both sides of a Universe can transfer information more or less instantly, then all information could theoretically transfer within the universe at the same time, does this mean that the Universe or Multi-verse is a quantum computer that can calculate and transfer intelligent information all at one given moment and if so, does it happen within parallel universes also ?
 Can Aliens travel this way by means of a calculation using the quantum abilities of the Multiverse, transferring from one area of space to another almost at an instant. Is Zeta Reticula supposed home of the Greys, just a fraction of a second away from us by means of this Multi-verse as a quantum calculation, may be this is what we might call a time portal.
  Scientists speculate as to the theory of a Multi-verse actually existing...

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

UFOs creating Crop Circles in Wiltshire

Crop circles seem to appear all over the place especially since modern technology and the onset of the Internet came about. Some crop circles are so intricate and have been considered to be messages from ET, yet no one has yet managed to decipher any of these, also for some reason places such as Wiltshire seem to have an abundance of such phenomena, what else could you call this ?
  We are led to believe that a number of UFOs descended and you can see something or a number of what appears to be types of craft descending toward the earth, question begs, is it really ET and is it really UFOs taking time out to make an intricate pattern on the land as a message for us mere humans to decode.

   As with all crop circles we have to err on the side of the doubters, meaning I don't believe this is genuine. If as I suspect, ET is here and has been for sometime, then they did not come here to create pretty patterns on the planet, as I consider they have a more important agenda and there are probably many other ways to communicate if they so wish. 
  The majority of crop circles have been proven by various other investigators to be the work of paid groups often thought to be sent out by the likes of MI5 and MI6 to fool us all, but why ? well as a diversion to take us away from thoughts of events that may be happening all over the world. Maybe they deliberately create these crop circles to keep us from seeing what is really going on, or just to distract us from seeing or believing the truth about the UFO agenda and even their associations with those who do know what is going on.
I'm inclined to think at this distance we are led to believe UFOs are involved, I think this is Chinese lanterns and yes, they do drop and suddenly appear as if from nowhere, that may be part of the plot.
See for yourself here :
Have a happy and prosperous New Year..

Sunday, 29 December 2013

UFO reports around the World

I thought we would take a new direction, so I am including UFO reports from other sources from around the World. These reports will be random ie; not everyday and taken as a slice of the witnessed reports that do come forth. No analysis will be given when writing these reports up for Blogger and you make what you wish of them.
        Report 1 29/12/2013   

Date of event 28/12/2013 Time:18.25 hours.
Location : Hillsboro,OR,US
Summary :
  I was walking to the grocery store when I saw what looked like red and blue police lights in the sky.In my area we do not have police helicopters, so I thought it was kind of weird.The lights were flashing rapidly from red to blue to red to blue just like a police car.Then I saw it go straight upwards then straight back downwards, then left, then right,all at extremely rapid speeds. I have pilots in my family and I know the direction changes like that are impossible for any known aircraft.
The lights stopped flashing red and blue and changed to a smaller white light that just kind of hovered but also changed direction one time from right to left then right again, then it just descended behind a tree line and afterwards shot off very fast to the north;I could no longer see it after that.


Date of event : 26/12/2013 Time : 21.30 hours
Summary :
   I live in a soemwhat rural area not far from Little Rock, Arkansas. I was riding home with a friend when we noticed a starnge orange light in the distance. As we got closer to home, we realised we were getting closer to the light. As we approached it we noticed it wasn't moving and assumed it must be a helicopter.As we got nearer it was quite apparent this was no helicopter and at this point we knew we were looking at a black triangle with a blue light ( Rocket engine ) at each corner.which sequentially pulsed white to red lights in a stripe down the center.We became very close to it, it wasn't very high off the ground and it began to float away practically right overhead, very, very slowly.I had to stop the car and we rolled down the windows and the craft seemed completely silent.
I then noticed a very small flashing red light in the distance and in the crafts direct path which timed to match the sequential flashing light on the bottom of this craft.It continued floating off into the distance.
That's it for now but watch out for more of the same and from other parts of the World, soon !

UFOs within a conspiracy of lies.

       It's written all over the place, UFOs are real and yet they have been continually denied by successive governments. Governments of the World know nothing at all of UFOs or even anything about the Military Industrial Complex that lies behind the Organisation of Technologies that are being developed and back engineered.
  Technological advancements are making their way into machines used by the Military but little is released to the public domain. A tight grip has been kept on this and the need to know has been applied radically to restrain the truth from being made available to all.
   Major aeroplane technology companies are considered to have what is known about Alien craft and they are heavily suspected of using this technology to advance their understandings of flight and anti gravity. Much of the so called UFOs claimed to have been seen or witnessed by the public may well be something that has been built here on Earth.
   We have our doubts about who actually is in control of all of this, some suspect the major players might involve several major industrialists and big players in the the US government, names I cannot mention, yet I have my gut feelings about. Some of these people have passed on and others continue to try and use these technologies to their advantage in moulding the planet to their wants and needs and perhaps ultimate control.
  If it all continues without any major break through in perhaps someone actually making a statement to the effect that we do have these craft as well as EBEs (extraterrestrial biological beings ) here helping us understand, then it may only be time itself and our own achievements through modern science that will eventually lead us onto developing these technologies for ourselves. Time might not be on our side, as they may make the move to containment of the species and mass reduction of man himself.
   Proof of Aliens on the Moon scratches the surface about what may be out there, watch the video and make up your own mind.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Triangle craft and the Human perception of UFOs

Triangle craft came about in the late eighties to early nineties, before this period the shape of an UFO normally reported upon was that of a flying saucer, so when did the object get to evolve into this newer recognised form ? 
   Back a few years ago Belgium had a mass of sightings right across the country and many were seen by Belgian Police officers, was this paranoia or mass hysteria ? what I mean is did they all see the same thing triangle UFOs or had they heard about the sightings over their radios or back at their relative Police station before going out that night. If they were informed of several police officers having reported such craft then it might be assumed that hysteria was responsible, they then would go about their duties outside and look for UFOs, makes sense doesn't it ?
   Well I do like to throw the cat amongst the pigeons and cause a stir, I like to think that they all saw something that night and that they were all triangle craft. Since something that could travel quite quickly would easily be seen in different parts of Belgium all on the one evening. Trouble is it happened on more than one night, they were seen on more than a few occasions, so much that the Belgium Air force actually had planes on standby ready to take off and pursue these UFOs.
   It is at this time in Belgium history that the triangle probably made more people aware of these different types of UFO that were around, why hadn't they been seen before I wonder, was there a unannounced or secret test being conducted by the European Military for a given time span perhaps. Where did these UFOs come from or secret craft, had they been loaned to us for analysis and as a proven technology that had evolved from recovered UFOs.For what reason was Belgium seen as an area that they may consider using as a testbed for such craft ? or was it the case or ET being interested in something that was happening under cover in Belgium.
   Well the Military definitely hadn't been informed, nor too had the Belgium Government as planes were scrambled regularly in order to pursue these UFOs although the triangles were far too quick and could evade any pursuant easily. When the invasion of these craft finally diminished one wonders where did they go next, were they shipped back to the country from whence they came or was it really ET playing cat and mouse with the defences. It makes sense that any visiting Extraterrestrial Beings might want to first find out what they were dealing with, the best way to do that would be to appear over the skies over a nation and wait for something to happen.
     Once again it might have been the somewhat well announced TR3B that doesn't really exist 
( hmmn ! ) Aliens from another Planet may just have arrived and decided to try out their craft against ours to find out just what we are capable of before revealing themselves to World leaders with a view to take over.Whatever the reason it seems that triangle craft are seen more often that the earlier reported UFOs of the saucer variety.I could conjure up all manner of ideas as to why there has been a change in the perception of UFOs and their shapes that would have seemingly evolved in the Human conscious mind, yet whatever reason I do think of it still doesn't give us the answer as to why it did change more or less over night.
   Here is two videos of triangle UFOs that are being seen using a night time vision camera, hence the green flickering pictures,are these once again TR3Bs or visiting UFOs from another galaxy.. video one here :

Video two here showing the Belgian Air force Officer explaining the whole scenario as it played out :

Advanced technologies and War zones, is ET involved ?

Do you suppose that Aliens or other entities are repeatedly surveying war zones ? Might they have a vested interest in the outcome of such events or is it just purely through interest that they appear in such places.If there was collusion amongst the species, ie; Humans and Extraterrestrial beings, would they be deliberately helping such as the US and British governments wage war against other states. For what reason if any would they do so ? what would be their ultimate aim for the eventual outcome of such an offensive.

   As always there are and will continue to be much speculation regarding Extraterrestrials and their reason for being here on the planet, is it for the sake of Earth itself and do they mean to help us or is it for another altogether hidden reason; to take over here ! Perhaps they hope to farm human parts from these areas for use in their hybridisation program maybe, after all at the right time and in the right place many dead may be found in one area.

   Do I come across as hysterical ? is all this just a ruse to get your attention or does this really happen, who knows. One thing is for sure there appears to be some correlation between UFO sightings and world events, whether it be war, volcanoes erupting or some catastrophic event.Back in the history of England there are pictures woven as carpets and paintings that depict UFOs in their subject matter, stories abound of fire in the skies long before missiles or canons  had been invented, so are these pictures or representations in woven material just an added facet to ones imagination or did they really take place ?

Look at the picture above of what seems to be a being of whatever planet in control of a craft that can only be acknowledged as being an UFO. Once again extraterrestrial craft are seen here in the picture of the Madonna a religious picture from ancient history. What do you suppose that people from way back knew of such craft and as I suspect these craft and their occupants  have always been here. There are many such pictures to be found hanging in Art Galleries and museums around the World, so if different people painted these why did they put in UFOs ?

  Are Aliens now surveying Syria and other modern War zones and is it part of an ongoing program between advanced civilisations here on Earth and other races form afar, ET has the capability to move about the planet untouched and maybe even certain groups here on Earth as well. Are we looking here at an advanced craft that has been built with captured UFO technologies or is it an arrangement between ET and man, here we see what appear to be several TR3Bs that have been around for some time but are still denied as belonging to any known Human.
view the link here..

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Is this what you think it is ? a Grey maybe !

As I have always said and sorry If I appear to be repeating myself once again, events or UFO sightings Abductions or anything else extraterrestrial doesn't just happen because you are there looking ! Whether with a camera or mobile phone or video, it's kind of spontaneous.We all would like to see something, some positive proof of life elsewhere or at least life here on Earth from elsewhere, but we aren't all that fortunate.
   So you mind your own business and one night if like myself you are travelling a lonely road at two thirty am in the morning and suddenly a blueish sphere appears to be tracking you and then later a triangle craft possibly some seven hundred metres wide and long hovers above you and your vehicle, you know that you are privileged.
  Do these things happen with regularity or is it a one off thing ? by all accounts some would tell you they have had many experiences or visitations from Alien lifeforms or UFOs.Who am I to doubt their validity, I am just one of a few have been lucky enough to have seen something many would wish for and many wouldn't.
  Interestingly whilst on holiday recently in the Costa Brava , Spain, my wife and myself were having a swim in the enclosed pool as it became dark, early evening and after a short while my wife got out complaining of lack of light. I spoke to her and said it isn't that bad that you can't swim and see what you are doing, besides what else can we do when it is raining outside ?
  I continued to swim a while as she got dried and dressed then got out myself to dry off, it was then that I realised why she had quietly decided to stop swimming, outside there was something strange that disturbed her and as I looked at it, she spoke " can you see it as well ?"
Well have a look yourself and tell me what do you think it is..

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Incredible UFO seen from an Aeroplane over Asia

Not often is there something I wish to report , here we have an altogether different kind of sighting, an UFO sighted from an aeroplane by passengers. Rarely does any video show a clear view of what can only be termed an UFO, video from a moving object often makes for a blurred image.This is unusual, difficult to fake and clearly not your average weather balloon or chinese lantern.
   Watch carefully as the image comes into view, from a side angle and then increases it's angle upward with a curved flight path and accelerating,  not a plane for sure ! so what is it ? 
  I like this as it isn't the usual crap we have to sift through whilst trying to find proof of other Alien Civilisations or craft that are not from our skies or planet, this looks like a good one that has been filmed over Asia.

See the video link here..